How The Guild Built A Fake Gaming Convention - The Guild Behind-The-Scenes S5 Ep 3

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SEAN BECKER: One of our busiest days was actually one
of our first days of shooting season five was the scene
involving Codex coming into the convention.
We had 150 extras that day.
KIM EVEY: The first time that I was just really nervous
about what we were going to do was the day at Long Beach
Convention Center where there was an actual
convention going on.
We had scheduled a lot that day.
A lot of things needed to get done.
We had shots planned in the lobby where people would be
going back and forth, and we had 125 extras showing up.
That day logistically was the one where it finished late.
This is double the amount of extras that we've ever had.
We had about 60 at Cheesybeards, and now
we have over 120.
FELICIA DAY: But we're only using them
for a couple of hours.
And then they can go on their merry way.
But I think they're pretty psyched to be here.
FELICIA DAY: And we gave them burritos.
SEAN BECKER: I got to be honest, it was probably one of
the easiest things to shoot this season.
Everyone who was there, once again, was a fan, so they were
very respective.
I just had to say once what I needed.
If you go back and look at that scene, all that's really
going on is Felicia's walking from the
door up to the middle.
That's all that I need to focus on is that.
FELICIA DAY: Excuse me, do you know where the-- uh-- hi, I'm
looking for Booth 451.
Excuse me.
Where do I go, please?
SEAN BECKER: And then that's it.
The rest of it was just white noise to me.
It was all background.
It was all part of the scene.
And if I didn't see anything that stuck out-- if I see an
extra looking directly in the camera like this, that's
And so I would have to adjust something.
But no, there was never any instances where we had to
correct the extras.
They were all very responsive.
You guys mind clearing out for a second, please?
Thank you.
MALE SPEAKER: All backgrounds, [INAUDIBLE]
10 feet this way?
KIM EVEY: We're always concerned about taking care of
people because they're volunteering their time.
In this case, they actually paid money to attend this
And then as part of that, the could come
and be in the scene.
You guys, thank you so much for coming.
I'm Kim.
I'm Felicia's producer.
So what we're going to do is we're going to shoot two
scenes with all of you.
We're going to shoot this big scene in the lobby, and then
we're going to shoot this panel room scene.
After that, if you want to leave and enjoy the con,
you're welcome to.
But we are going to have other opportunities
throughout the day.
FELICIA DAY: Stressful day.
Keeping it together.
Lots of people, 120 extras.
Just a typical web series.
KIM EVEY: God love our extras.
Some of them stuck around for I think it
was like 14, 16 hours.
I don't even know how long we were there.
It was a long time.
And that day was like, OK, phew.
We did it.