Au Revoir Taipei trailer ~ English Subtitles ~ 一頁台北

Uploaded by smashie94 on 19.03.2010

2010 Berlin Film Festival "Best Asian Film"
What's wrong?
Nothing really...
They say Paris is a city for lovers.
I was thinking, what about Taipei?
Hey, are you going to France?
My girlfriend's there right now.
At that time we said we'd go to Paris together.
Then what happened?
How much do you need?
Just enough to get to Paris.
I've got something that needs to go there...
This is it?
Now what do we do?
After him!
In case something happens,
push it all on that guy.
What're you thinking?
Police! Stay where you are!
Let's go.
Hey wait for me...
Hang on a second.
What about Gao-Gao?
You're coming with us.
Did they kidnap your friend?
Where were you just now?
Aren't you going a little fast?
Hey kids! No running allowed inside the station.
Actually, a little romance is not a bad thing.
I think liking someone is a wonderful thing...
Be a little bolder.
Susie wait up!