Забытая мелодия для флейты 1 серия

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in a film
Directed by Eldar RYAZANOV
Screenplay by
Director of Photography Vadim ALISSOV
Production Designer Alexander BORISOV
Music by Andrei PETROV
English Subtitles by T. Kameneva
Lyrics by Yevgeny YEVTUSHENKO
Also starring
Valentin GAFT Yelena MAYOROVA
We neither sow nor build, we're subsisting
On taking pride in our social system.
We're people of paperwork stature,
We have always been and will be in nature.
Our work is hard and pernicious:
We must know what our boss wishes.
We must guess, agree, not object,
So our career wouldn't be wrecked.
To send a paper on its due course
You need courage and guile, of course.
A document to sign or authorize
Is like walking on a cornice of a high-rise.
We are never punished for refusals and bans,
Our offices are like armored tanks.
We burn out when we allow,
Therefore we forever disallow.
Nothing's stronger than the red-tape structure,
No 'perestroikas' can make in it any fracture.
We're functionaries, soldiers, gladiators
Of the colossal bureaucratic apparatus.
We're people of paperwork stature,
We have always been and will be in nature.
We neither sow nor build, we're subsisting
On taking pride in our social system.
Chief Directorate of Free Time
Well, Surova, go ahead and report
how the Directorate of Free Reading
is turning up the reading masses,
how it responds to the new demands.
I suggest to stand up and fight against the paper for recycling.
Let's just think about the nature of that phenomenon.
People hand in kilograms of our ideological literature by weight
in exchange for a book of a Simenon or a Dumas.
- A very questionable exchange. - Perhaps they hand in bad literature.
Perhaps bad, but the right one.
And how do you like it
when people come to a political literature store,
where books costjust kopecks,
buy heaps of editions and at once take them for exchange!
We must fight it mercilessly! What measures do you suggest?
We must rouse the public and beat, beat the alarm!
We can set up posts at paper recycling
collection centers, with the help of the Book Lovers Society.
Let them check every printed word when accepting paper for recycling.
That's not enough.
We should make up a list of books prohibited for recycling.
Such lists are already being made up.
May I, Yaroslav Stepanovich?
We'll be glad to hear you.
Frankly, I don't know where to begin.
- Say it bluntly. - Bluntly?
- Yes, our time calls for it. - Well...
You want it bluntly, you'll get it bluntly.
Yaroslav Stepanovich, you're like father to me.
But, excuse me, you're hopelessly behind the times.
You're a reactionary! You're a hindrance!
- Is that all? - That's all.
May I, Yaroslav Stepanovich?
We'll be glad to hear you.
Dear friends, we're living at the time
of the flourishing of glasnost and freedom, and that's great.
We prohibit nothing, we allow everything, and that's great too.
But our comrades in provinces are dumbfounded:
freedom is great, but how far can it go?
I believe it's time to start working on a document
which will define clearly
what our citizens can do in their free time
and what they must not do in their free time.
- Good for you! - That's my idea.
It's very difficult to work now. I'd like to get directives.
You'll get them.
I've invited you, gentlemen,
in order to give you a most unpleasant news:
an Inspector General is coming to our town!
- What inspector? - Why inspector?
An inspector from Petersburg!
Incognito! And with secret instructions!
- Well, I declare! - As if we need this trouble!
Oh, my goodness! And with secret instructions!
- ''Eh,'' I said to Pyotr Ivanovich... - No, it was I who said ''eh''!
First you said, and then I did.
''Eh,'' we said, Pyotr Ivanovich and I.
Yes, and he is exactly that official.
What official?
The official you received a notation about, the Inspector General.
God forbid, that's not him!
Our Mayor is an ambulance driver, by the way.
He's very convincing.
- Well, is the droshky there? - Yes, it is!
Let everyone take a street... damn, I mean a broom
and sweep the entire street leading to the inn,
and sweep it clean.
May I ask you where you were walking to?
Really, I wasn't walking anywhere.
And why, I daresay, were you not walking anywhere?
