Beady Eye's interview on russian tele, NTV (Eng subs)

Uploaded by callmegene on 06.06.2011

This is "Centralnoe Televidenie".Today is gonna be the day, that they gonna through it back to you(In russian)
No it's not about the judgement day or another doomsday and not even about election day. These are the lines of a song of the legendary british band Oasis.
Who doesn't remember that "you're my wonderwall", the hymn of the 90s?
For ages, to meet them was like to run into John Lennon at Moscow metro station. Everyone dreams. But there's nothing impossible.
Liam Gallagher, the founder of Oasis, and his new band Beady Eye today here in our studio.
-Good evening!
-I know that you're visiting Moscow for the first time? What do you feel about that? How do you like our capita?
-By the way, haven't you brought some vegetables with you? Because i heard about that cucumbers killing people there in Europe.
-But seriously, mates, don't you regret that Oasis splitted up?
-Well, i agree.
-As i know, you're going to make the film about Beatles. And i heard you're gonna play Lennon in that film and Johny Depp's gonna play as Press Secretary.
-Rock is very cool, for sure. But i want to say that the youngsters are crazy about a bit different things. For example, Justin Bieber. What do you think about him?
-We have our own Justin Biebers here in Russia. Here's the band Steklovata (glass-wool. Let's watch it.
-So. What do you think about it?
-I want to say that nowadays britpop is being displaced. And it's gonna be fashionable to wear not that long hair, but such chavy hair like these guys do.