Naraï Gym, le club de Jean-Charles Skarbowsky

Uploaded by Smartfightvideo on 14.10.2012

On your hands
Do it again, c'mon, let's go!
Just dare to take a break; make me laugh, take a break.
Drop the jump ropes, go against the wall and put your gloves on.
Move around, throw a few punches with your left, try to control his hand.
I don't wait, I reach out to control his hand
Go ahead find your partner
Don't forget to move your feet, move your head
No, you've got to reach for his hand.
Like this, see? Now I bother him!
Listen to what I say, the hand, reach for his hand, there you go!
Move around, find your position, throw your punches, go easy on the strength
It seems to be working, no?
See, he tries to punch me but I'm always making 'number eight' movements like
this, then I bring out a large hook
The opponent focuses on his defense, he tries to survive
2 by 2, one uses a front arm, the other uses his back arm. The guy with the back
arm has to move forward, sidestepping
Did you know this?
Well, I kind of guess it
So, you didn't know this
So, I didn't know this
There we go.
Let's go, 2 by 2
Stop backing up, you get punched when you back up
Ok, let's salute each other and hang up the heavy bags
The elders start with the pads, the beginners use the heavy bags
Did you see that?
Move your face forward, bring back your left, rotate, move your shoulders
Five penalty seconds because your hand went down
I had a sweat drop
Ten seconds!
...for a drop
Fifteen seconds because you talk back every time!
So, fifteen penalty seconds because of this young man
Five additional seconds
You didn't know this?
As long as you don't know, you can't disrespect because you don't know.
It's when we tell you, that it can start becoming very dangerous
You have to follow the rules, otherwise we'll say you've been disrespectful
So ignorance is bliss
If you don't know respect, you can't disrespect because you don't understand
what it is
Five more seconds
Now, that's disrespectful because earlier you didn't know! Now, I've been telling
you for the past fifteen seconds and there you do it again. So, I'm talking for no
What did you do?
We don't tremble, young man
Ten seconds, ten seconds
We sit against the wall to rest a little, to relax
Sit down comfortably
Go ahead ten, ten!
You see, they say it's for your own good! They push you to the limit, they kill you,
then they expect gratitude for this!