Drift Irkutsk 2012

Uploaded by voinikser on 25.01.2012

Victor let's fuck!
Davy corner!!
In the ambulance ride not only!!
Bought a sideways ride Prado not give!
Come here!
Get out of the way Bob
Victor went fucking fucking mouth
Shoot us, we too ......
Th DPS there (the police) has risen!
I do not know have not seen!
what is happening here?
dick knows, I generally went nuts clicked with boys sit on their heels!
And here is a movement!
But how?
Why? Right you can not go?
Why sideways? and the car count up it!
In general it from Japan when released!
About shit I am stuck! Serial marriage!
Her short was released from Japan, it is a curve!
And can not exactly go!
Well, not human driven her here, like pulled !!!))
Then I briefly!
Well a little bit because it hurt (hit)!!
Well a little torn in half!
Her crooked Chinese cooked)), and all does not go smoothly!
The tubes are then cooked in the wrong
Yes, tubes are then! (Many voices at once))
What is not terrible like this to go sideways!
A lot of adrenaline
In the guru is in there! He seems to say what is normal!
A lot of adrenaline directly
And you then do not ride?
Yes rode had enough!
Broke the car? He was not defective
no, we carefully!