Exercises for weight loss | Womens fitness with resistance bands

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Shannon: Hey. I'm Shannon Denton and I'm a personal trainer. I'm here with KBands today
and I'm going to show you guys some weight loss exercises. The first one I'm going to
start off working a lot of emphasis on your legs because the more that you burn your legs
the more calories you're going to burn and get your heart rate up. Then the second one
we're going to go into a cardio burst to really kick it up into gear. You're not going to
do it as long because your heart rate will already be up from doing the legs.
I'll just go ahead and show you real quick the gist of what I'm trying to show you. We'll
start off doing legs. Typically my clients, I probably have them do single leg for an
entire set and then go to the other leg to really burn those leg muscles but I want to
keep your heart rate up and I want you to alternate legs for this. You're going to lunge
back, then I want you to straight leg and then really lunge down on this leg. Really
put all the weight into your booty and you're going to come up and extend your leg out.
Then you're going to alternate. Extend out. Make sure that you keep breathing because
you heart rate will get up. Just like that. Then we're going to come over here. You're
going to do that for about a minute, then we're going to come over here and then you're
going to do this for 20 seconds and really push yourself because 20 seconds isn't that
long but I really want you to kill it, so you get your heart rate up. Then you could
have a little break so you can get you heart rate back down. Then start it over again.
What I want you to do, you're going to be at an angle and I want you to squat down and
really push off with your toes and jump to a squat. Just like that; to makes sure that
you sit it down and always, when you're squatting, sitting on your heels, so it all activates
the glutes. Let's go ahead and get started. Let's go. Make sure you sit it down and make
sure your knee never goes over your toe. Remember never do that, go straight down. Just keep
going. Twenty seconds in; really lean in, lift that leg. Lift it way up with all you
might. I could do these without the bands, but there is no way that I would struggle
as much or get my heart rate up as much without these.
Sometimes as I talk I forget what I'm doing, so forgive me if I'm screwing up the exercise.
Pick it up there; 10 seconds. One more, let's go into our cardio bursts. Do you need to
take a couple of seconds? That's fine, but I would like you to jump right into it. I'm
going into bursts about 20 seconds. Then from here take about 15, 20 second break. Calm
your heart rate down, and it's really good to get your heart rate up and then see how
long it takes to get your heart rate back down because you need that training to...
to do little burst like that really trains your heart. Ten seconds we'll get right back
into it. Make sure you inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth. Let's get
started again. One minute. Really always think about what muscle group you're working too.
See look at these bands. As we keep going it gets harder and harder to lift it up out
to the side. We got 20 more seconds guys. Now I'm only going to do this two times, go
through this two times. I want you guys to try to see how many times you could go...
I would say, try to do... see if you could 15 minutes; really push yourself.
If you have to take long breaks in the beginning, that's okay just make sure that you're really
building up to it. Let's do our little jumps. Nice and low. Really use that energy, if you
have to go slower, or if you really need a break, down, turn; just like that. You don't
have to jump if you're really getting tire. I really hope you guys enjoyed the workout.
I got a good workout in just the two sets that I did with you guys. I would like you
to do it about 15 minutes to start off. Let's see how many you can do in 15 minutes and
then build up from there. It's great weight loss, it adds a lot of fun
to your cardio because cardio machines can only be so much fun. Not only that, to add
more intensity, I add these KBands and you need to get a pair because they will change
your legs and your glutes like no other. I promise you that. If you want to get in there
and get a quick workout, and you don't have to spend an hour on the treadmill, get these
bands and you can do this at home. You don't have to make it to the gym. If you have kids
like I do, then you can make it... do a quick workout at home while your kids are playing.
Do it right there with them. All you have to do to get these bands is go
to myosource.com. [End of Audio]
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