OoT Speedrunning 101 #2 - Basic Tricks & Glitches

Uploaded by aleckermit on 17.03.2010

all right and that's that's not my a camcorder video feed now
this is my computer desk by the way
it's pretty filthy right now
I ate dinner here last night because I was watching the Fort sill the games done in twenty
hours marathon
%uh congratulations to any malice their I think that's a announce that
and %uh gee I know
gee I don't know that doing three and the four a games which was absolutely crazy
%uh that is really impressive
major props to you guys
%uh of want to be part of the next one or whatever come live the strain zia saw forms
has the future
um as you can see it
haven't been set up now and then I can report on screen or I couldn't get live a
live footage from the my actual consuls
and I think you in sixty four and indians
as of now
so you have of the about it thanks for watching