Two Worlds Come Together To Make A Deaf Friendly Business

Uploaded by patrickhughesjr on 19.03.2012

Something really cool just happened, in late January, I got a call from a McDonaldÕs Franchisee
in Morganton, North Carolina. Shortly afterwards, I got a call from the North Carolina School
for the Deaf - also in Morganton, North Carolina.
Nothing makes me happier than bringing two worlds together. So Brigid and I flew to Morganton
North Carolina, met with the North Carolina School for the Deaf and invited Heather Joyner,
the franchisee owner of the McDonaldÕs to come to an all school assembly. She came and
announced that she was going to install our OrderAssist system in her restaurants, the
school was very excited about this. Then the five students and I and several others, went
and installed the OrderAssist system at McDonaldÕs. What you are about to see here is, I know
you have seen a lot of that footage in the previous blog postings, but what you are going
to see here is our debrief afterwards and it was a nice moment...
>> Patrick: Well, here we are.
>> Heather: Here we are.
>> Brigid: The end of our day.
>> Patrick: The end of our day. We flew to North Carolina, you know, two weeks ago we
got a call both from McDonaldÕs, Heather here and Rene here at teacher at the North
Carolina School for the Deaf. and um, I donÕt know, it was pretty great.
>> Heather: ItÕs been a good day
>> Patrick: What were you thinking here? What did you see today? You have never been over
to the North Carolina School for the Deaf?
>> Heather: and it is a beautiful school and they do a wonderful thing in our community
and for the students that are there, they really do. And to see how excited the students
were to come here and to be a part of this, was just phenomenal.
>> Brigid: And I think you are pretty phenomenal.
>> Heather: Well, thank you.
>> Brigid: To know that these kids would like to be able to come to McDonaldÕs and order
their own food, itÕs wonderful - these kids and the whole deaf community.
>> Heather: and to just hear how excited they were about it, the whole school, you donÕt
really think about it as being a need.
>> Brigid: No, no.
>> Heather: Until you are there and you can see that
>> Brigid: Have some control in their lives
>> Patrick: Just to be thought about (heads shaking in agreement)
>> Brigid: and itÕs their idea
>> Heather: it was
>> Patrick: ThereÕs a lot to keep doing, educating people about, but it takes you Heather,
it does, to say ÒyesÓ. it takes others (to say yes) Inclusion to me, it takes you, it
takes somebody that has the ability to do it (shaking heads in agreement) I donÕt know
how you respond to that or what to say to that...
>> Heather: I just think that we all just need to step up and think about inclusion
because we are so blessed, to have what we have and to do what what we are able do, and
to be a little part of that, to just give back, and to include others is a gift, thatÕs
the way I think of it.
>> Patrick: To me, I have always been saying if people did it (inclusion), they would make
more money, if people reached out the disabled community, not in placated ways with stickers
but really got to know people, I mean, you going over to the school today, was a big
>> Heather: But I never thought about it in that way at all. I never thought about it
in the money aspect, thatÕs not something (brigid interupts)
>> Brigid: ThatÕs just who you are
>> Heather: Yeah it that comes, itÕs just extra, itÕs just seeing the smile on their
faces, even my employees who are hard of hearing and deaf, just to see how they excited they
got today, thatÕs what itÕs about, itÕs not about the other (money) for us at least.
>> Patrick: Well, thank you.
>> Heather: Thank you for coming. I think you all are awesome.
>> Brigid: Thank you Rene.
>> Heather: Rene is phenomenal (everyone shakes in agreement)
>> Rene: We are so thrilled. Wonderful, wonderful people, all of you.
>> Heather: You too. >> All: Thank you