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Welcome to DoDEA News In A Minute.
Last week 150 Quantico middle school and high school
students visited Joint Base Andrews and got a unique
look at the Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared
Astronomy, also known as SOFIA. A joint venture
between the German Aerospace Center and NASA,
SOFIA is a highly modified Boeing 747SP aircraft that
carries an infrared telescope with a 100-inch reflecting
mirror capable of capturing high-resolution images.
Astronomers will use SOFIA to study low temperature
objects in space, such as raw materials for making stars
and planets. In addition to astronomers, the SOFIA
project incorporates teachers on missions to experience
scientific discovery first hand and take those experiences
into the classroom. “One of the teachers that we chose
to fly already, her experience was that it’s not just
astronomers here doing science. There’s 250 people in
the SOFIA program with every kind of specialty including
ones that you don’t expect like photography and business
book keeping, whatever to make this whole thing work.
And so they can all see themselves. Any student can see
themselves somehow fitting into a big NASA mission in a
federal research program like this.” In addition to seeing
the telescope up close, students engaged in science exhibits,
spoke with astronomers and experienced the impact
of applied science on their lives. “When you’re in school
you read out of a textbook. The plane gives you a
visual idea, which you don’t see. So it’s important to
math and science because, yeah, keep up the math and
science and then you could end up in a job like this and
that would be cool.” That’s it for this edition of DoDEA
News In A Minute. Thanks for watching.