TL;DR - Do South Korean Students Go to Prom?

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This is kind of difficult for me to memorize
Not sure if this was asked before,
but South Korean school what kind of event do they hold for students?
Like here in the USA, when I was in HS we have home comings, proms,
spirit week when we dress differently every day
like nerd day, dress up like a nerd….
can't think of other ones but stuff like that..????
If not those things then do they do thing similar?
Wow, you read that with such love
Sign me up to an audio book deal
Yes things are quite different in Korea.
They don't have prom, they don't have home coming
I don't actually know any school dances together where people dance gathered
They dance on stage for performance but never together
in like a ROMANTIC
I was trying to look for a word for it
Is that how school dances are like now? I don't know
Don't you remember how school dances are like?
I was grabbing a girls butt in school dances
Thank god we didn't go to the same school together
because it would have never worked out
It was so bad thing to say
I was kind of a person in a school dance that had our finger completely apart from each other
we didn't touch each other, I was so nervous
Simon was like grinning against up each other
So for the first question
That we also should specify, I actually taught in a Korean high school
and Simon taught in a Korean middle school, so we did have different experience
and also there were some overlapping with my experience and Martina's experience
Yah, but I think people should realize that all school in Korea will do the same thing
I think the ones we are going to talk about are basic
For example, international school in Korea, I have no idea, they might have proms and stuff like that
International schools students in Korea,
Do romantic dance with each other?
The most important thing we noticed about school festivals is that it's very homeroom centered
A lot of activities are based on developing relationships between your homeroom teacher
or your homeroom classmates because you are pretty much with them all day
And mostly, now when I think about it
The events we had when we were in high school, like Spirit day or like PJ day or whatever
It's more a social event for you
You don't really interact with your classroom, school as a whole
Yah, because you might not get along with anyone in your classroom
and people didn't, I mean no one would cooperate with each other, right?]
While in Korean schools, you are with them from first class to the very end of the day
just different teachers coming to your class and you stay with the same group of students
We did that when we were in middle school back in North America
but in high school we rotated
In Korea, called rotary
Was it called it a rotary?
Someone introduced me as rotary,
OMG. We didn't have that kind of cheesy wording
Screw you!! IT WAS GREAT!!!
But think of high school in korea is little bit different
Imagine being there from 7 am to 9 or 12 o'clock at night with the same students
OK, You have to get along with these people or it's gonna be hell for you right?
So we're gonna talk about some of the events we remember back when we were teachers
The first big event that we both had was when we were teaching middle school and high school
was kind of like month into the school year, we would go on a trip, like a mini one day to three day
to bond with their classmates
They would travel somewhere outside of school, like Martina's school went to Jeju because they were balling
but my school went off to a mountain somewhere
Maybe mountains are more expensive , they're might be mountains
They didn't have tensio , did they have tense?
I don't remember! I wasn't invited but Martina was invited to go
I think I'll take over this part then
So yes, we had all this tour buses, like 14 tour buses
and we would all sing kpop songs in buses when we were driving around places
It was awesome
And we also visited a lot of landmarks
The big event was the talent show
Every homeroom class had to get together with their class like a week or 2 weeks before
or however long they prepare it for, they could do like a skit like some kind of a play
but most of them end up doing like dance numbers
They would do like a k pop song or some other like funny jazz number
Definitely not like that, Simon and it was usually a Korean music
And the classroom who won it all, got this gigantic box full of ramen, chips, and snacks
This was something that you really wanted to win
More the Martina explains, the more I get jealous
because my school never invited to me this kind of event
We had this campfires and we talked and it had these activities and dances
Glad.. I could be part of that
I think it's actually sad that you didn't have a chance for this
because it was really important for bonding for foreign teachers
because it's the first time you seeing them, right?
So after being there for a month, go run around with them, taking pictures with them
like chat with them, like outside of the school settings
When I came back to school, lots of inside jokes and we bonded and became much close to each other
Now enough of this because I feel very sad and jealous
The second festival which I remember I also wasn't invited
OH Which one was that?
It was a Sports day that they had
which was another homeroom competition thing that
every single homeroom would get together and compete in this like wild and wacky sports
I've seen one through the window in my office
I was peaking like a creeper
All students were lined up and all passing balls back and forth like over under over under
and whoever won the most points at the end of the day
would crown victory and won something but I wasn't involved it
But my school was a little bit different though, your school had wacky activities
I had tug of war
My school had tug of was as well
Let me tell you what I did in my school, mine is a cheaper story
So I remember my students coming into class
and the class suppose to have a really close bonding
and have those amazing team cheer and they even order shirts online
This is a really big memory
I remember that also, I remember seeing students had a matching uniforms
like shirts that they actually printed themselves
They would print up their own designs and had different head bands
They had like an animal head bands
YEAH I do remember that
I also mad a video about that day didn't I?
I think you made about all the festivals
The last awesome festival that I don't know if your school had it or not
It was kind of like the end of the exam period where the students have finished writing their exams
and it was for 1st and 2nd year students
cuz the 3rd year students got their day off
It was a big deal for them because it was the last time to have fun
Going into third year is hard
3rd year is not fun at all
This day was my most favorite festival
The school was shut down for the whole day and each class room had its own theme
Like there was a Dduckbokgi cafe or they made like a coffee shop
or a haunted house
or you have seen this before if you watched our videos because Martina done a video on this before
I was like playing the hand games with the student and stuff like that
So that day was really fun and again was like a talent show
Sorry, i was really bitter that my school didn't invite me to anything
I don't like this stuff at all
You wanna have a school festival in our house?
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