RAGE CARTOON #22 - EXTREME BLACK EDITION! - Rage Comic Compilation

Uploaded by TrollwutTV on 06.10.2012

Warning: The following video contains mean jokes and is only suitable for persons with an extreme black humour.
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Your mum is so stupid she runs left in Super Mario!
Why are you crying?
My mum jumped down the cliffs.. and she took my daddy with her!
*opens pants* Well.. thats a really bad day for you!
Hannelore! Imagine, we won the lottery! Quick, go and pack your stuff!
Oh my god! Summer or winter clothes?
I don't give a shit as long as you are gone in 10 minutes!
I am scared.. its so dark out here!
Yeah imagine how I will feel when I have to walk back alone!
Say.. did it hurt? When you fell down from the sky?
Stop asking stupid questions and call the ambulance!
One Salami please.
As a whole or in slices?
As a whole! Or do you think my vagina looks like a CD player?
Wow! What happened to your car?
I accidentially hit my ex girlfriend..
But that can't deal that much damage!
The bitch tried to flee over the fields!
Mr. Miller I am sorry to tell you but you have cancer.. and Alzheimer's disease.
Well.. at least I don't have cancer!
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