Oh, I disturbed you. You had an important business.
Your eyes are much better than an important business.
Oh, you talk like a man from the capital!
What a beautiful scarf you have!
What a mocker you are!
You just love to make fun of provincial people!
I wish, Madam, I were your scarf
embracing your lily-white neck!
I don't understand what you're talking about. What scarf?
The weather's so strange today!
Your lips, Madam, are better than any weather!
Marya Antonovna is a nurse working in your department.
- Yes, she looks familiar. - Very gifted, very.
And so pliable.
You're talking weird.
I would rather ask you to write in my album
some poems, as a keepsake.
You must know a lot of them.
Anything for you, Madam!
Make your wish! What poem do you want?
Our Khlestakov works as an orderly in a morgue.
- Where? - In a morgue.
He's very true to life.
As you like, Amos Fyodorovich.
- We must take some steps. - What exactly?
- Well, you know. - Give him a bribe?
Why not?
Allow me to introduce myself.
The districtjudge, Collegiate Assessor Lyapkin-Tyapkin.
I've spent all I had, you know, while on this trip, this and that...
Allow me to introduce myself, the postmaster,
Court Counselor Shpekin.
Can you lend me 300 rubles?
I'll deem it an honor.
Do you have any money to lend, about 400 rubles?
The official from Petersburg, who's arrived by an imperial order,
wants to see you at once.
He's staying at the inn!
- Well... thank you. - Thanks everybody.
Let's discuss it.
There's nothing to discuss. Mockery at the classics, discrediting the author.
We just wanted to bring the classics closer to modern day.
And that's why you put the Mayor in a Chaika?
It's not a Chaika, it's an automobile in general.
- You know what it's called? - Yes, we know.
The finger behind one's back. Barking from a cover.
In old time I would have closed
that theatrical hooliganism as early as the first act.
And you would've done the right thing.
Now times are different, everything is permitted.
Well, not everything...
Aren't you afraid of being mobbed by the spectators?
And they would be right.
Oh, we're not afraid of the spectators. With them we have no problems.
Lida is right.
You can come and see for yourself.
Well, if you're so brave...
Well, then, onward!
But we'll be crucified!
Just a minute, I understood everything, except one thing.
The Mayor has his hand bandaged. What are you hinting at?
Sasha has a finger broken.
Thank you. I appreciate your backing us up, Leonid Semyonovich.
Thank you very much.
We were so apprehensive about your visit. We thought you'd reject it.
- And you turned out... - Why?
Our duty is to support everything that is talented,
creatively unexpected and original.
What do we do with this?
I don't want to see it ever again.
I got you. Will do. It's not the first time, you know.
- Leonid Semyonovich... - How was your report?
Great. How's the weather in Leningrad? Excuse me.
Here's a form, fill it in, make two copies.
I've got people here. Give me a call before you come. I'll meet you.
A pleasant surprise. Where to?
Austria, a festival of amateur theatres.
My dear, aren't you tired of it?
I've been checked and rechecked on, I traveled abroad dozens of times.
If I ever wanted to defect, I would've done it long ago.
Why do I have to fill in those forms again and again?
Why don't you trust me?
It's our profession not to trust people.
And don't forget about photos, 12 of them, 4 by 6 cm.
Leonid Semyonovich, the Tambov Chorus!
Quiet, comrades! One at a time, please!
Women, quiet! Quiet!
Who's going to answer for this chaos?
Invited a chorus to a dance competition!
- Provided no hotel accommodation. - 50 people sleeping at the station.
You know what they were taking us for?
Comrades, our department offers you our sincere apologies.
We don't need your apologies! He refuses to buy us tickets to Tambov!
You're not at a fish market!
Comrades! Tickets are no problem. We'll buy them.
Excuse me, at whose expense are you going to buy them?
You see? It's outrageous!
Quiet! Quiet! Quiet!
I've got an idea that would please everybody.
Why doesn't the Tambov Chorus
give several concerts at the Black Sea resort?
Quiet! If they're going to have a tour, we must approve their repertoire.
