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Highlights of the news today Monday the 4th of June
Cash-strapped Islington council renovates £1.8 MILLION Grade II property to house family
on benefits Nationally over 11,000 households on benefits
worth £47,000 a year to the average taxpayer Baroness Warsi fights back
Crunch Time As Focus Shifts To Spanish Banks Developed economies reaping benefits of Colombian
drug trade US drones kill 15 militants in Pakistan
Thought for the Day – Is it still our National Health?
Finally – Don’t wear that T-Shirt boy!
Cash-strapped Islington council renovates £1.8 MILLION Grade II property to house family
on benefits. The five bedroom townhouse with a games room, three bathrooms a 40 foot garden
is being renovated to home an Indian couple with 4 children.
The council had £52 million cut from its funding for 2011 to 2013, yet still find the
money to waste on this renovation. Local residents are amazed and angry that
the council is not selling the property and using the money to provide more homes. Long
term Islington residents are being forced out because they cannot afford the area, whilst
an Indian family are being moved in. Robert Oxley, of the Taxpayers’ Alliance
told the Daily Express: 'It's barmy for the council to spend so much just so one family
can live there. It should focus on providing affordable housing.'
Nationally over 11,000 households on benefits worth £47,000 a year to the average taxpayer.
To cap it all the Daily Mail reports that more than 100 families on benefits are living
in luxury homes and More than 11,000 households are raking in benefits that are at least the
equivalent of a higher rate taxpayers’ £47,000 salary. These figures were disclosed by Work
and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith.
Baroness Warsi fights back Baroness Warsi, whose job is to foster relations
with Tories in Britain, has taken 17 foreign trips in the last 2 years.
Senior allies claim PM ordered undisclosed foreign trips, which were vital to Afghan
mission It is believed she has visited Islamabad 5
times since being appointed minister. All at the request of the David Cameron and William
Hague. A Cabinet Office spokesman said: “As a Muslim
who is fluent in Urdu, Punjabi and Gujarati and who can read and write Arabic, Baroness
Warsi is a massive asset in representing the British Government abroad.” Pull the other
Crunch Time As Focus Shifts To Spanish Banks. Sky News reports “Madrid will this week
replace Athens as the focus of European efforts to save the euro after Spain bungled attempts
to bail out its fourth largest bank.” Many analysts now believe that the Spanish
rescue of Bankia may hold the secret to saving the euro.
Bankia's headquarters in Madrid have become the focus of noisy protest. This weekend,
around 200 demonstrators expressed their opposition to the government's plans to use public funds
for a bailout. The Spanish banking system may need around
100 billion Euros to prop it up according to the EU.
Developed economies reaping benefits of Colombian drug trade.
The Guardian reports on a study that claims “While cocaine production ravages countries
in Central America, consumers in the US and Europe are helping developed economies grow
rich from the profits”. The authors of the study claim that financial
regulators primarily in the US and Europe are loath to go after western banks who are
laundering vast amounts of drug money. The study shows that less than 3% of the drug
money is retained in the drug producing country whilst criminal syndicates and banks in the
consumer countries hold over 97% of the profits. The work, carried out by two economists at
the University of the Andes in Bogotá, is part of an initiative by the Colombian government
to overhaul global drugs policy and focus on money laundering by the big banks in America
and Europe, as well as social prevention of drug taking and consideration of options for
de-criminalising some or all drugs. One of the economists claimed "its taboo to go after
the big banks . . . its political suicide in this economic climate, because the amounts
of money recycled are so high."
US drones kill 15 militants in Pakistan The Indian Express reports US drones struck
a Taliban and Al-Qaeda stronghold in Pakistan’s North Waziristan region killing 15 militants.
This is the eight drone strike in Pakistan since a NATO Summit on Afghanistan ended in
Chicago on May 21st. The US stepped up drone strikes after the
summit, where Pakistan did not make any announcement about ending a six-month blockade of supply
routes to Afghanistan. The supply lines were shut after a cross-border
NATO air strike killed 24 Pakistani soldiers in November last year.
Pakistan says the US drone strikes on its soil are a serious violation of its sovereignty
and a contravention of international law, but the US insists that the spy planes are
an effective way to fight militants
Thought for the Day Is the National Health Service still our National
Health Service? I think not, I think we have lost it like the British people have lost
London – to massive immigration and the politically correct fascists. I cannot comment
on the vast and various offshoots of the NHS system, the care workers, the care in the
community people and more who have to re-apply for their own jobs, suffer massive cutbacks
and still do the job of several people in a timeline that is frankly unreasonable.
