Gifts unlike any other

Uploaded by univoflouisville on 28.11.2011

December 2nd and 3rd is the student annual student sale.
It has quite a following since around 1970
I believe is the first sale.
So yes it has quite a supportive community around it.
There is a lot of late night,
a lot of students working in a hurried pace
trying to get projects done,
trying to get things ready for the sale.
Often here
till twelve or one o’clock at night;
very busy, exciting time
to be working in the studio.
A lot of the students have been making cups,
mugs, bowls, vases,
maybe some lidded jars even
Primarily a lot of tableware and
you’re buying something that is also handmade.
Which also comes with that sense
of pride of ownership, and creation.
I have a progression of my work from the very beginning.
I have raw earth and ware terra cotta type clay that I will then throw
on the potter’s wheel or hand build with slabs to make a form.
The example is here is a mug,
I will then use a white slip to cover the red earth and ware clay.
The next step I will etch through that clay with different designs.
After that I fire it one time in a bisk firing, after that we will glaze it,
and it will go into the final firing where we’ll have finish work.
So we will like to welcome the entire community,
and of course the campus community to our sale.
The students have been working really hard and are proud
of what they’ve done, and we hope that everyone can enjoy it.