Barber straight razor demonstration / tutorial shave

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today's class what i'm gonna do for you is to
give you a demonstration on how to shave
uh... both
uh... patron prepped the service prep the service
and finish
okay so the very first thing that you always want to remember is to wash your
seat, greet, and drape
making sure that your cloth doesn't touch the neck
we're gonna recline
and twist
next is the
make sure that the linen is tucked up under his clothes
so that you're protecting his clothes from moisture, from steamed towel and the lather
and we have
paper towel
her neck tel
and which we're going to
white collateral
concur her first park
and working up a leather
dumped out most of the
more issue but not all
builder lab there on the sock on the station
pressing down fairly firmly anish later work lather up into the brush
and then release that pressure
so that you can uh... work up the ladder that's in the brush
using your you're free hand which should remain
clear of while there
you wani
lather up to face using rotary motions
no affect of this leather is going to be on this manickam
and put your finger inside the brochure
ticket to flare out the brush
to get the lip
nexus team
industry intel
dampen down the stain tell hot water working out water from the top to bottom
fault those under the last role
drop both ends
pressure opposite han on
cheekbone laya
corner over sam
so that the inside of the towel
remains against the face the whole time
you don't wanna
folded over like this
will bring the inside
so the same side of the towel is facing the his on that
the faced the entire time
work that's team tell into the face
the purpose of the lather is too
health soften the bear exactly
purposes team tells to help drive that lather into the beer
to help further softener
always feels good to wipe the forehead and the eyebrows
with that because of her points
on the eyebrows and on this one you don't have to be get all this blather
off because our next procedure is to again what
apply lather very good
with this team tell placed on top of the uh...
right there
you can reheat the lather re-apply the lather
for this demonstration i'm not going to use lab manickam
they say
so he's free him on this side
and then why
back and
catches the entire cheek area
you can catch a little bit about lep
the catch is far out
and stretch that stand for our on
his cheek area
so that you're making the center of the center area as thin as possible
don't stop here
go all the way
all tune
sideburns cheek
with the lip area
you grasp you put in that'll
and shave your side of the lip
scoop in the middle
and shave your side of the
then we have
stroke along the joceline as you're lifting stretching up the skin
so that when you release that skin
the scanned the job on is going to be clear of lather
any initiative down there
the upper number five is reversed freehand heat on the stand behind still
hold the razor in the free hand motion
when free hand grip
and again make a senator and snow is possible
our objective
when we're doing the shade this to always shave with the grain
on a man's face
all of these whiskers grow down
messiah burned achi the lip in the champ all of this beard area is going down
sony in a very small area at the bottom part of the nac
that they're here start to grow up
it does vary on everyone
but uh... generally
uh... it's a very small area on the very bottom that has grown up
and we share with the grain for
safety reasons and centers
it's a lot easier to cut
cut a patron if u shaving against the grain
and see you on the cautious with that
six is a back am movement we've already cleared out the middle
so we catch a little bit under the nostril
and over
and we catch this
side burner area back and
again it's a safety measure
so that year
using by this year
back and so the rangers not over the year
if you were you go freaking out on the side you should be getting getting a
visual that this is not safe
there's a razor blade is over the year
center to all the way down
eight to carry it here
is the largest freehand area
it's where you're really going to get practice in doing here
you shades
always stretch the key to shaving the stretching
stretch that scam
shave so that all the way up to the
the corner of the chan and offered the chance are you making again the center
very very thin
but here's where you really get practice
uh... getting shaving
and remember that the movement for shaving is
a down stroke
okay it's not straight up-and-down
it's leading the points with it
this is leaving the points similar very similar to slice in atlanta
after eight comes below the job
so we're going to shave with the back and motion
under the jaw
i guess that's nine ten
is up just a little bit
and you're stretching on top of on the bottom
of the area shaven
a little bit at the bottom of the net
so we've done the right side the left side we have the center to doing yet
and they should be a very small strip of
of skin than uh...
