Frontline Innovation: Rural and Urban Access to Health (Health Care Innovations Exchange)

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My name is Sherry Gray and our innovation is the Rural
and Urban Access to Health Program.
Our health access workers do a global assessment,
meaning we work on both medical and social problems,
we don’t see them as exclusive.
They meet with people in their home and different places in the community.
Dwayne moved from Florida, where he had lost his job,
to Kokomo, Indiana, where he had been promised a job.
And when he got to Kokomo, Indiana found out that the
company had frozen their jobs and laid off many of their workers.
So he didn’t have that job.
He was looking for a job, he was licensed to drive as a trucker
but he didn’t pass his physical because he had high blood pressure.
Dwayne knew he had to do something about his blood
pressure, was unable to get in to a doctor, didn’t have insurance.
He got sicker, ended up going to the emergency room,
thought he was having a heart attack,
but they stabilized him and encouraged him to get follow-up
care, but he couldn’t find any.
He found out through other community members about
our healthcare access worker.
The health access worker connected him with a nurse at a
federally qualified healthcare center the very same day,
was able to get him on the medication that he needed to
lower his blood pressure… He was able to visit several days in a
row so that he could be monitored.
Exactly what we would want to happen happened.
Dwayne passed his physical, he received his job,
he can see any doctor now because he has insurance,
and has actually offered to see if he can help out other
patients who access the program in this way.
My name is Sherry Gray, and innovation is what’s required
to change healthcare.