CGRundertow NBA JAM: TOURNAMENT EDITION for Sega Genesis Video Game Review

Uploaded by CGRundertow on 15.12.2011

find myself very, very critical on all sports games. Itís the little things that piss me
off since I expect the fun level to be at a maximum at all times! If itís too real,
itís boring, and if the gameplay sucks, then the games a waste all together! But for me,
I am a huge fan of fiction, therefore, those point of views donít apply to me in this
game. And if I ever saw NBA players do half the crap that they do here, then I think Iíd
need a new pair of shorts. This is NBA JAM: Tournament Edition for the Sega Genesis. AWW
This spin off version of NBA JAM developed by Midway, is an unrealistic over-the-top
basketball video game that since 1993, has kept people coming back for more. Taking in
roughly a billion dollars in quarters since its arcade release. Although the game concept
is crazy, where players fly across the court in an awesome fashion. NBA JAM TE has hooked
me since it hit shelves almost 19 years ago. Even though the TE gameplay is hardly different
from the original NBA JAM itself, it features updated rosters, as well as an all ìRookiesî
team compiled from players picked from the 1994 NBA Draft. There are also hidden characters
in this game as well. When youíve beaten every team in the game, youíll find that
they all receive an expanded roster. Now the quality of players for each team unlocked
vary, some of them are really sweet, and some of them really suck! But after youíve conquered
all the teams, youíll also unlock an all-star team. Now donít get excited, I was expecting
Michael Jordan as well as a kid. So Iíll play the heart breaker, and straight up tell
youÖyou canít play as Jordan, but you can play as his shadow, Scottie Pippen.
Now Iím a 90s kinda guy. When I play this game, my nostalgia fully kicks in and I immediately
pop in my WreckXíN Effect album and re-hang my fab-5 and Shaq-foo posters, while turning
my jeans around backwards. SHUP UP! IT HELPS ME PLAY BETTER!
Now being a Pittsbugh native I have no hometown professional basketball team to cheer for.
So growing up I had to improvise. I picked a team to root for by drawing teams out of
a hat. I drew two possible teams; the Seattle SuperSonics and Washington Bullets. After
the drawing I flipped a coin to decide which team gained my fanship. I flipped and ended
up with the Bullets. And Iím glad I did, because I think Chris Webber is one of the
best players in this freaking game! His blocks are absolutely insane! If you ever sneak a
dunk past him in this game, you better sign and date the ball, because it rarely happens.
Some other additional features in TE, include the clutch and fatigue levels or the, ëinjury
countí, as I always referred to it. As you shove your opponents around more and more,
the slower they will become in the match-up, and if its your team thatís being hammered,
the best way to bring their speed back up to par after all the injuries, is to sit them
for a quarter or so to give the poor guys a break you damn psycho! My recommendation
is to sit whoever your ace in the hole is for the 3rd quarter, that way they are fresh
for the end of the game. Because the last thing you want is to be down by ten points
while your man Gary Payton is huffiní and puffiní and barely able to drag his ass up
and down the court. This two on two street ball style game features
some of the coolest cheat codes, and game settings that youíll ever find in a basketball
game. In TE, you can implement the hot spots setting that are worth anywhere up to 9 points
a shot. Allowing for some easy points if youíre in dunking range as well. The hot spot feature
is actually a waste unless you are playing against friend since the CPU is too stupid,
to know to stand on designated point spots when they appear on their end of the court.
But, with the cheat codes it makes everything that much more entertaining. Right now, I
am currently playing as former two-term president Bill Clinton. But it doesnít stop there!
You can also enter codes to be a variety of other secret characters as well, such as Heavy
D, Larry Bird, the Fresh Prince, Iím guessing that they were aiming for the Will Smith character,
and some of the teamís mascots. However, in my opinion! The sweetest feature
in the game is, the backcourt dunk! Pull these babies off and youíll be Rockiní the Suburbs,Ö.Just
like Quiet Riot didÖìBOOMSHAKALAKAî