Lagaan (2001) w/ Eng Sub - Watch Online - 17/20

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We've lost five of our best batsmen.
What will we do now?
O Saviour
O Pure of Essence\NOur Dearly Beloved
O Saviour
O Pure of Essence
We have no one but You
Ease our troubles\NO Lord
We have no one but You
You alone are\NOur sole support
You alone are our Protector
We have no one but You
We have no one but You
You have filled the moon\NWith light
The sun shines\NOnly because of You
Your splendour\NLights the sky with stars
O Lord
If not you
Who will preserve this life?
O Saviour\NO Pure of Essence
We have no one but You
If you would hear us
O Lord\NWe make this plea
Grant the suffering courage\NMay hardship never defeat them
To the weak\NGive Your protection
So they may live in peace
To devotion
Give strength
You are the Lord of the universe
Listen to this plea
When the path is dark
Give us the boon of light
O Saviour
O Pure of Essence
We have no one but You
Ease our troubles\NO Lord
We have no one but You
Bhuvan has reached his 50!
That must be the first 50 in the\Nhistory of lndian village cricket.
Come on, run!
And with this, lsar Kaka\Ncompletes 1 0 runs!
-Very good!\N-Well done.
One more!
l lost, Bhuvan.
l couldn't run.
Couldn't run.
lt was my fault.
l couldn't run.
''Tormentors of the weak! Beware!
The sighs of the oppressed\Nturn iron to ashes.''
Keep the flag flying, Guran!
He's coming from the jungle.
-Stand back!\N-Make way, make way!
Watch yourself.
-What on earth is he doing?\N-This way, sir.
What an extraordinary stance.\NAs if he's riding a horse.
Hari Om!
Well struck, sir!
Umpire, he can't do that.\Nlt's not cricket.
-...hit the ball just once.\N-Okay.
Hail Almighty!
That's called kicking the horse.
-Run!\N-Break the enemy's back.
Here he comes, Bhuvan.\NHit him hard!
Throw to the bowler's end!
Come on, white man!
Rot in hell!
One more, Guran!
l'll make you whine for your ma!
So what does your ma say now?
Hail Almighty!\NCome on, white man!
Why are you shouting?
Yes! Good ball.
Damn you!
Goli, my son, hang in there.
Only Bhura and Kachra\Nare after you.
-Father, hang in there.\N-Hit hard!