We have a great repertoire, we'll show you right now!
- Please, no singing, comrades! - We prepared a song for the festival.
- We believe you... - To my own music.
Line up. Tanya, come here, Masha, over there.
Sopranos, group together. Musicians, up front.
On a spring night, think about me,
On a summer night, think about me,
On a fall night, think about me,
On a winter night, think about me,
Though I'm not with you, but somewhere going free,
So far away as though oversea...
- Whom are we auditioning? - The Tambov Chorus.
On a cool long sheet you're going to be
Reposing, like on your back in a wide sea,
Giving in to the wave so leisurely,
With me, like with the sea, only you and me.
Did you like it?
How can one not like it? On your back, on a sheet...
Giving in, only you and me. It's cute.
And so fresh and new.
With a chorus singing, you can't make out the words, but the music's good.
I wouldn't propagandize something so sexual as that if I were you.
You mean you're banning this song?
Comrades, we never ban anything.
We only give advice.
- You can't take words out of a song. - You can.
All right, comrades.
The Chief Directorate of Free Time has been created for the purpose...
You see how things turned out.
Now I'm in your hands. What's your name?
Take a deep breath and hold it.
You may breathe now.
My name is Lida.
Lida, you acted so funny in ''The Inspector General''.
- I rolled with laughter. - Thank you.
I never thought there were such gifted people in our department.
I'm not a doctor, but I think there's nothing serious with you.
Lida, didn't you try to enroll at an acting school?
- I wanted to, but it's too late now. - Too late for you?
Hello, Lida.
- How do you feel? - Thank you, much better.
It must be fate that it's you who paid me a visit.
No, it's just my turn to be on calls.
Where can I wash my hands?
The bathroom's on the right.
Well, by my position
and by my beliefs, I'm an atheist.
Of course.
But today I have a feeling
that there's someone up there who has arranged all that.
Oh, you're a virtuoso.
I got the knack. You're my 18th patient today, and the last one.
First I attended your play, then you took my EKG,
and now you came yourself,
right at the moment when I happen to be alone at home.
Get well. I got to go. Goodbye.
You think I'll let you go like that?
This chain of fateful events should be continued. Let's have lunch.
Are you inviting me to a restaurant?
I would be glad to,
but my medical condition doesn't allow me to go out.
How should I take it? You making advances to me?
Or what is it in your bureaucratic jargon? Selecting personnel?
You're right, I'm making advances. And I'm surprised at myself.
Thanks for being honest.
- And take care. - Why are you disappointing me?
Please, stay. I'm begging you.
All right. I can stay for 5 minutes.
Thank you. Please.
You've got a beautiful apartment.
It's just an apartment. The building, though, is prestigious, as they say.
You must be having a big family?
- Why? - So many rooms.
Yes, at first there were three of us here: my wife, our daughter and I.
The daughter got married and left for Leningrad with her husband.
Her husband is just something, an absolute nonentity.
And where's your wife? At her beautician's or on a tennis court?
My wife? She may be at a beautician's, but she's in Leningrad now.
She goes to Leningrad to visit her beautician?
No, why? She's at an architectural symposium.
Oh, she's at a symposium!
Leonid Semyonovich, the situation is very simple. Let's discuss it.
Then, for a start, let's discuss the menu. All right?
So the lunch will be with drinks? I see.
No, it's just... I've never been a drinking man.
And in our time you just scored it right?
Which caviar do you prefer? Red or black?
Both. Leonid Semyonovich, do you eat like that every day?
Well, you see...
My position obliges. You see, I mix with...
- I'll eat up all your stocks. - It will make me happy.
Now say a toast.
A toast? Well, but...
Toasts are out of fashion today.
All right, a toast you'll get.
Usually, people drink to health.
Your glass, please. No, the wine glass.
I propose to drink to my illness,
which, so to speak, brought you and me...
With great pleasure. To illness, with pleasure.
If everybody was in good health, I would be out of work.
- It's delicious! - You're right.
Yes, crabmeat... crabmeat is really...
