DIY HID Bi-Xenon Install: Honda Element 2003-2010

Uploaded by XenonSupply on 25.01.2010

Hi, Phil with today we're install HID Bi-Xenon headlights
on a 2006 Honda Element
this installation is very common among other Honda vehicles
here's what you'll need to do the installation
you'll need a Xenon Supply standard kit
Bi-Xenon of course the wiring harness
with the relay
the two ballasts
and the H4
Bi-Xenon bulbs
you will also need
a couple tools some painters tape
a 10mm socket and socket wrench
zip ties that come in the kit
and some wire cutters
before performing any installation on a vehicle
you must first remove the negative terminal on the battery
take your 10mm socket
and loosen the nut
it should pull away pretty easily
to prevent the terminals from touching again
take some painters tape
just wrap it up
to get access to the driver's side headlight
you have to do a couple things here
we first have to remove a portion of the air intake
we should be able to the release it by just jiggling it free here
now the H4 connector has
two tabs one on each side
you should be able to press down
and remove the connector
there's a rubber shroud here
and a pull tab
just pull that loose
the H4 bulb has a wire harness
holding it in
press down
and that should come out
and gently remove the H4 bulb
the passenger side is the same process
first remove the connector
remove the rubber shroud
to press on the wire here
and remove the bulb gently
because this is a Bi-Xenon kit
the wiring harness must be directly bolted to the battery for power
your positive lead can be bolted to the battery here
and the negative lead can be bolted to the chassis following this grounding wire over here
go ahead and remove the 25 AMP fuse from the fuse box here and
remember to place it at the end of the installation
in order to mount the ballast in the engine compartment we must assemble the provided
mounting bracket
go ahead and snap that on
use the provided
nuts and bolts
this uses a standard philips head as well
as you can see we've gone ahead and mounted the driver's side ballast between the battery
and the frame
the zip ties are holding
the ballast
to the wiring harness that's going to the radiator housing
as you can see there is one zip tie down here at the bottom and one zip tip
around this wiring harness right here
now that we have the driver's side ballast mounted we can go ahead and install the new
HID light
the reflecting base has to be facing down and the bulb has to be shown face
when you put the new bulb in
make sure that the wire clip goes back on
go ahead and give it a tug, make sure it's snug
now these wires we're going to go ahead and connect
male to female
the small wire here
is the signal wire for
high and low beam
you are going to use
signal wire provided here
and connect the two together
make sure that's snug
this wire here
the one closest to the relay
is going to connect
to your driver's side
ballast here
make sure the clips go over the edge
it's nice and snug
this last wire here on the driver's side
goes to the stock harness
that you initially took off
the three prongs should lineup exactly
alright and that's the driver's side
as you can see
we've mounted the passenger side ballast to the same radiator wiring harness
that's running along the chassis I've used the two zip ties and the mounting
brackets here
there's one zip tie around this bracket here
and one all the way at the bottom
now that we have it mounted we can go ahead and install the HID light
remember to keep the reflective plate down and the bulb facing up
you're also going to want to take the plastic shroud
the rubber shroud
and install it at the same time
make sure it's snug
replace the shroud
connect your wires
you're going to take the male and female leads here
from the ballast to the bulb
the small signal wire is going to be coming from the relay
from this wire
we're going to the ballast
make sure everything's nice and snug
and that's the passenger side
we've cleaned up all the wiring running from the passenger's side
all the way along
this portion of the chassis
and bundle up all the cables here for the wiring harness
we've gone ahead and put the 25 AMP fuse
back in its place
and reinstalled intake
let's go ahead and test these lights