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(MALE VOICE) Because we’re not all the same.
Agreed? Not everyone looks the same. Not everyone thinks the same.
VOICEOVER: This is history. TEACHER: And to me, this is where things get interesting.
VOICEOVER: Well, the class is history. TEACHER: Yeah yeah, Mr. Rowland’s about to go off on one.
Craig. Aaron. Thank you.
Er, Tanya? Eyes forward please. Lesson’s here.
VOICEOVER: This, this is happening. TEACHER: That’s it, well done.
VOICEOVER: This is now. TEACHER: Where was I?
Difference. The different things human beings have believed in.
Fought over. Died for.
So. 1604. Who’s just become king?
Come on, you know this.
- Ella. - Is it James?
- Me? (LAUGHTER) - James the...?
- First? - Loving your work.
So. 1604.
James the First - Ella’s king - passes a law.
Someone read this please.
- Tanya. - Do I have to?
No. Craig.
An act against witchcraft and dealing with evil spirits.
Now. What does THAT mean?
- That you can’t be a witch? - On form today James. (LAUGHTER)
‘You can’t be a witch.’ But hang on.
What are they talking about? What is a witch?
- Woah, woah, woah!
Hands up please. Thank you.
- Tanya. - Um, it’s someone who does all this stuff, like...
...when they don’t like someone...they like...
- It’s your mum. - Are you dumb? Say it again!
THANK YOU, ladies. Someone else. Lisa.
They cast spells and put curses on people and turn them into toads?
Good. How do they do that?
Anyone? Aaron.
Um, they have sort of magical powers and they do these songs and chants.
- Wuh-wuh-wuh-wuh-wuh... - Yes, thank you Craig.
Anyone know what happened if you were accused of being a witch in 1604?
Back on this planet please Dylan.
Alright. Someone else.
CRAIG: (Spazzer.) FATIMA: Were you put on trial?
VOICEOVER: It starts with a feeling. TEACHER: Well, it was sort of a trial.
VOICEOVER: Like I’m not quite here. TEACHER: They had a test to decide...
VOICEOVER: And there’s this smell. TEACHER: ...whether you were really a witch.
They tied you to a chair and threw you into a deep lake.
If you were a witch, you’d use magic to stop yourself drowning...
...in which case they’d burn you at the stake.
Thank you!
VOICEOVER: I know this smell. TEACHER: Now if you drown, well, that’s a shame...
...but hey, you weren’t a witch.
VOICEOVER: I know this feeling. TEACHER: Suppose’s there’s someone you don’t like.
Someone a bit different. Funny nose. Weird voice.
All you have to do is say that person’s a witch, and...?
They’re dead.
So did these people really believe in magic?
Or was this just a way of getting rid of someone who didn’t fit in?
VOICEOVER: Then it all kicks off.
Er, I don’t think Dylan agrees, sir.
Give him some space. Sam, Millie, clear the desk.
Ella, hold these.
VOICEOVER: During an epileptic fit... TEACHER: Just relax Dylan, you’re doing good mate.
VOICEOVER: ...I’m here, but I’m not here. TEACHER: Marcus, Rich, windows. Fatima, get the nurse -
VOICEOVER: My thoughts float outside my body. TEACHER: WAIT - if she’s not there go to reception.
VOICEOVER: Controlling my arms, that’s just a memory. TEACHER: Give him some space please!
VOICEOVER: My legs, my mouth, my eyes, a memory. TEACHER: Doing good mate. Everything’s OK.
He’s channeling evil spirits! Should we throw him in the lake sir?
Can you calm down? He’s epileptic not a witch.
VOICEOVER: Everything’s... just... mental TEACHER: You’ve seen this before.
- Oh my gosh, look! - Ewww...
- Sir, he’s wetting himself. - Can you sit back down please!
Then suddenly, I’m gone.
I’m not having this!
- I’m sorry!? - I’m not sitting here with this going on.
- Pick the chair up. - No.
Fine. Out! Really helpful Tanya.
YOLANDA: Now SHE’D be in the lake.
Sometimes, I wish I was history.
Are you asleep mum?
- Excuse me. - Yeah?
- I need to have words with you. - ...OK.
Somewhere else.
- How often does it happen? - The seizures?
- Yeah. - Every few weeks. Seems like more and more.
- Is it more if you’re stressin? - I dunno. Maybe. Yeah.
So if people pick on you because of your fits, that means you have more fits.
Yesterday, when it was happening, did you hear what people were saying?
- ...Yeah. - How did it make you feel?
You know those people who got called witches? A bit like them I reckon.
Why don’t you say something?
It’s kind of hard delivering a killer put-down in the middle of an epileptic fit.
I meant after.
- I saw what Craig put on your Facebook. - Oh. Yeah.
- Were you upset? - I just ignore it.
But you shouldn’t have to.
VOICEOVER: I misjudged Tanya.
I didn’t see what happened next.
But I heard about it.
You can’t be in here Tanya, the bell hasn’t rung.
I need to speak to you. Look, I’m sorry I shouted, yeah?
Well. I’m glad you’ve had a think about it. Different people have different -
- You don’t get it! - I’m sorry!?
I wasn’t angry cos Dylan was having a seizure. I was angry because people were laughing at him.
They were laughing and picking on him, and getting away with it, like they always do.
- Well, that’s not - - My mum, right, a few years ago...
...when it was my birthday, she wanted to take me out for dinner.
So she booked this table at a fancy place. We got all dressed up and everything.
When we got there, the bloke took one look at us, and do you know what he said?
‘I’m sorry, we don’t do wheelchairs.’
My mum was so ashamed. She never goes out no more.
That’s how Dylan’s gonna end up if we don’t do something.
Let’s talk.
VOICEOVER: Me and Tanya were more alike than either of us knew.
We were both kind of close to the edge.
To falling off and drowning.
Things don’t change overnight.
But it helps to have someone on your side.