Oh, ham! I love ham!
Well, ham could be better.
- It's canned. - To me it's all right.
I'll be honest with you.
I like you very much.
May I kiss you?
You're the first man who asks permission for it.
It means I may?
I'll just finish this mushroom, all right?
Yes, of course. Eat, please, I'll wait.
And you may pass me the red caviar.
Here, please.
Stand back, please, or I'll choke on it.
You're a naughty boy, Leonid Semyonovich.
I'm sorry.
Well, usually, one lets a lady eat first and then... all the rest.
Yes, of course.
As soon as you got sick,
your deputy forbade us to perform our play.
What d'you mean, forbade? On what grounds?
We're used to ignoramuses from your department
who come and put spokes into our wheel.
We'll see about it.
Alexei Akimovich? Good afternoon.
I've got a complaint.
On what grounds have you banned ''The Inspector General''?
You need a credible explanation?
Of course, I demand it.
Well, it's simple.
I went to Yaroslav and snitched on.
He, a man of old mentality, got mad and banned it.
So blame it all on me. Does it suit you?
What the hell! All right, goodbye.
Well, the situation is complicated.
Someone reported to Yaroslav Stepanovich, a man of old mentality.
He got furious and banned your play.
I'm sorry, but I can't do anything in this situation.
I see. Thank you for being frank with me.
And for the feast, too. I got to go.
Are you really going to leave me alone here?
- I really have to go. - Your husband is waiting?
If I had a husband I wouldn't be here now.
Yes, of course.
All right, I'll wash the dishes and watch television.
Oh, what a sharp cookie you are!
All right, I'll wash the dishes. It's not a men's occupation.
Right. Most of all I hate to wash dishes.
- There's a whole pile of them! - For the last 3 days.
I see. Leonid Semyonovich, you seem to be an actor, too.
- What d'you mean? - You're acting such a prude.
May I kiss you?... You, with such a mustache?
What does a mustache have to do with it?
A mustache doesn't mean anything. A lot of men wear mustaches.
You may not believe me,
but I had very little experience dealing with females.
I noticed it and appreciated it.
Damn, that must be my colleagues.
- They promised to pay a visit. - Oh, how scared you got!
Me, scared? Why should I be scared?
Why don't you put your smock on? Just throw it on.
Yes, you're right.
- He's alive. - How do you feel?
Thank you... I'm okay.
I mean I do feel some discomfort, but I'm better now.
Already better. Though, still weak.
But quite all right.
Maybe you'll allow us to come in?
Yes, of course, you're very welcome. Please come on in.
Peace onto thy home!
You look pale.
Peace... You look fine.
- He's very pale. - He's good.
Oh, Lyonya, we live at a time when it's dangerous to be on sick leave.
- How are things at the office? - The revelry of democracy.
- There're awful rumors going around. - General psychosis and panic.
If it goes on like that, soon we'll be electing our bosses.
My goodness! The table is laid!
Lida, what a pleasant surprise!
Lyonya, you got yourself the most charming nurse
of all our free health services.
What nonsense are you talking about? She came to give me an injection.
How noble it is - not only render a medical assistance, but...
I got such a mess here, so to avoid Yelena's wrath,
I asked the nurse to help me and she kindly agreed to do it.
- Look at this wonder of a fish! - Where'd you get it? Not at a store?
There's no such fish even in the seas now. I've inspected a fishing center.
- You got it as a present? - No, he just confiscates everything.
You underestimate me, girl. I caught it myself.
Give it here.
- The nurse agreed to eat, too. - I was very hungry.
I was having lunch when Lida came, and we had a couple of sandwiches.
But there're wine glasses, too.
Enough of this circus. Yes, I had lunch and drank Cinzano.
You think I don't deserve to sit at the table? Then I decided to tidy up.
- Yes, Lida, thank you very much. - You're welcome.
It's good you're here. Fry the fish while we play a game of cards.
I'd love to, but I have to go.
No discussions! Go to the range!
Some other time.
