Apple prank phone call

Uploaded by EricTemeyer on 28.08.2009

Thanks for calling apple, can I start by getting your first and last name.
Uh, yes, I was calling to tell you that uh, my iPod broke because I had it in the microwave
for a little while because it got wet. And then it kinda started to burn after I put
it in the microwave, so I put it in the dishwasher, and now its like... it doesn't work. uh, do
you have any suggestions on what I can do to fix it.
Uh, was the iPod wet? yeah, yeah, I put it in the microwave, and
then it started to burn, because it had been wet before that, so then when I put it in
the microwave, it just like caught on fire, so I hurried, and I put it in the dishwasher,
so what can I do to fix it? I didn't catch you, how did it catch fire
sir? I put it in the microwave.
Oh, you put the iPod in the microwave? Yes
May I have the serial number of the iPod It kinda, the back of the iPod melted, and
you can't really read it Ok, can I have your first and last name?
uh, yes, Jordan Thomas. George
Jordan Thomas George Thomas, right?
No, Jordan Thomas Jordan, ok, do you have the iPod box with
you? What, No I do not
which iPod is it? the iPod touch
ok, um, may I place you on hold for a few minutes, while I go ahead, and see what else
can be done? ok
Thank you for your patients Jordan. My iPod got wet, so I put it in the microwave,
and it caught on fire, and I put it in the dishwasher, and it won't turn on, and uh,
do you have any suggestions on fixing it? OK, since it has been accidently damaged,
nothing can be done right now um, can you tell me how to fix it myself?
No, we will not be able to So its impossible?
No It’s not impossible then, so I can fix it?
It is not possible Oh, so it’s not possible?
No Oh, Do you know how to fix it?
Ummmm No sir, you will have to contact iPod, or the iTunes, or apple store.
Uh, I just contacted apple, and their suppose to be able to fix iPods, because they make
iPods, so.... No, we will not be able to fix that.
You can't, so why can't you fix it, you make iPods though.
no, we will not be able to fix that because it has it has already been burned.
Its only what? Its already been burned, and its also liquid
damage, and we will not be able to fix that for you.
Oh... That’s a real bummer you know. because, uh, iPods cost a lot, and it was uh, brand
new... so there is no way for me to fix the iPod
I understand, no, sir, it has been liquid damaged, so it cannot be repaired
Do you know where I can go to get it fixed? No, since it has been liquid damaged, it cannot
be fixed Yeah, but im trying to get it undamaged by
fixing it. Nobody else can fix it
So, how come? can't you like repair it with uh.. special magical tools?
I don't have magical tools couldn't you fix it with a magic wand or something?
then, you will have to create an iPod for yourself.
What? In that case, you will have to make an iPod
for your self sir. well, I mean, since you make iPods, don't
you use magical wands to make those, couldn't you just use the same magical wand to fix
my iPod? No, I will not be able to
uh, could you ask them nicely, and tell them that I would be really happy if they fixed
it with a magical fairy wand? no, that won't be possible
uh, how come? because it has been liquid damaged it can
not be fixed. yeah, but you could undamaged it with your
wands no we will not be able to sir
So why can't you use the magic wands that you use to actually make the iPods? Or could
you just use the magic wand, and make me a new iPod?
No, I will not be able to So you can no longer make any new iPod then?
um, we cannot make any iPod so its impossible to just make a new iPod,
so they’re not going to sell iPods anymore? If you want to go to a completely new iPod,
I can help you out in getting it. like, would I get a free iPod if I gave them
my old one? No, you won't be able to
what about if I gave you like $5, then could you get me one?
no, if you want to go over to another iPod it would cost you $179
So its impossible to get an iPod for $5 then? No
so it’s not impossible? it’s not possible
is it not not possible? Yes
ok, let’s try this again, is it not not impossible?
Not possible. no, I am sure it’s possible, I’ve seen
videos on YouTube, where they soak it in chocolate milk for about an hour, and then the iPod’s
awesome again. like, how long do I have to soak it in the chocolate milk?
That wouldn't be possible How come, the fat in the chocolate milk is
absorbed by the iPod, which fixes it. that might be sir, but its not fixable
Well if that is true, it would be fixable definitely not sir
Ok, do you have any more questions for me today?
No ok, if you have any more questions, go to ok? Ok