ZombieWood Android Review - Galaxy Note 2 Androidizen

Uploaded by TheAndroidizen on 25.10.2012

Hello everyone.
Well, here we are with a cracker of a game.
Just been released, it's called Zombiewood.
Basically, zombies have taken over Hollywood
and you have guns
and you're going to destroy them all.
Collect coins, do unlocks, it's the standard game loft thing
but it's wrapped up in a really neat little package.
The graphics are absolutely fantastic
Kind of cartoon style, cartoon Hollywood, funnily enough.
You have to basically use the left stick
to move around
and the right stick to shoot
very reminiscent of quite a few other games that have been released
over the last year, like Monster Shooter.
But like I say, the graphics are fantastic
and for once, game loft, addressing them directly
the game's well optimised for something like the S3 and Note 2.
Works really nicely, no frame rate drop out problems or anything like that so far
you can see the graphics are really smooth.
As you kill zombies you gain experience and coins which you can use to level up your
It's quite a cool thing when it looks like you level up and you complete enough of the level
you let out a massive energy burst which wipes out any remaining zombies on the level.
Towards the second half of each level, things get a lot more difficult.
And they'll really start trying to close you down.
It's free, from the download store.
well, the Google Playstore now.
I never get used to that!
Obviously it has a really strong Hollywood vibe to it.
with it being called Zombiewood.
Really really different.
Those coins don't last too long.
Something tells me this is about to get bad.
Ooh! Baseball bat time!
It doesn't have the baseball batons on this
That's Zombiewood. Free on the Playstore now. Go grab it.