I make this comment in the face of a statement from a fully qualified care practitioner who
is in a ‘team’ who visit homes containing elderly and vulnerable people – she has
been told that 15 minutes is sufficient to get an elderly person out of bed, get them
dressed and give them breakfast and woe betide any extra time spent, bearing in mind this
includes travel time - it seems like bullying on a large scale. Now she is a qualified Health
worker, do the authorities pick up on our immigrant friends in this fashion? I think
not. Especially judging by the things I have read about and been told about.
Apparently, if you apply to help the elderly, the vulnerable or the infirm you are subjected
to an investigation (a CRB check) that sees whether you have had any problems in the past
with the Police, alias a UK Criminal Record Bureau Check. This can take up to 6 weeks
to process when an applicant gets a job and he or she can either start doing menial jobs,
because they haven’t checked out yet or in some cases the job doesn’t start until
this CRB clears. This seems to apply only if you are a UK Resident and white. You can
get off the banana boat, apply for a care worker job and if not born in this country
or a legal resident you do not have to have a CRB check. How mad is this? Not only are
we allowing our most vulnerable people to be subject to, in some cases, a vastly different
culture of care, but we do not know if they are mass murderers in their own countries!
The ‘official ‘reason is that people who have not lived in this country will not have
any records for or against them. Wonderful, and as most of these foreign applicants come
from countries that are frankly third world and not exactly shining beacons of healthcare
- what are we opening the door to, sometimes in our own homes?
Now I know some people bleat on about ‘wonderful foreign doctors and nurses and how the NHS
would not be operational today if we didn’t have them and I say ‘baloney’ or words
to that effect! Of course there are some dedicated foreign doctors – I have seen a couple,
one was Eastern European with very good English and the other was a Sri Lankan and his English
was unintelligible and needed a nurse present to translate! The only foreign nurses I have
been subjected to were the ones in the Nursing Home with my Mother and frankly they could
have given the head hunters of Borneo a run for their money.
Our NHS today seems to be run by foreigners for foreigners! The story that follows was
reported in a national paper and occurred in a London hospital, the Chelsea & Westminster
Hospital in West London. This used to be a very upper place to go and shows how the face
of our country is changing. A Ms Hynes had complained to a black African nurse that ‘she
should have tested the temperature of the soup she fed an elderly blind woman in the
next bed’. The woman concerned was left blistered and screaming. This was reported
and a few minutes later a Staff Nurse arrived, yet another black African, Maureen Nwadike
and she told Ms Hynes ‘you are racist’. Now poor Ms Hynes had been subjected to bad
treatment herself. She entered hospital for a simple operation to correct acid reflux
but ended up with a punctured lung, as you do! She had to stay 2 weeks extra and was
put on a morphine drip to ease the pain and oxygen. Trouble occurred when her drip and
oxygen need replacing over the weekend. Existing staff had not been trained to insert the cannula
needed into her hand and the oxygen was not forthcoming. She was given morphine tablets
instead and was left hallucinating and crying, and a member of the ‘caring community of
worldwide nursing staff’ told her to be quiet. It was against this backdrop of ignorance
and black on white bullying that Ms Hynes finally complained. At one stage, she even
took a Zimmer frame to get out but was stopped. In a truly nauseous letter to the ‘racist’
Ms Hynes –it of course totally skipped the obvious factor, that these particular nurses
who happened to be black did not follow the duty of care to a patient or patients and
should either be disciplined or sacked. The fact is that this letter excused or rather
put the whole disgraceful matter up to another level that is in the clouds and la la land.
The senior nurse wrote that referring to the ‘racist’ slur given to Ms Hynes ‘the
hospital would be watching Nwadikes’ wait for it COMMUNICATION SKILLS!
OH PURLEASE – is this black woman there for her communication skills? No, she is there
to nurse or just earn money in her case of course. The very interesting factor here is
that Nwadike’s husband Anthony is a Director of a Private Nursing Business – now am I
being thick here or is it a case of our NHS paying private agencies that provide mainly
foreign staff, huge amounts of money and is there a whole sludge of insider trading going
on here? Is it costing the NHS and therefore the Taxpayer millions to enable certain people
to earn a very nice living thank you?
