Cooking With Fresh Fruit: From Dr. Preston Maring's Kitchen

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Video 4 Transcript: Cooking with Fresh Fruit from Dr. Preston Maring’s Kitchen
Hi. Welcome to my kitchen!
We’re all told that we are supposed to eat five servings of fruits and vegetables everyday.
Fruits and vegetables are loaded with vitamins and nutrients. Well I like to eat fruits and
vegetables because they taste good. I love to have fresh fruit in my smoothies in the
morning. I like putting fresh strawberries on a spinach salad, with some pecans and feta
cheese. I also love a good mango salsa topped with pan grilled fish. Fruits are also great
in desserts.
Today we’re going to make fresh peach and blueberry crisp. We’re going to use fresh
and organically grown peaches and blueberries. If you have a choice when you buy your food,
buy food grown without pesticides. You’re buying food that is good for you, it’s good
for your family, and it’s good for the environment. It’s also good for the farmers who grow
the food for you.
So we’re just going to mix this fruit together in the bowl. Peaches and blueberries. Let’s
just put in some white whole wheat flour. A little bit of sugar. You don’t need too
much because the fruit is so sweet. And a little touch of cinnamon. This is my favorite
tool here. We’re just going to use this to stir. Sometimes I get right into it with
my hands. It makes it all easier. That just coats the fruit a bit.
This wonderful fruit we have needs a good topping. First we’re going to start with
some oats. Good whole grains. Next, we’re going to add some whole wheat flour. Walnuts,
a great source of healthy fats. A little brown sugar always tastes good in a crisp. We’ll
add some cinnamon, a little pinch of salt. And then, we’ve got some butter cut up into
little tiny chunks.
So at this point, I just get in and work it with my fingers, and work in the butter so
that it’s in little tiny pieces all mixed in, and the topping is ready to go.
Let’s put it all together in this pie plate. Ahhh! Perfect! Spread this around a little
bit, so that it’s evenly distributed. Scatter the topping on. All right! Spread it around
evenly best you can. And then, time to go into the oven at 375. The oven has been preheating
the whole time while we have been preparing the rest of the dish. We’re going to bake
this for 35 to 40 minutes, until the topping is brown, and the fresh fruit juices are bubbling
up the sides.
The crisp should be ready. Let’s take it out of the oven. Ahh! It looks great! Let’s
let it cool for a while, maybe 10 or 15 minutes. Then we’ll be ready to dig in.
It’s cooled down, and it’s ready to eat. Let’s take a bite. Boy! That is really delicious!
If I can make this in my kitchen, you can too! Yes indeed!
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