- Please, stay. - I can't, really.
- I'll take you home later. - No.
How much do they charge for washing dishes now?
- It was like Saturday voluntary work. - But today's Wednesday.
We can have Saturday voluntary work on any weekday.
Lyonya, don't be stingy.
Why do you look so dejected? Cheer up, my friend!
Pay up!
I can lend you some money.
Yes... really, Lida, how much do I owe you?
- For how much shall I rip you off? - You shouldn't be shy about it.
- I shouldn't? - No.
- I think, no less than 5 rubles. - It's cheap.
I'm taking it as a memento.
- Which way is Partizanskaya St., 3? - Take first turn left.
Lyusia, someone came to see me. Go tell him I'm not alone.
- Who are you with? - No one.
Oh, Comrade Filimonov! Hello. Come in.
Thank you. How do you know me?
Though your face does look familiar.
We see each other at the office.
You show me your pass. Only I wear a uniform there.
- Good afternoon. - Hello.
Can you tell me... is Lida home?
Yes, she's home, but... she's not alone.
Oh, really? In this case, will you please give this to her?
Goodbye. Yes, I'll leave a note.
Here. Goodbye.
- Poking your nose in other's letters? - You're like family to me.
Lida, please forgive me. I behaved like... What? A scoundrel?
- What has he done to you? - Nothing special.
- Why did he come? - He's courting me.
Wow, Lida, you're going places!
On a spring night, think about me,
On a summer night, think about me,
On a fall night, think about me,
And on a winter night, think about me.
I don't want you to think during sunshine,
May day send everything down the incline,
Cover with smoke and drown in wine
And make you think of something in a different line.
In daytime you may think of anything, it's fine,
At night your thoughts must be only mine.
- Good morning. - Nothing's good about it.
What happened? You can't leave a man in peace even when he's sick.
It's an emergency. Yaroslav Stepanovich is waiting for you.
Only you can save us, only you.
- How do you feel? - Never mind. We have an emergency.
The construction has been stopped. It's a bad sign.
- You don't say... - Yes.
Call your father-in-law. Use this telephone.
How high up has Fyodor Demyanovich risen.
He was just an assistant of mine at the Executive Council.
Hello, Fyodor Demyanovich, it's Lyonya. How are you?
Lena is still in Leningrad.
I talked to her the day before yesterday. She made a great report.
Thank you, thank you.
Fyodor Demyanovich, excuse me for bothering you at you office.
We have an emergency. The construction of our new building's been stopped.
Besides, there're rumors that we'll be closed up.
Lyonya, since you're a candidate for replacing that old idiot Yaroslav...
By the way, your CV has already been sent up.
I happen to be calling from his office.
- He sends you his regards. - Me too.
So I don't think you'll be closed up.
But I'll make inquiries, just in case.
Aren't you ashamed of taking advantage of your official position?
Official position is for taking advantage of it.
You were at the office. Why didn't you come down to the clinic?
You think I'm a fool?
- Where can I wash my hands? - The same place as yesterday.
I have 20 calls every day. I forgot.
Lida, forgive me for yesterday.
Believe me, I despise myself.
Turn on the light, or I may miss.
Can we do without an injection today? I feel fine.
Malingerers should be punished. Lie down.
- Why lie down? It's intramuscularly.
- Lida... - Lie down.
You're a coward, like all men.
- It hurts. - You'll be fine.
Goodbye, Comrade Filimonov.
Lida, please stay. I've been waiting for you, preparing.
As I can see. But I'm late for a rehearsal.
What shall I do to make you stay? Lida!
Do you want me to stand on my knees before you?
That'll be too dramatic.
Well, then... then... this.
Did you ever see a department head
standing on his head before a woman?
No, I didn't.
But for a sick man you're too lively.
I'm an inveterate malingerer.
- I'm really running late. - I'll give you a lift.
I'd like to warn you that you're wasting your time with me.
I'll give you a lift anyway.
- As you wish. - Thank you.
- Thanks. - I'll be here after the rehearsal.
