СтопХам,13-Необычный рейд/ The Unusual raid

Uploaded by StopXAM on Nov 20, 2011

-You are bothering drivers!
-So what’s up?! You wanna fight?
-You are a grown up man! Parked your car here… We told you, there is a parking lot in 200 meters!
-I will just break your camera, got it?!
-You fucking chose me, cause in your opinion I will not break your nose, will not punch that dude with the camera and will not fucking smash that pop-eyed guy
-Here is the line. You know, who is it for? It is meant for blind people. And a person just can’t follow it physically
-He’ll just make up the documents and that’s it. It’s Pavel Volya he is from “The Comedy club”. -So, what?! That car is here all the time. You think we are here for the first time? -He puts it here all the time. He’ll be back in just…
-Park the car somewhere else.
-Are you an escort, FSB or guards? We’d like to know if you have the authority to park here. -It’s alright, we’re going away.
-Here is a huge sticker and we are going to present it on your windscreen. But you don’t need it, do you?
-Park the car somewhere else.
-Thank you.
-Before you stick it to my car, you’ll have to stick me to the asphalt! But it’s rather problematic, even for all of you, got it? -Fantastic, but I just ask you to park your car properly.
-Listen up, lads, maybe it is a good start, but in general its bullshit. -Why so? -Because… Look at yourself! How many are you? You fit guys, rather go detrain a cargo and use the money to feed homeless.
-No, you detrain cargo. And try to contain your family, you won’t drive Maybach.