Gymnastics Warm Ups : Wrist Stretching for Gymnastics Warm Ups

Uploaded by expertvillage on 09.11.2007

Hi! I’m Heather McCanna on behalf of and I’ll be discussing in this clip gymnastics
warm-ups, specifically wrist stretching. After you finish with your ankle and Achilles stretches,
you should move on to another important joint, your wrist. Now, you’re going to clasp your
hands together in a pray position and simply rotate one around the other, allowing them
to get a free moving range of motion. After doing this for about 10-15 seconds, you should
do them in a wave pattern. Again, allowing them to move as freely as possible but in
a different direction. Continue this for about 10-15 seconds, then switch and move in the
other direction. After this, you should lay your hands flat on the floor, still on your
knees and flip your hands over with the top of your hand on the ground and your fingers
facing backwards. Try and push as hard as you can to stretch this upper part of your
wrist. After holding this for a few seconds, gradually spin your hands with your fingertips
facing further and further towards the front of your body. Eventually, when you get them
back to a forward facing position, you should repeat this but with your hands facing downward,
still fingertips facing behind with your hands flat on the floor. Continue to rotate your
fingertips forward until they get to a forward facing position. At this point, you should
continue to move your wrist in a circular fashion on their own and make sure that you
don’t hear any kinds of popping or moving, which will indicate that you have not completely
stretched your wrists. In the even that this happens, you should repeat the process one
more time but be sure not to overstretch your wrist, as they are weak joints and they’re
not meant to be constantly stretched or overworked.