Aren't you afraid of being spotted by our people?
Well, I wouldn't like to be discovered by your band of actors.
I'll be waiting for you around that corner.
- Take care! - See you tomorrow!
- You taking the subway? - No, I travel in style.
- Excuse me. - Bye, I go to the right.
- Whose car is that? - Let's go and not intrude.
Lida, this is for you.
Thank you, Leonid Semyonovich. But I may get used to it.
It's exactly my intention.
- Where're we going? - I don't know.
Frankly, I don't even know how I should behave with you.
And what do you want?
- Everything. - What an idea!
No, I understand, of course, but... something's happening to me...
You just want to have a fling.
- I don't think so. - What do you think?
It becomes you to think nothing.
- You think so? - I think so.
- So where're we going? - Wherever you like.
Where would I like to go? It's my heart.
- Are you feeling sick? - No, it's a pleasant kind of ache.
- Do you have nitroglycerin? - I do, but I don't need it.
- Lida. - I'm listening.
- Lida. - What?!
I can't explain it, but I...
Then don't explain.
Don't explain anything.
You're not home.
Lida, I got company, I need your dishes.
- It's Lyusia. - I think so, too.
Lida, I know you're home!
- Don't open up. - She won't leave us alone.
Just a minute.
Hurry up!
Coming, coming.
- What? - Let me in.
- What do you want? - Let me in.
- Let me in. What's the matter? - Are you crazy?
Give me your blue dish.
And forks.
And knives.
Comrade under the blanket,
I'll be happy if you'd drop in together with Lida.
I'm afraid we won't be able to. That's all? Get out of here!
- Lida, I... - I'm busy.
What's the matter?
Where did I see these shoes? I can't remember.
I don't know. They were bought in England.
So I was in England yesterday.
- Here. - Thanks.
I thought it was the end of the flowers.
It's only the beginning of the flowers.
- I'm so happy to see you. - Me too.
Now we're going to my place and celebrate an anniversary.
- Which anniversary? - Two days of our love affair.
Yes, that event certainly calls for a celebration.
Oh God, how lucky I am.
And I have such a bad luck.
I must be going.
- Why hurry? - It's late.
I'll take you home.
But first we'd better destroy all the evidence of the crime.
All right.
The chocolates.
And I must not forget the flowers.
Right, the flowers is a crime, too.
Even more criminal than chocolates.
By the way, someone promised me music and forgot. You cheated me?
You'll get your music.
You really can blow that pipe?
Anyone can insult an artist, but, for your information,
I finished the Conservatory, a class of flute.
Afterwards I did postgraduate studies.
I was even invited to play in an academic symphony orchestra.
- Haven't you forgot how to do it? - I'm not sure. Let's see now.
Oh, Lyonya, if you only knew
how many hours I've spent on the dancing floor as a young girl.
Just a minute. Yelena Fyodorovna, welcome home.
Don't get upset, but Leonid Semyonovich has a nurse visiting.
She came about 90 minutes ago.
This is a nurse.
Good evening.
- She's giving me an injection. - While dancing?
The doctor advised me to move more.
- And so... - And to the nurse, too?
- Well... - No, but...
Well, I see. And to play the flute.
Well, the flute is, of course...
Yes, it's a big fad now. We jog, to run away from a heart attack.
We jump, we dance. We wish to die healthy.
I didn't inform you about my coming, so you wouldn't rush to the airport.
My God, you look absolutely ill.
Thanks for the flowers. I'm touched.
I had a feeling you'd come back tonight, so I...
Well, hello, darling.
- I'll be going. Goodbye. - Goodbye.
Tomorrow I'll be at the office and come to the clinic for an injection.
We can dance there, too.
Just look around, how clean everything is.
Everything's in order! Not a single dirty dish.
Do you remember ever coming back and seeing not a single dirty dish?
No, I don't. Do you love to wash dishes now?
No, I asked the nurse and she kindly agreed to do it for 5 rubles.
What's her name? The nurse's?
I don't remember. I think, Lida. What's on your mind?
