Kpop Music Mondays - MBLAQ "Cry"

Uploaded by simonandmartina on 17.01.2011

This week's music Monday is the waterworks edition with
Wait, what are you doing? Waterworks Edition with GD&TOP? That's weird.
We're, we're not doing GD&TOP this week.
!!!!! What?!?!! Why aren't you doing GD&TOP?
We didn't get enough requests for them, we got more for…
THAT'S CRAZY TALK! I requested them like 40 times,
We got a lot more than 40 requests. I don't know what to tell you…
For what?
We're doing MBLAQ this week?
Over GD&TOP?
I'm sorry Sunshine. Maybe next week we can do GD&TOP
But…waaahaa! I WANNA DO IT TODAY!
This week's edition is the crybaby edition with MBLAQ's "Cry"
AAA! [music]
So I wanted to start this off by saying that we usually don't do ballads
because, well, we're actually not really into them
But this song we really, really, really like
So the first time we watched the video we head that BOWOP sound
We thought they were in our house and we had to stop the video and look around.
And then we're like, oh, it's in the video. Very cool.
And it kinda has this epic Brian McKnight feel to it. I like it a lot!
Oh baby you make me cryyyy….
Ok, so we mentioned in other videos some common tendencies that boy bands tend to have
For example, Face Arousal Raunchy Thrusting and Lots Of Guyliner.
MBLAQ's Cry has all these, but issue that we didn't mention
is a problem that lots of boy bands seem to be suffering from as of late
*sad telehotline music*
Did you know, that 4 out of 5 boy bands don't have a freaking umbrella?
First we saw 2pm in Without U, then B2ST with Soom,
and now, another victim has suffered: MBLAQ with Cry.
This lack of umbrellas is a serious problem
which can result in ruined hairstyles,
smudged makeup, and general wetness.
This frustration and emotional turmoil which is caused
from a lack of umbrellas results in violence towards innocent puddles,
uncontrollable slow motion dancing and worse,
even worse than that: wet socks
And who doesn't hate wet socks?
I mean, have you ever walked through your house in your socks
and then stepped in the puddle your dog made
from licking his water too much and then you realize you have one wet sock?
Do you realize how much that hurts? Have you ever felt that pain?
Kpop artists all around the world who don't have umbrellas
suffer from this everyday.
It's ok. There there, it's ok.
If you'd like to contribute to the Get a Freaking Umbrella Already Charity,
you can send us money. Any amount of money would be ok,
and we can spend that money on an umbrella or probably a nice poncho
for a Kpop artist, but we probably won't.
We'll probably just use that money for food.
I can honestly say that I was really, really impressed by the choreography in this video
I mean, most ballads don't even have dances to begin with,
but this dance is extremely, extremely passionate and funky.
Plus they have this super unique part when they're like, dancing underwater.
How awesome is that? Now, that probably means you will never be
doing these dancemoves anytime soon, unless you're dancing underwater,
which would be kind of weird…
anyways, the only thing I can think about when I was watching this underwater dance sequence
was how terrible Simon would be if he was in this band making this video
Ok, I want you to express sadness and deep loneliness and pain and sorrow
while drowning in a sea of loneliness
but, literally I want you to do that underwater.
You want me to do that wearing a bedsheet?
The bedsheet represents loneliness
Alright. Go! Go my little Kpop Merman! Yes!
[sounds of photography]
Oh, *coughing* what happened?
I got water up my nose.
Oh. Ok, ok. Take these. Take these
Just stick them up there.
Ok, here I go.
Ok, again. [sounds of photography]
What happened?
The chlorine burns my eyes?
A blindfold?
Just go with it.
[sounds of photography]
Now what?
My fingers are getting all wrinkly.
Take these.
I have to pee. The water's cold.
Just, just…OHHH!
As for the English of the song, we give this a
5 out of 5
It all makes perfect sense, they're all short sentences
with no grammatical issues at all.
The guy's accent at the beginning of the video is a bit strong
but we're not going to dock someone marks for that.
So…5 out of 5.
Last week we asked you whose song, NOT VIDEO, you preferred:
TVXQ with "Keep Your Head Down" or JYJ with "Ayy Girl"
and the big winner was TVXQ.
Actually, we were really surprised, because personally,
we like Ayy Girl better, but it seems like a lot of people
really really hated Kanye West's part
Nonetheless, we still like both songs, so congrats to TVXQ.
For this week's crybaby edition we're gonna ask you who's better at crying:
MBLAQ with "Cry" or 2AM with "St O'Clock"
Leave your votes in the comments, and we'll announce the winners next week.
Also, thanks to everyone who requested MBLAQ this week.
If there's a song you want to see for Kpop Music Mondays
head over to
and tell us who we should do a video for.
Martina's IP address has been blocked so she can't vote anymore.
I have different computer access.
I guess I'm screwed.
And now for the winners of the FIRST PRESS
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The twitter follower who we randomly chose was:
Umm, we don't really know how to pronounce your name. Sorry about that. Congratulations!
As for the winning YouTube subscriber,
we read through all the comments. All of them.
No joke. Oh boy.
And we happened to pick one of them.
and the winner is: balinorelle.
We especially liked the superpower kick phrase: "Wonder Twin Powers ACTIVATE".
We thought it was very clever.
So if you're one of the two winners please contact us with your mailing address
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To everyone else, thank you so so much for participating,
We'll definitely have more giveaways in the future.
And even if you didn't win the CD, you can, you know,
go out and buy the CD. Support your artists!
So we'd like to take the time to thank some very, very, very important people
JB & Annie from Enjoy Your Happy Life.
They've been providing Korean subs for our videos on YouTube,
which is, I'm sure, very time consuming, so we wanted to thank them
so so so much. So if you have the time, check out their blog,
check out their blog, check out their blog.
And thank you again to JB&Annie. Virtual hugs.
[sad underwater music]