The circle of 4 [English sub] / El círculo del 4 [sub. español] (2/3)

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Pep is a leader whom everybody follows. He's also respecful, and has values. He's an example to follow and that reaches people.
He says the players are the most important, but we're grateful there's a leader who shows us the way.
He knows how to convey a message. He told us to be patient, to play the same way, we'll have a goal-scoring opportunity, and we'll clinch the cup. And that's been the case.
This coach, as the great leaders of History, has the ability to convey his philosophy to anyone.
And never forget that, If we get up very early, but very early, very early, very early, and there's no blame, there're no excuses, and we start working, we're an unstoppable country.
September 8, 2011 Medal of Honour of the Parliament of Catalonia
Believe me, we are unstoppable. Thank you very much and long life Catalonia.
I remember that sometimes I was dissapointed at training session after a draw or a loss, and Pep's speech gave me wings. Jeez, he turned the tables on me.
I started to think in the next fixture, to be on the tenterhooks, to change my attitude. I was so negative and, after his words, I turned my attitude into a positive one again.
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He always told us we're so great as a team, as a group. And that's what I'll remember: A coach who admits that is the greatest thing that can happen to a player.
And now, with Pep's statements the other day, we're entering a new era with a third group, which for the moment includes only him, who criticise the correct decision of the referee.
April 26, 2011 Eve of the Champions League semi-final against Madrid
And for me it's the result of his first season as a coach, when he lived the scandal of Stamford Bridge.
He told us, "Of course I feel like answering. I'm not made of stone." But he believes in respect, humility, work, and proving it on the pitch. There's no need to talk.
We always try to be polite and respect the opponent. But if they're continually attacking you, finally you have to react, and that's what he did.
They had crossed the line, and if you don't say anything, you look like an idiot.
Since Mr. Mourinho has addressed me familiarly, I'm gonna do the same. He called me Pep, so I'm gonna call him José. I don't know which is José's camera, it must be all of these.
I think his words represented the feelings of many people, of most of us.
Tomorrow at 8.45pm we'll play a match on the pitch. Off the pitch, he's won during the entire year, the entire season, and it'll be the same in the future.
He can have his personal Champions League off the pitch. He can take it home and enjoy it like another trophy.
He proved he was the leader this club needs when there's a tense atmosphere surrounding Barça.
Tomorrow at 8.45pm we'll take to the field and we'll try to play football as best as possible. In this press room, he's the fucking chief, the fucking man, the person who knows everything about the world, and I don't wanna compete with him at all.
We left the training session and came back the hotel.
He was greeted with an ovation.
He arrived and we applauded him.
The reception was joyful.
I don't know which is your camera, José, but here it go.
Maybe it was a dramatic effect on Barça and Madrid environment.
We hadn't watched the press conference, but we heard about it by phone, "Jeez, Pep did really damn good. Very well, he's banged his fist on the table. At last, he's answered."
We saw ourselves reflected in those words, in the fact of we got something to say too.
It sums up his way of being as a coach and as a person: Speaking on the pitch.
We always meet Madrid, they're the team to beat. And after three years full of titles for us and only a Copa del Rey for them, they couldn't afford another season with no trophies.
And this wearing down finally burns you out.
But that's been good for us as well, because if you're outraged, then you rebel. We're highly competitive and so we've rebelled against it.
All those criticisms, accusations of doping practices and referee favoritism, have been good for us to compete.
I'll remember the week before Champions League final at Wembley.
He prepared the game thoroughly that week. He promised that, if the players were committed to reaching the final, he would committed to winning the title, so his commitment was stronger than ours.
May 28, 2011 BARÇA 3 - 1 MANCHESTER UTD. The 4th Champions League
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And that week he proved he was ready to help us win the final. Absolutely!
He had already lifted the Champions League as a player, but I think he liked much more lifting it as a coach that couple of times.
I'll remember the 2-6 win at the Bernabéu.
Because he also introduced some tactical variations, such as Leo in the false nine role, and surprised Madrid.
From then on, things haven't gone badly for Leo in that position. I don't know how many goals he's scored so far.
May 2, 2009 MADRID 2 - 6 BARÇA A title with no trophy
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The 5-0 win over Madrid. I think you can't play better football.
Beyond the final result, which could be bigger or shorter, depending on the scoring efficiency, was the way we played football. They were asleep, they couldn't touch the ball.
November 20, 2010 BARÇA 5 - 0 MADRID The greatest work of art
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I'll remember the 5-0 win at the Camp Nou, yes. From my position, sometimes I couldn't see the ball because my teammates were making me dizzy.
Yes, especially in the first half. I couldn't follow the ball, but it wasn't necessary: My side had the ball.
I'll remember...
When we won the first Club World Cup final and he burst into tears. It was a very special moment for him and for everybody. A very pretty picture.
He broke down and cried over joy, well-done work, and coming full circle with that Club World Cup, the sixth title in the year we won everything. A very meaningful image.