Now I am not against anyone earning a good living if they give value for money but clearly
Nwadike is not and obviously not the less senior nurses who are probably of her tribe
as well. Mind you on a personal note, on the photo shown of Nwadike, she looked like a
bad moon rising and would make me feel even worse if I had to look at that on the recovery
ward! Now we come to the atmosphere of real racism
within the NHS that is when our serving soldiers come back wounded and have to spend time in
a general hospital not a military one. There are many stories of rampant racism from the
soldier’s families about the Muslim doctors and nurses who refuse to treat them. Mind
you as the Muslim nurses’ elbows have to be covered down to the wrist so therefore
washing your hands takes on a whole new and alarming ritual, aka non washing properly
- I would think twice before wanting them attending to me anyway. Why are they allowed
to flout the basic law of hygiene when handling open wounds etc? Because they are Muslim?
Sikh doctors are allowed to wear jewelery whilst attending patients, uuugggggghhh filthy
bangles and open wounds, always a good mix for MRSA and other new bugs!
Brings to mind a passage in the book by Katherine Mayo, Mother India a good read to really make
you think. The passage describes in awful detail the childbirth routine enjoyed in pre
war India namely lots of blood, filth and dirty bangles. Why are we employing these
foreigners when, firstly their own countries so obviously need them, with everyone killing
everyone not of their sect, but because our own trained doctors cannot get jobs any more?
Knowing the Muslims they certainly are not cheaper, so my advice is to them , if you
do not like the heat stay out of our kitchen or wash your bloody hands!
Our NHS needs a complete makeover, starting with getting rid of all the immigrants that
are no good. We need to start treating our own with respect not palming them off to the
people that inflict harm on them. We also need to stop treating illegal immigrants now;
it takes time and money which we, the Taxpayers and the British government do not have. Let
them go back or better still not come here in the first place.
This is the British Health Service. It was originated by a Labour government after the
WW2 for people who could not pay for private doctors, not for newcomers to take advantage
of as soon as they step in the country. Admittedly a goodly proportion of these people are riddled
with disease, yet another reason to have nil immigration or at least a health cap.
To touch on another hidden subject, we as human beings responsibly neuter our pets to
prevent overbreeding. Why is such a thing taboo for people who ostensibly want to come
to a country to have a ‘better way of life’. Umpteen children per immigrant family leads
to what we have now overcrowding and the gradual cessation of the health service. China does
not put up with its own people overbreeding why should we accommodate strangers?
Apparently the second victim of the rabies scare was an Indian woman, no doubt looking
after her second home in upper rajabat or wherever, why didn’t she stay in India,
don’t they have hospitals there? Why bring it back over here?
We are the only country on God’s earth who allows foreigners more privileges than those
who have been born here, worked and paid taxes all their lives. I know that good doctors
or nurses can span every ethnicity but so can the really bad ones. We even entrust our
sick to people who have no idea of humanity or caring.
I do not care if I am labeling them all with the same label, in my opinion a true humanitarian
with medical training, does not leave their country bereft of medical people to come to
the UK to earn more money. The incentive theme does not cut it with me. Leave us our own
Doctors and trained Nurses; re-invent the NHS to cut out the dead wood and the bad wood.
It would save us millions of what is wasted money and our care would be metered out by
admittedly fewer personnel but then we would be fewer wouldn’t we?
Watch the old Doctors series and you will see just how far diversity, multiculturalism
and immigration have enriched our NHS! Just ram a saucepan on your bonts and head for
the nearest A&E!
And finally, Union flag T-shirt pupil rapped.
The Sun reports a student was told to leave class for wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with
a Union flag print. The student’s teacher branded the t-shirt sectarian.
The incident was reported to have happened at Douglas Ewart High in Newton Stewart, Wigtonshire,
south-west Scotland. The pupil was taking advantage of a non-uniform
day by wearing the Primark top. The local authority, Dumfries and Galloway
Council, told the paper it cannot comment on individual cases. Well we at W@8 can, I
suppose if it had been a Scottish flag it would have not been sectarian?
You have been listening to the W@8. I am Lynne Mozar and I wish you all a very good night.
Don’t forget the big push on this coming Saturday 9th June in Blackpool - focusing
on the Charlene Downes murder and the ever growing problem of Muslim grooming. I am going,
with hopefully a small contingent from the SE region. It is important with the media
blackout that we all work together and get a further enquiry on this ghastly crime.