Motorcycle Cruise Control - 6 Different Types - Video Guide: Tip of the Week

Uploaded by CruiserCustomizing on 22.01.2010

Give it a break. Your wrist relief tip of the week from Cruiser Customizing.
Kyle Bradshaw here for this week's Cruiser Customizing Tip of the Week.
This week we're gonna be talking about cruise controls or some sort of apparatus in order
to relief the stress of your wrist while riding down the road.
In this tip, we're gonna go from the least expensive to the most extravagant when it
comes to manual cruise control.
When we say cruise controls, we're not talking about a product that's gonna veer your motorcycle
speed whether you're going uphill or downhill. This particular product is gonna secure throttle
in a secure position, allowing you to maintain steady speed if you're cruising down a flat
piece of straight highway.
Cruise controls of any kind are not recommended in traffic nor in hilly or twisty situations.
The Crampbusters probably are the most simplest products you could possibly use to alleviate
wrist strain on your motorcycle. Comes with either 7/8 or 1-inch bar style. You can get
oversized grips such as Kuryakyn ISO grip or Bike Parts comfort grips. You can get them
on black; you can get them on chrome.
Crampbuster installs in seconds, sliding over your grip. You can adjust your Crampbuster
by spinning it around the bar. And then, apply pressure with the palm of your hand. If you
want a little bit throttle down the road, pull it up, and there you've got it.
If you got a set of Kuryakyn grips installed on your motorcycle, you easily add a throttle
boss.The throttle boss attaches to the Kuryakyn grip and becomes permanently affixed.
So, we've had this throttle boss installed on my Goldwing for the last 3 years now. It's
installed just above the 80 mile an hour mark. This is how it works.
What's gonna happen is while riding down the road, I take my hands off, press, and then
it's good. I take my hand off, it turns back to normal.
You got the big bike parts, Show Chrome accessories comfort grips. You can add the comfort wrist
cruise to the grips by moving the end cap, setting the wrist cruise wherever you would
like it, and then inserting the screw. You can now have complete adjustability and wrist
So these 3 items right here allow you to have least tension on your wrist while riding down
the road. But what if you want to be able to put a lot of throttle? Remove your hand
and still be able to maintain speed.
There are 3 basic options that we sell here at Cruiser Customizing. We've got the Vista
cruise Universal Control, we've got the Kuryakyn Throttle Assist and we've got the BrakeAway
Cruise Control. Now these 3 pieces function quite differently.
The Vista Cruise is a very basic option. What it does is it attaches around on the grip
with a little lever that then has a bar that goes across to the other side of your switchbox
Now, this kit looks funny on the table but once I install this on the motorcycle, you
would see how simple it really is.
Here we have the Vista Cruise Cruise Control installed. To apply, hit with your thumb;
it locks the throttle in place. To release, just flip the switch.
Kuryakyn Throttle Assist is one of the next best pieces. It's gonna mount inside your
barend and provide pressure against your throttle sleeve in order to restrict throttle movement.
Here we have the Kuryakyn Throttle Assist fully installed. As you can see, the throttle
has normal play. Halfway, hear the click, you're locked in, good to go. To release,
just take the barend, twist, the throttle's released.
Now, let's talk about the elite manual cruise control for most motorcycles. This is the
BrakeAway Cruise Control.
BrakeAway Cruise Control is one of the cleanest and most precisely built mechanical cruise
controls on the market. With this unit, your throttle rotates freely, absolutely no restriction.
When you're in your desired throttle position, go ahead and push forward, locking your grip
in place. When you want to release it, you've got a couple options. This is where the BrakeAway
Cruise Control stands ahead of the rest.
Here's the BrakeAway Cruise Control in action. Throttle on, and lock it in place. To release,
simply hit with your thumb or riding down the road, you can lock it in position. In
case of emergency, you can kick it on quick from brake; kicks it right on. Throttle on,
and lock it in place, kick it off, hit it for brake.
BrakeAway Cruise Control is definitely the best, most precisely manufactured manual cruise
control you could put in your motorcycle.
Thank you for watching this week's Cruiser Customizing Cruise Control Tip of the Week.
Until next week, take care and ride safe.