Dragon Art Tutorial part 1

Uploaded by elgrimlock on 13.05.2011

I will escribe the most important steps made ​​during the creation of this image..
This sketch shows the general idea of the design of head and neck.
It is full of spikes, apparently hard to understand.
The goal is to make the structure easy to "read" to the observer.
A lineart drawing without shading makes it evident
Has many details and shapes inside the outline,
Horns, scales, is not easy understand these reliefs,
This simplified draw,to show the basic forms, it should display this mentally.
It is very important to decide the spotlight position.
And imagine their volumes and shadows.
Concerning the design, got his eye partially covered like a resource that helps to give expression and character.
Drawing the skull side-view you can anticipate a functional structure.
For example, the jaw joint.
Essentially it is very similar to a plier.
Despite being a mythological animal,
Treatment should be based on real animals (anatomy, details, poses)
It is common to find fantastic art "convincing" the thus imaginary..
This figure can be compared to that of a horse or an eagle, extending his neck and mouth in this way..
Si dibujamos algunas líneas proyectadas hacia atrás.
And connects to the neck, we get an aerodynamic shape.
The horns and spikes is projected in the same direction reinforce that impression.
The goal is not to connect all the lines without interruption.
But at intervals, make some changes in direction and rhythm.
In this image foreshortening can apply the same principle.
Some joints of the wing can be connected with the projected lines from head and neck.
Again, I include other flow direction so that they are not so obvius to the eye...
Consider this same principle applied to a long shot.
This time using two colors to differentiate the two dynamic flow.
Any figure or theme drawing can take advantage of this type of exercise.
But in creatures drawings with many details, can make difference between the comprehensible and chaotic.
For the lineart, brush configuration is very simple. diameter and opacity with pressure.
(I wish I could draw as fast as this video capture).
The lineart took me about 25 minutes.
I prefer to draw the details I will not forget later although some should leave them until paint.
As shallow spots or marks that can not be considered relief.
Darken the background and use a color wheel to decide the color palette to use.
A narrow base triangle is easycontrol a triad
A database of cool colors go well with a hot accent color.
Using blue-gray for the upper skin of the dragon.
Paint on a layer in normal mode over the lineart layer.
Uncovered this stroke
The most important thing at this stage of work is ...:
I only paint those areas that are in the spotlight directly.
Avoid painting the sides and blind spots..
Therefore it is important to practice and gain confidence in the use of chiaroscuro.
To prevent the armor plates larger than the neck, chest and legs
Are seen as artificial as steel plates or cardboard
Paint strokes in sequence that resemble scales,
And adapts to the contours of these larger plates.
That will give them an organic look.
Similar to the ranges of lines, try not to put the same level of detail
in the entire visible surface of the skin.
Toggle prefer areas with more and less detail, and provide comfortable rest to the eye.
With practice we can decide to detail and not to facilitate the reading of the entire creature.
We also anticipate that the viewer will look more in that order.
And still more ambitious, not only design the creature, but the viewing experience.
Now I apply the same color used on its own lights, this time in a new layer,
In normal mode 40% opacity.
Paint in the remaining spaces, extending a gradient under the lights.
In some cases step over the line, clearing a little.
I can also add some extras.
This line allows me to crop the image without using the tool "plume " of photoshop
It's a little slower, but the result is more natural.
I burn a radial area with highlights using activated Dodge in the layer of light (min 5)
As a result the effect dissipates celshadding floor plan
Change the background color from gray to a warm, or otherwise, the idea is to see options..
The layer made ​​from white line surrounding the dragon shift to the background color (blue-gray))
And on it I select with the lasso general ideas
lightened or darkened areas as a basis for the fund.