K4Q11L11 God's Messengers

Uploaded by SabbathSchool on 08.12.2011

Hello boys and girls, this is Aunt Frenita and I have a wonderful story for you called, "God's Messengers"
Today's memory verse is from Hebrews, chapter 1, verse 14...
It says, “The angels ... serve God and are sent to help.”
The message for today's story is: God sends angels to help us.
Do you like to hear good news?
A long time ago angels brought good news to some special people.
The angel Gabriel sped to earth.
He knew exactly where he was going.
To a little town called Nazareth.
He knew exactly whom he would talk to there—
a special girl named Mary.
And he knew exactly what God had told him to say.
“Mary.” Gabriel spoke softly. “Don’t be afraid. God is pleased with you."
"The Lord has blessed you and is with you,” he said.
Mary was very, very surprised!
And very shocked!
And very confused!
Mary listened carefully to everything the beautiful angel Gabriel told her.
“You will have a baby,” Gabriel said.
“You will name Him Jesus."
"He is the Son of God.”
After Gabriel finished explaining things, Mary said, “Let it be as you have said.”
About this same time, God sent a message to Joseph.
A glorious angel of the Lord appeared to him in a dream.
“Take Mary for your wife,” the angel said.
“She will have a Son, and you will name the baby Jesus."
"He will save His people from their sins.”
Joseph woke up. He sat straight up in bed.
"An angel!" Joseph thought. "God sent an angel to me!"
After Baby Jesus was born, God sent another angel to shepherds who were quietly guarding their sleeping sheep.
The brilliant light of the angel suddenly shone upon them.
And they were scared!
“Don’t be afraid!” the angel said. “I am bringing you good news!"
"Your Saviour was born today in Bethlehem!”
Then all the angels burst into song. “Give glory to God in heaven and on earth let there be peace!”
The whole sky was filled with beautiful music.
Soon the angel choir sped back to heaven for the next job God had for them.
Angels are always ready to do God’s work.
To carry messages, and to watch over you and me.
God has given you a special angel,
your guardian angel,
to watch over you all the time.
Wherever you go,
whatever you do,
your angel is with you.