Law, Public Safety and Security Cluster

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(Announcer) If you are a natural leader and enjoy serving the public,
consider a career in law, public safety, corrections, and security.
This field includes a wide range of concentrations,
including security, correction and legal services,
law enforcement and emergency and fire management.
The technical colleges prepare the vast majority of employees
in public safety related occupations.
Hands-on training and real-world experience are critical to success
in this challenging line of work.
That's where our colleges excel.
(Mike) We know exactly what it takes to be successful
and to navigate through all the situations that you're going to be involved in.
(Announcer) The classes are small,
so students really get to know their instructors;
instructors who have mastered their craft and are committed to your success.
(Jamie) They push you to your limits. They know your limits.
And they know you can achieve better.
(Announcer) Our graduates have a very focused learning experience
so they are confident in their skills when they take a job.
Employers love that our students are ready to work from the start.
Like many of our programs, classes are offered day, night and online.
The outstanding training and superb value
make this program your best bet for career training.
The technical colleges are the place to go if you want
value, substance, comfort and success.
If the law and safety of others interests you,
Wisconsin's Technical Colleges are your best investment.
Find your passion and fulfill your potential today!