Lindsey Williams - The Elite Speak - DVD 1 Part 8 - Jan/Feb 2010 (To Seduce a Nation)

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So they bought T-bills.
And the world holds them today.
Don't trust them.
It's written on a piece of paper.
[Stan:] Gold.
[Lindsey:] Don't trust T-Bills.
He said Financial deficit spending is awash in paper.
And he went on to mention a thing.
You can't trust a Federal Reserve Note.
It's written on a piece of paper.
You can't trust your retirement account.
It's written on a piece of paper.
[Stan:] Stocks, bonds.
[Lindsey:] You can't trust bonds or stocks.
They're written on a piece of paper.
Are you listening?
I know I've got a microphone here.
I don't want to shout too loud.
May I say it again?
Get out of paper.
Get out of paper of any kind.
It's worth what it's written on.
Don't hold paper.
And he went on to elaborate on some of the things especially the Federal Reserve note in that how it was
going to devalue.
It is worth what it's written on folks.
A piece of paper can be worthless tomorrow.
The currency of the elite is not paper!
The currency of the elite is always tangibles.
Not just gold and silver, even though that is the greatest of the tangibles.
Real estate, houses.
Real estate is going to continue to go down in value but it's tangible.
Wheat, corn, crops, farms, anything, anything but paper.
Get out of paper.
And if you have to borrow to the money to buy it it's worthless.
Because they can take it away from you tomorrow morning if you couldn't make your payment.
It's nothing but a piece of paper.
If you buy it on a mortgage, if you buy it on time, if the bank lends you the money, you own it only through
the piece of paper that they loaned you the money on.
It's worthless to you.
It's got to be paid for.
It must be tangible in your hand.
You must hold it without a mortgage.
The elite don't trust paper.
They've gotten out.
Gold and silver is the currency of the elite.
Is that indirectly saying that they better start getting out of debt?
Not today.
Get out of debt.
Pay off your credit cards.
Oh, I can see people out there right now in the viewing audience saying I can't possibly do this.
Well, everything that's written on a piece of paper you're going to lose it.
Right next to where I live they're building a giant shopping center in the DFW area.
And as I drive by that, your words keep ringing back in my ears.
What they really should be doing instead of building new buildings, putting themselves in debt, getting more
of a mortgage, they really need to be really selling assets.
In other words let's say if I owned a string of burger joints whatever the name.
Rather than building new burger joints and putting it next to some hotel or some shopping mall or something
like that then what you're really saying is, if they can, begin to sell off here, sell off there, put it into
hard assets.
Or get out of debt.
Pay off some mortgages.
Get out so that they're more liquid -- not cash, again no paper, that would probably be a good suggestion to do.
If it is written on a piece of paper it is worth the paper it's written on.
And that paper could be nothing but something to start a fire with tomorrow morning whether it be a T-bill, a
bond, a house mortgage, whatever it may be.
You could lose everything that's written on that piece of paper when the elite have finished what they're
going to do you will have lost it.
So it might be a better idea to hold on to that old car.
Concentrate on trying to pay that car off so that you will have transportation rather than what we've done in
the past. The people that buy a new car. I hear that some people buy a new car every year, every two years,
that kind of mentality these days is passed.
It's time to hold onto that car.
Try to pay off those bills rather than adding to debt.
Then the next buzzword.
I never thought he'd get on this subject.
And he came out with it on his own. I never mentioned it to him.
Much of this was spontaneous.
Almost as if he was trying to say, chaplain, I'm too old to care.
Just go tell it.
He said, the health care bill.
I was really surprised he was going to get on this subject.
I'll never forget the way he said it.
He raised his voice.
And his voice is kind of feeble now too, at age 87.
He raised his voice he said, that's not a health care bill!
I said, I almost gave his name, you do have a right to protect your sources.
And I have to so that he'll give me more in the future.
I hope I can be able to continue telling you what this man says. I'd like to do this at least every 3 to 6 months,
tell you everything that the elite are telling me as long as this man is alive.
And I have a number of sources not just one but especially this particular one.
He said this is not a health care bill.
I said what is it?
He said this is total government takeover.
He said read the bill.
He said read the small print.
He went on to list a few things.
He said it is total government control.
Gun confiscation.
Electronic identification.
This is startling.
He said the health care bill is not a health care bill.
It is total government control of every area of life.
I'll let you elaborate on that yourself.
I've got to go on because we only have so much time here.
I think it fits perfectly into the prophetic Scriptures that you and I know so well.
I'm about to explode here. I've got to say something.
Alright, I understand where they could have to do with identification.
I can see where they would say, Alright if you're going to have health care at all, you've got to be a part of
our health care.
And if you're part of our health care you've got to do this and such, this and such, and this and such,
along with taking some form of identification.
And you know it's all heading towards some kind of a chip.
Of course, Revelation 13:15, 16 and 17 says that it's going to be having to do with a tattoo we believe.
Some kind of a mark.
And the word in the Hebrew there means something going under the skin.
I don't know that it's necessarily going to be a chip.
But I think it's easy to say that it's associated with some kind of a chip which now, speaking of that I just
made a DVD Saturday talking about this. So I'm really up on it. These old chips that they put in dogs, I don't
think is what they're referring to.
Even the newer chips that are much smaller like a grain of salt,
I don't think that's what they're referring to.
Now the newest chips are down to nano size.
In other words, you take a vaccine. My understanding is this newest vaccine, inside the needle were little
bitty nano chips so that they can monitor whether you have that vaccine or not.
In other words I can see how a health care bill could be associated with identification.
Tracking people.
Associated with if you're in the system, if you're going to get any kind of health care at all,
you've got to be a part of this.
But I'm not seeing how it connects to gun confiscation.
Please tell me how that connects to gun confiscation, which by the way, I do believe and other prophets have
said, Gun confiscation is going to happen in America.
He said read the fine print.
That's all he said.
And when I listened to some of the things that they're saying are in that huge health care bill, part of it
leads on to gun confiscation.
So whatever happens to come out of all this, just beware of the fact that I've already been warned that it is total
government control.
Then he touched on another subject that's going to surprise you.
Those of you that saw my previous DVDs a number of months ago.
You'll know that all of this is brand-new because he didn't touch on any of these subjects back then.
He said Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen.
I wondered what the world he was going to get onto now.
He mentioned them.
He actually name them, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen.
He said it's only saber rattling.
Don't pay any attention to it.
Well that's a major part of what you hear on the news every night.
Especially Afghanistan. And Pakistan a little.
Of course Yemen with all the terrorist incidents. So it's definitely in the news.
They want to distract our attention away from the main issues.
So they use these as a distraction.
But he said Don't pay any attention to them. He said Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen.
He said, It is only saber rattling to take away your attention from the real issues.