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Josh? I'm home!
Did you have dinner yet?
Hey. Hey.
You finish that assignment? Who was that guy?
That guy was a friend from my neighborhood growing up.
I haven't seen him in forever.
You ran into him?
Yeah we just ran into each other on the street. It was weird.
It didn't sound like the street.
Well we went for coffee.
Where? It was pretty quiet.
Ok, if you say so, Sherlock Holmes.
You're hiding something from me. I can tell.
Oh yeah? What am I hiding?
I don't know, another one of your little secrets.
Ok, well you were watching porn when I came home, so let's talk about that.
I'm not denying it.
How often do you watch? Mom! It's just sex on the web, alright.
It's not meth or pipe bombs.
No, it's not meth, but it's still worth talking about.
A lot of that stuff is degrading to women.
Why? The women post stuff themselves.
Ok, they're not whores.
Ok, what's the big deal, really? Ok, all my friends watch it.
The girls? The girls watch it?
Not so much. Maybe they lie about it.
Ok, Josh, I know that you're curious about how all that stuff works. Everybody your age is curious.
But, porn is, well, it's misleading.
It's not going to teach you about intimacy, or...
Love, like real closeness, between two people.
It's just them going at it.
They look like they're having fun. I'm sure that they do.
But it's really just all about looking at women.
They show the women more than the men, have you noticed that?
After a while she just becomes, like, this bed toy, like a prop that men do stuff to.
Well, look, I don't think women, or girls, are things. I mean, I like girls.
God bless you, Josh.
Stop it, I do, alright? Girls are cool.
Even you're cool.
So, have you come close to having sex?
Only in my dreams, honey.
You're still so young, just wait a little bit longer. 44 00:03:28,02--> 00:03:30,01 How much longer?
Ok, how old were you when you first had sex? It's different for everyone.
No, c'mon, how old were you, Mom?
Truth or consequences.
I was twelve. I wish more than anything that I hadn't been twelve.
Just promise me that when the time comes, you'll let me help, ok? It's complicated.
Help how? Are you going to be there on the side calling out signals from a playbook?
You were twelve, Mom?
I'm not proud of that.
How old was the boy?
You know what? I just want to talk about me, ok.
Don't kiss and tell, Josh.
Before you said that the women who post stuff weren't whores. What do you know about whores?
That they have sex for money. It's pretty disgusting.
Lights out in ten minutes, and no more surfing, ok? Read a book.
Mom! Uh-huh
That guy today, he was cool. Yeah.
Is Cooper his name or his family name? It's his name.
What's his family name?
It's not him.
It could be him!
It's not.
You said it was a guy from high school.
I said it could be. It's not him.
Does he look like me?
It's all really screwed up, Blue.