You tiao, crisp chinese crullers. 油條

Uploaded by wantanmien on 26.12.2011

Today I teach you tiao, aka crisp chinese Crullers
amount of baking powder depends on the brand. I use 2 1/2 tsp
this is suitable for 250 gram flour
but I will just use 200 gram sieved flour
a pinch of salt and 3 tbsp vegetable oil
100 ml cold tap water
add 1/2 tbsp more tap water
stir well with chop sticks
if too dry you can add a little water
knead for 3 mins
cover with plate for 1 hour
1 hour later, take off the plate
take the dough from the front to the back
punch the dough like this
do it from all sides
repeat this process for 10 times
turn the dough around
repeat folding and punching for 10 times
turn dough around after this and repeat the process
keep doing this for 5 mins
5 mins later, the dough needs to be wet and sticky
put it into plastic bag close with rubber band
put in fridge over night
next day, take the dough out of fridge remove the band
wait for 45 mins, let the dough get room temperature
45 mins later, spread some oil on the table
use both hands to spread the oil on the table
gently roll the dough to a rectangular
make it this size
gently both hands to press into a flat block like this
it is still the same length
make it as broad as your second finger
as thick as a wooden chopstick
cut off front part
and cut off end part
cut the dough in strips each broad like the last part of your little finger
hot oil 180 C, 350 F
put in cut off dough to test the temperature
when it floats, you know the oil has the right temperature
after cuting the dough place it separately
take one strip dough and put it on another one top to top
spread a little oil on a skewer
press down in the middle of dough strip
pick up the strip and put on table
stretch and bump on the table
put in oil to fry
keep flipping the dough around
flip it for 20 times
deep fry til it is golden brown
take it out, put on rack
lets do another one
take one strip dough top on top of another strip
use a skewer to press the middle of the dough
stretch and bump on the table
gently press both ends of the strip
put it into the hot oil
take it out, repeat the process for the rest
Thanks for watching see you again next time