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ERIKA: Hey guys.
Welcome back to INspaces.
On today's episode, we're doing another segment of
"Splurge or Sweden." I'm going to show people a collection of
photographs, and they have to tell me which is the splurge
and which is the steal.
ERIKA: Now, I am here with--
GEORGE: George.
ERIKA: George, from not the jungle.
KEVIN: Kevin.
JERON: My name is Jeron.
ERIN: Erin.
COLLEEN: Colleen.
MIRAM: Miriam Illions with Home Talk.
ERIKA: Now, did you fly all the way here for this game?
GEORGE: I did.
ERIKA: Are you ready to get down and
dirty in some furniture?
I'm ready.
ERIKA: So here I am, minding my own business in Washington
Square Park, when all of the sudden I see Kyler, who had
his own table.
KYLER: And I'm trying to mind my own business, too.
ERIKA: Now, what would you say your furniture knowledge is?
Do you have a large furniture prowess?
KEVIN: I would say probably average.
KYLER: Very low.
Very low.
In fact , I expect to fail this test,
ERIN: I could be in trouble.
COLLEEN: Mine's very bad.
I don't know.
ERIN: We're in trouble.
ERIKA: How are you going to go back to your community if you
don't kick ass at this game?
MIRAM: I am really afraid of what's going to happen here
because I'm about to embarrass myself very badly.
GEORGE: I'm going to say it's a Sweden?
JERON: Splurge.
KEVIN: I'll say Sweden.
MIRAM: It looks like it's really cheap, but this is one
of these things that's actually really expensive.
ERIKA: You tell me.
Is that your final answer?
MIRAM: Splurge.
ERIKA: I'm totally Regis Philbining you.
MIRAM: Splurge.
KYLER: Let's see what the cards say.
KYLER: I think it's a splurge item.
ERIKA: The cards were right.
ERIKA: And what would you say if I told you that this was a
splurge of $995?
ERIN: We'll have two.
COLLEEN: Well, that's a rip-off.

MIRAM: This is an expensive item.
JERON: That's a splurge.
ERIKA: Are you sure?
ERIKA: Why do you think so?
JERON: Because it looks comfortable.
GEORGE: I think what I'm looking at is a Sweden.
ERIN: Splurge.
ERIKA: Why do think it's a splurge?
KYLER: Splurge.
ERIKA: Are you sure?
I'm not sure of any of these.
KEVIN: I'll say Sweden.
ERIKA: This is from IKEA.
MIRAM: I knew I was going to embarrass myself here.

KYLER: I don't know how to read the cards in this case.
ERIN: No, we're going to say it's expensive.
COLLEEN: No, it's a steal.
ERIN: It's expensive.
COLLEEN: It's not.
MIRAM: This looks like IKEA.
I'm going to say--
oh, I see that look in your eyes.
KYLER: That's a major--
that's expensive.
ERIN: Expensive.
GEORGE: Sweden.
ERIKA: It's a splurge.
These are $2,895.
GEORGE: Really?
ERIKA: Really.
GEORGE: I feel like I could make it for a lot less.
ERIKA: I feel like I could make this by accident.

ERIKA: For everyone at Home Talk, this one is for you.
MIRAM: Oh my gosh.
GEORGE: So is this one--
I'm going to say splurge, Sweden.
KYLER: I can't do it without the cards.
ERIKA: You can't do it without the cards.
KYLER: I told you, I know nothing about furniture.
JERON: Splurge.
KEVIN: This looks like it might be plastic, so I'm going
to say this in Sweden and this is splurge.
KYLER: Well, since this to me is the finer of the two, I
would say this is the splurge and this is the Sweden.
MIRAM: OK, this is the splurge,
and this is the Sweden.
ERIKA: Oh my god.
ERIKA: And that was for everyone at Home Talk.
I'm so happy you were right.
MIRAM: That wasn't-- oh, yes, yes, yes.
MIRAM: That's for you guys.
JERON: Peace.
ERIKA: Peace.
KYLER: I think you are the golden girl, even
if you are a Cancer.
ERIKA: I think he just told me I was four women and 85.