I'm working on my doctorate thesis now
and have no time for housekeeping.
- You need money, don't you? - Who doesn't?
- How much do you get? - With bonuses, about 1 10 rubles.
1 10 rubles? Poor girl, how can you live on that?
As you can see, I'm still alive.
Can you come here 3 times a week to clean...
Lena, think about what you're saying. It's embarrassing.
To cook, to wash. I got absolutely no time.
It's becoming interesting.
Come to your senses.
Are you hiring me as a maid?
And how much will you pay me, Fyodorovna?
I think, 5 rubles a visit.
- Not much. - I can raise it a bit.
Don't bother, it's a deal. When are you going to finish your thesis?
- In about 6 months. - Great!
I'll be coming to you all these 6 months.
But after that, you'll be coming to me and clean my room.
My living space is smaller, but I'll pay you more.
Six rubles for a visit.
After all, I'll be having a maid with a Doctor's degree!
I'm begging you in a quiet, silent plea,
I'm begging you,
To the rain rustling in the tree,
I'm begging you,
To the snow falling free,
I'm begging you,
In my dream, and yet quite really.
I'm begging you,
On a spring night, think about me,
On a summer night, think about me,
On a fall night, think about me,
And on a winter night, think about me.
He said he was going to the television, but he has no business there.
Are you sure?
- Spying? - Observing.
Watch out.
I envy him. With such a busy schedule, he finds time for everything.
Only bullets are whistling in the steppe,
With the wind humming in the wires...
He's in a hurry.
In his place I'd be in a hurry, too.
On this darkly night,
You're not asleep, I know, my darling...
I remember I was in a hospital for tests.
I had some hanky-panky with a gorgeous nurse.
- Later about that. - Sure.
That's it, can't go any farther, or we'll get stuck.
I wanted to take a walk, and now it started raining, as luck would have it.
Never mind, you'll take your walk in the car.
Are you in a hurry?
I have a meeting with Yaroslav Stepanovich at 3.
I don't feel like necking until 3.
You're necking and looking at your watch. You think I didn't notice?
- Lida... - I don't want to.
I don't want to meet you around the corner.
Yes, I'm cautious.
I'm cowardly, if you like.
Please understand, you're the first foolhardy thing I'm doing in life.
You fool.
My little fool.
- Don't you dare making passes at me. - And what if I do?
- I'll yell. - Go on, yell.
- Yes. - Yes.
- I'll shout for help. - Shout. No one will hear you.
I'll make a scene!
Go on, troublemaker.
- Oh, how awful! - Damn them!
Look for them yourself. Your boots are in the front seat.
Excuse me, your documents please.
What's the matter?
I hope you know yourself what's the matter.
No. I haven't done anything wrong.
You should know better. What's your name?
And if you think well?
That's more original. Suppose it is.
There's a children's sanatorium nearby.
The kids are walking around.
What kind of example are you setting for them?
A bad example.
I think you'll have to go with us to the station.
I'm not going anywhere. You have no right.
You will. Your documents, Miss.
Am I supposed to walk the woods with my passport?
Sasha, write down the license number. We'll find out who's the owner
and report it to his place of work.
Look, comrades, why do that?
Let me pay you a fine and we'll close the matter.
Though I still don't understand what for.
For immoral conduct in public places.
You have to pay 10 rubles. In here, please.
Thank you, comrade. Thank you.
Will the young lady pay herself?
You think I'm crazy?
For 10 rubles I'll go anywhere, especially to the police station.
Come on. No, I want to go to the station. Let's go.
I'll pay. Here. Thank you, comrades.
- You need a receipt?... - No.
Take it. They'll pocket the 20 rubles.
I don't like what you're saying. Let's go to the station.
We're already leaving, comrades.
You should be grateful that we're too busy. There's another car coming.
- Why an Armenian name? - The hell do I know.
Oh yes, today I signed a telegram addressed to a Katanyan.
It probably was subconscious. Well, they didn't take much.
I can't live like that any more, Lyonya.
I simply can't.