it still has lap
top of the chan
with the top of the razor middle of the chand with the middle of the razor
bottom of the chant with the bottom
my that were initiated the top of the chani is in the top part of the richer
the middle part of the chand using the middle part of the razor
and the bottom of the chand stretching part and uh...
using the bottom part of the blind
just easiest way to get to that area
twelve here are below the jaw is
an optional movement either freehand her back and
with someone with a real sharp draw like this
you can use it back and in this most easiest to get to that way someone with
a very large
uh... heavy said gentleman with the real large mac going to be easier to catch it
for him
either way is acceptable
is a model is one of the most critical areas in the shade and this is where you
can be shaving over the man's adam's apple
it's about the only cut patron is gonna remember
three steps out the door they're gonna forget every other cut that's on the
face if there are any
but a cut on the adam's apple whenever a man turned his head
that that's cannot touch it caller and things like that nobody irritating and
hill knowlton dress the date so you want to be cautious and not shave over the
adam's apple
and so you want to stretch apart
and poll
so that that's in
at your shaving here is moved over the five-year shaving it
skin it your way above the or just off to one side and then stretch
and push
came on the other side
so we're gonna stretch and pull
and share it
stretch and push
and share handle and him
celeste movement is the lower lip
but a middle finger pull down on the chin
and shave off of the lip
terrible appall hippocampal
unfold this team tell over the patriot retains the heat
just make sure you know dripping in the water in their eyes again the full goes
under the nose
fold-out up
fold-out up
and if you watch for that fold it folds right by the cheek
so when you get some practice you can
poll that the towel down
lifted up and that'll fold by that she can you can turn it over
and that shows signed a practice
the difference on the second chair in the first shape
isn't on the second shape you can shave across the grain
this time
either with the grain
or across the grand
but never against the grain
that's not you not to do that
so you wanna
check those areas
checked the critical areas of around
around the mouth the mustache around the mouth and on the chin
is raw from tim's right in here
where people leave whiskers
see one of the cautious with that
and catch anything that you might have missed
the second shave can all be done freehand except for in one area
and that area would be
the uh... opposite
with the right handed or left handed the opposite the air
is always shaved back-end
so if you need to catch some more
in in that area there
provides more secure
and kitchen back and that the remainder of the shave a second shave
can all be done freehand
the purpose of the water shavers is or once-over shave
is just to catch any
anyways screws that you might have missed
and we catch the chan
double check on the chan
and so
that's all finished
so at the end
here after before and after every face service shaver the ferry service was
going to stings when you squeeze your steamed towel
grab the steam town so that when you finish up
your palms are up
so that all that water can run down in between your fingers
he can handle much hotter steam town
that lent and this one
because all that water scandal
rundown on your hand
that way
gonna run between your fingers this place you can handle a much harder steam
tell that way
come back we're going to open up the same telling him
all over the
over the patron
bring the steamed towel up
and on this time it is critical
to uh...
make sure that you work for the lab
lather paper can go away
in the dirty paper drawer
means usually again on the
on the uh... forehead across the i'm brownstone north point
under the eyes alongside the knows there's north point
you wanna make sure you get all that lather off
make sure you catch a behind years if there was any lather back there
some for the steam tel
and then bring it up across the forehead light now
white that wilshire on that
at least on the area that you've shaved
some people like that someone from cross the forehead
that's ok that's a personal choice but in all cases you one of the way the
ashland lotion is not the hallock solution and so it would staying at the
got in the eyes
the next thing you want to do is to dry out some of the lotion you've just
so with the folder
the colleges for the next
you wanna blot off
the lower part
fits behind the ears
blot off the upper part
lotion block insert your fingers in the foot in the fold
so that you have a fan
stand alongside
and shaking hands if someone just picks you prom
the purpose of the of the power
is to remove the shine from the face not database coat america
so be cautious on how much partying get on there
too much power
town clean without you can watch them
if you can get the power off them
gotta go back to the stand
if you had a few go all the way back to the stand trial
go back through comply and try it
at this point you can
take the uh...
patel put all the shoulder
raise the patron backed up
still wearing a smile
gather a picture well
unit pretend your hand take care of the patron