Accountancy & Finance Jobs, Australia Q1 2012

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bjbjs Robert Walters Australia Accounting and Finance Job Market Update Q1 2012 Summary
Watch our video for an insight into current Accounting and Finance job market trends,
or visit to search for jobs. In this video Market Update from
recruitment consultancy Robert Walters, our Associate Director Commerce, Brett Rose provides
an overview of accounting and finance job market trends in Australia in quarter one,
and tips on what will happen in the job market in quarter two. A full transcript of the video
is available below. Overview of Q1 Most regions saw increased hiring of accounting and finance
professionals into commerce and industry in quarter one. Recruitment processes that had
previously been put on hold were re-started, the new year brought new budgets, and confidence
slowly returned to the market. Sectors hiring We saw the strongest levels of hiring within
the resources, energy, mining, engineering and construction sectors. These high levels
of demand were due to the number of major projects underway in these industries. This
had a knock on effect to support services, with rail and freight companies also hiring
strongly. In Sydney we saw high levels of hiring in the IT, telecommunications, industrial
and media sectors as a result of increased project work. Professionals in demand We saw
high demand for accounting and finance professionals with experience in the resources sector across
the board. In Adelaide there was a focus on project work, business and future planning
growth. This meant business analysts, financial modellers, finance managers and financial
accountants were highly sought-after. New infrastructure projects in Brisbane led to
increased demand for project accountants, project analysts, payroll staff and those
with industry experience within engineering, procurement, construction and management.
Internal audit, control and risk professionals were most highly sought-after in Melbourne.
In Perth and Sydney we saw high demand for professionals in value-add areas such as management
accounting, project accounting, business analysis and commercial management as organisations
sought to increase their profitability before the end of financial year. Salaries Salary
increases were not widespread in quarter one. However, employers were willing to pay premiums
for quality professionals with the most in-demand skill sets. Outlook for Q2 Hiring of accounting
and finance professionals within commerce and industry is expected to increase across
all regions in Australia in the early stages of quarter two, with some sectors and regions
to be more active than others. Once again, the mining, resources, engineering and construction
sectors will see the highest levels of demand due to the projects underway in these industries.
Continued investment in infrastructure, IT, telecommunications and resources should also
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