Patriot Hall Tour (North Georgia Corps of Cadets)

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[Music playing]
[Male Cadet] This is Patriot Hall. The core cadets’ new residence hall. I’m Cadet
Lieutenant Colonel Stevens, First Battalion Commander. Patriot Hall is home of the First
Battalion, which consists of Alpha, Bravo, Charlie and Headquarters Companies.
[Music playing with change of scenery]
[Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Stevens] Today I will be showing you the layout of the cadet
room. Each cadet shares a suite with one roommate. Every cadet has a bed. On their bed, they
have their blankets that are issued upon arrival at school. The bed will be kept to military
standards with hospital corners. Cadets will also be allowed one extra blanket, and an
extra pillow. Cadets also have their own personal dresser. In their dresser in the top drawer
they will have all their uniform socks, shirts, and underwear. Here they will be prescribed
on how it is to be kept by the company commander. The bottom two drawers are for your civilian
attire use. Every cadet will be required to keep their shoes in a neat, nice order underneath
their bed. Every cadet also has use of their own personal desk. On their desk, they’ll
have their own personal computer, and if they desire, a coffee pot, a TV no bigger than
19 inches. Each cadet will also have a closet. In their closet, they will have two black
storage boxes on the top shelf. They also keep their covers for their uniforms and any
civilian hat that they wish. In their closet, they will have their uniforms lined up nice
and neat, also with any civilian attire behind it. The cadet will also be required to have
a black trunk. In this black trunk, you may keep any personal items that you wish and
that is your private trunk.
[Music playing with change of room]
Every cadet will have a sink, a medicine cabinet and cabinets to share with their roommate.
In the medicine cabinet, you may keep any personal hygiene items and in their bottom
cabinets, they can keep any cleaning supplies required for the bathroom. Every cadet will
have a bathroom to share with their roommate. They will have their own shower and their
own toilet. They will be required to maintain and keep these clean at all times.
[Music playing with change of room]
In every company game room there are tables and chairs for studying purposes. Also, there
is a TV mounted on the wall for entertainment purposes. If a cadet wishes, they can come
and utilize the lounge chairs and get into them. Every company game room is also equipped
with a ping pong table and a pool table. These can be used at any time for the cadets for
recreational use. In the company game room, there is also a laundry room. There are three
washers and three dryers specifically for laundry. Patriot Hall is also equipped with
a full kitchen. It has a refrigerator, a microwave, a dish washer, sink, stove, and cabinets.
Each company is assigned a specific hour. Cadets can use any of these devices or cabinets
at any time for their personal use.
[Music fades away]