Pedal Prix 2011 - UniSA Australian HPV Super Series - University of South Australia

Uploaded by UniSouthAustralia on 22.09.2011


Well, g'day, welcome to the 2011 Australian International Pedal Prix
It's round three of the UniSA Australian HPV Super Series
and with me, Brenton Ragless from Channel Nine.
Raggy, your first impressions of this race?

Paul, great to be here, in particular on the Sturt Reserve
at Murray Bridge, what a sensational location.
The weather's been very, very interesting for us, I must admit.
There's a change coming across, generating some fairly strong winds
so that may be a key player in the strategy for the teams today.
221 teams, great representation from interstate as well as the local teams.

Certainly is. Now we've got a start very shortly, as you can see behind us.
221 teams, as Raggy did say. This is a huge field here.
We've got about 3,000 competitors, 24 hours of racing.
They'll go around the track and it's just going to be
full-on, full speed, some of the 70 clicks, Rags.

Yeah, it's amazing some of the speeds we saw here earlier on with the shoot-out competition.
Of course the top 15... well minus one actually.
Today there was one that didn't show out of the top 15
only 14 that made the top shoot-out.
Some incredible speeds going around this course.
Of course, this year some of the course has actually been repaved
so, that's going to make it even faster again.

It is, some great times, we're looking forward to that.
Well, here at Sturt Reserve, the rural city of Murray Bridge, showing off once again.
Thanks to UniSA, this is the 2011 Australian International Pedal Prix.
Brenton Ragless and Paul Richards gladly bringing you this one.

Let's put your hands together, the winner of the 2011 Australian International Pedal Prix
is number 3, Team Phantom!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls
our winner of the 2011 Australian International Pedal Prix
to be greeted by their team just past the line
running alone through the guard of honour it's Team Phantom!

Awww, hey, hey, hey, what?

You've already done that once!
You think you could... you can stop doing that, the race is over!
Ready, three, two, one...