Spider IV Edit for Spider IV 75 & Up | Line 6

Uploaded by line6movies on 09.03.2011

Spider IV Edit gives you an easy to use graphical interface to
experiment with all the power of Spider IV; letting you edit tones and
effects in real time, back them up and share them with friends.
All you need is a registered FBV MkII footcontroller and a
Spider IV 75 or higher amplifier. Simply plug the FBV
footcontroller into your amp using a Cat5 cable and into your computer
using USB. Launch Line 6 Monkey, a free program
available on Line6.com, and download the latest version of
Spider IV Edit. Once you have it installed,
you can edit any of the tones currently on your Spider IV amp or create new
ones from scratch. You can even upload your saved
tones to CustomTone.com and share them with the community,
as well as download any of the tones that other Spider IV users have created.