PSY Explains Gangnam Style Dance's Origin

Uploaded by fuse on 14.09.2012

>> Elaine: Psy, hello.
Psy: How are you?
Elaine: You exploded the internet, everyone is obsessed with you. When did you realize, what was the moment when you were like 'My video is an international hit?'
Psy: I released this video on Youtube of July 15th, and from that time, I just released it for Korean fans who were using Youtube, that was all. I didn't mean anything overseas. I didn't check the number of clicks. I didn't check it. And somehow my manager was saying and people at the company were saying 'Hey you gotta check the Youtube.' Why? There's some like strange word, so like strange, is it bad words or something? So I came in and I saw like multiple country's languages in my ripples. And start increasing like million in a day and I was like what is this? What's going on? And we did 60 days, and I'm here.
Elaine: Tell me all about the horse move, I want to know.
Psy: We spent too many nights with the choreographers about hey let's find just one simple and single move. Let's find it, what is it? So we were thinking about every animal, not just horse, every animal.
Elaine: What are some of the ones you rejected? Like what animals?
Psy: Kangaroo. Like everything, we were on everything. Trees. You know like everything. We were like what else, what else. And someone popped up with horse. This? Oh yeah? What about our upper body? So someone's like, what about riding a horse? Riding a horse like how? So like with this move, we are almost like crying. Wow! This is it, let's go! Oh yeah!
Elaine: Simultaneously horse and rider. So now because of this video, because of these dance moves, like you said, now you're here, now you're in this place. What is, do you think, the most ridiculous thing that has happened to you? The thing that's made you think, I cannot believe my life?
Psy: On twitter, Britney Spears followed me. That's the most ridiculous thing I've experienced. And the other thing, I went to VMA last week, and I do the dance move with Kevin Hart. I saw a lot of celebrities sitting down there, I my mind I was like, wow! Look at him! Wow, look at her. Meanwhile, they were saying the same thing, wow look at him! I was like what? Look at me? Look at you! I was, Wow this is crazy!
Elaine: So you went to college in Boston.
Psy: Oh yeah.
Elaine: Were you a music major at the time?
Psy: First of all, I was at Boston University and then I transferred to Berkley College of Music. Honestly, I didn't graduate Berkley and I hardly attended the school. So the thing was, class was too early for me.
Elaine: I could not agree more with you. There's nothing Gangnam Style about getting up really early and going to class. Nothing at all.
Psy: So I was really young at that time, and what I thought was it's about creation. So I cannot learn about creation from others. That was my young thoughts. So I never go there, I was just there, but I never go there. So I've been a freshman for four years.
Elaine: Nicely done.
Psy: I was fresh.
Elaine: So you've signed with Scooter Brawn. What made you decided to do that?
Psy: Well, after releasing my album at Korea, ten days later, some guy called me and this guy called Scooter and he's looking for you. And I said 'Scooter?'
Elaine: I don't know anybody named Scooter.
Psy: Is it like motor bike or something? Scooter? Who is Scooter? And they said he's managing Justin Bieber, Carly Rae Jepsen. Okay, then why? Scooter want me to sign with him, sign? Sign what, for like check or something?
Elaine: I gotta know, is there money?
Psy: Yeh, I don't have any idea why Scooter want me. So finally, I got phone call with Scooter, and I want to work with you. So I met him like 3 weeks ago. I met him in LA and the keyword that he told me was 'I don't want to change anything for this song. So for me and for all the Koreans it was a dream to knock the US market with our own languages. It's like one out of a thousand. So, 'alright, let's do it.' I want to do it in Korean world and if I can hit, it's going to be history for my country. So I did it.
Elaine: Well it worked! Well thank you so much, I'm so excited to meet you. And more exited to me you than meet your music video. So I'm really glad that you came today.