RIT on TV News: Hockey Announcement

Uploaded by RITUniversityNews on 12.11.2010

>>ANCHOR: Well, coming up on Friday of this week, RIT is making a major announcement about
the hockey team. But we don't have to wait until Friday. Our sports director Mike Catalana
is going to tell us all about it tonight.
>>MIKE CATALANA: Yeah, RIT has outgrown Ritter Arena. On Friday, the school will announce
a $1 million gift that will kick off a campaign that will raise money to build a new hockey
arena on campus. Plans are to have the arena hold from 4,000 and 6,000 fans. 13WHAM's Chuck
Wade is live at RIT with more on the move. Chuck?
>>REPORTER: Yeah, Mike, that gift? It's just a start, but it does mean the RIT is going
to have a new arena to play hockey in. This campaign is going to take between $25 and
$30 million to make it happen, about half of which is going to have to come from RIT.
Now what that means? Well, obviously, RIT is going to be able to sell more tickets to
their hockey games. It will also bring in bigger names like Michigan State and Notre
Dame to play hockey here in Rochester. With the current capacity of Ritter Arena, which
is just 2,100 for hockey, they can't do that right now, and there's just a handful of date
to choose from their annual game downtown at the War Memorial. They're capitalizing
on that surge of interest they created by going to the Frozen Four last year, and tonight
we can tell you it is in the works, a new hockey arena coming to RIT.
>>MIKE CATALANA: Hey, Chuck, do we know anything about the person who's giving that first $1
>>REPORTER: We don't know a name, Mike. We know it is a local donor. It's an RIT alum,
and we will get to meet that person on Friday afternoon here at Ritter Arena.
>>MIKE CATALANA: All right, thanks very much, Chuck. You know, plans are still being done
to pick that arena site, exactly where it will be on campus, and it could be for different
uses, concerts, maybe even basketball. There's a lot of plans at RIT. We'll have more on
this at 11.
>>ANCHOR: We're all kind of sitting here now thinking of famous alums in the area. A lot
of speculation, we'll find out on Friday.
>>MIKE CATALANA: The first $1 million. It's still going to take a lot.
>>ANCHOR: All right, thanks, Mike.