Opening Day at the Stanford Graduate School of Business Knight Management Center

Uploaded by stanfordbusiness on 16.05.2011

This is a truly special turning point. This is a testament to the incredible support
from so many alumni and friends. This is an occasion about gratitude and celebration.
Welcome to this event commemorating the dedication of the Knight Management Center.
I feel like I’m walking on air. Oh, this is amazing.
It’s a wonderful new beginning for the Business School.
The facility is everything we dreamed of. You know, you plan it on paper and then you
watch people discover it. When I was here I thought that Stanford was
the best place on earth, and this is even better.
A great day for Stanford. All of us who live here and work here and
teach here are just blown away. The thought that went to it, the energy that
comes out of it. I just think about thirty years ago, it was
great, the experience, but this is going to set the stage for the next fifty years.
I can’t believe I ever left, the sense of potential you get.
Definitely proud of being uh, a GSB alum. I just love the community feel and the openness
to the University. Stanford Business School really stands for
entrepreneurship, innovation and change. That’s what the Knight Management Center brilliantly
showcases. (crowd noise)
Friendship in the community developed here during your time at school is just uh, a singular
experience that we’ll never forget. Great thing about the GSB is that our alumni
stay tied to the school. And this is a better time than ever to renew that collaboration
and that tie. (dude!)
We moved out to Boston. Most weekends we’re hangin’ out with someone either from my
class or from my wife’s class. I found the people that I was with here are
the kind of people that I want to have in my life for the rest of my life.
There’s such an intimate experience for students at the GSB and that continues lifelong
for the alumni, too. Mentor, the first thing that we do is hey
good feel, what are we going to make happen, how can we make things better. It’s very
infectious. I’ve met several alums that have inspired
me both professionally and personally. GSB alum have provided me with opportunities
that I otherwise wouldn’t have and wouldn’t have been able to find anywhere else.
Great role models. They’ve been great friends and they’ve been great outpoints inspiration.
What three words define and drive you. There are nearly 600 flags with amazing messages.
Flying around the square. My experience at the GSB really set the stage
to not be intimidated by anything. If you work hard and you’re smart, anything
can happen. It’s a lifelong experience. It is not one
you just come and do two years and leave. It’s about change and changing the world.
[Chant.: GSB] To come back uh, is, uh. in a single word,
uplifting. It’s great to see the bright young kids and it’s our future. It buoys
me. The school will define the word management for future generations. The school will change
the world. Just come back and see what it’s like. See
what our students are doing. Feel the energy. Give yourself back to that community that
can learn so much from you.