Chinese fried fish, 煎魚

Uploaded by wantanmien on 16.01.2011

Today I teach Chinese fried fish
wash a trout and remove the scales
dry up with a kitchen paper, in and outside
2 tsp shao xing wine and 1/2 tsp salt
rub over fish and inside
cover with plastic wrap, put in fridge for 30 mins
30 mins later, use paper dry up the fish
put in 2 tbsp oil in hot pan
use chopsticks to rub the pan with ginger slice
fry the fish, turn to medium low heat
3 mins later, let the oil come to the fish
another 3 mins
fry til fish skin is tight
flip around the fish
let oil come to the fish
fry the fish 15 mins on each side
Thanks for watching see you again next time