Hanuman Junction Full Movie - Part 02/11 (English Subtitles)

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Sister, what is this laughter?
Make it fast, the bridegroom is waiting for you.
You sit, if you are so eager.
What, if he likes me?
You marry him.
He will die to buy me chocolates.
His father thinks you can treat him as slave instead of son in law.
So, it's ox coming to our house.
So, we have selected him for my daughter.
Who is the bridegroom?
See that monkey eating the banana..
After marriage he should be in my house.
Oh! my shyness.
Shyless life..
Why are you making the coffee in the glass?
Son in law is posh..
So, this glass..
What happened?
The OX might have been biten with fly.
He is making me laugh with jokes.
He is a big joker..
l am not joker, i am shekar..
Oh! you cut jokes too..
Let them speak.. let us leave the place..
Cut the jokes little, the next door kids might be scared..
Have you listened K D and co..
They have beaten me even..
One of them is L now.. in future he is my H
L means lover, H means husband.
Then you are my S.
S means sister..
lt's common.
Father, let's disappear.
Why are they running so?
Someone might have told the truth aboudt you.
How many relations will you spoil?
Until she is married to that orange sweet her daily serial is the same.
See those beards, all are love failures like you.
You also go and pray..your love might be successful.
Vinayaka, let everything happen good.
Everyone break one coconut and wish for hundred
But i am breaking one coconut and wishing one .
i will give you yamaha. You can leave that Mooshika.
No problem, That paru has hit this Devadas here.
You hit me here. Hit me where ever you want.
lt's upto you.
Yes, that is right.
Oh! my god
You have born to hit. Not only my love but my life has failed.
l have bought it with ten ruppees. Let me break it with peace.
Please move..
Jai Ganapathi..
The world is throwing bombs as coconuts, but you broke that as a bomb.
l want everything to make simple, it turns big and bigger.
Like this.
Oh! my god blood.
lnjury makes blood not rasam and sambar.,
You are a little bit arrogant.
l will give you a horse power medicine.
What is this grass?
Anything should disappear for this.
You are making scared with DTS sound.
This is K D and co's cart?
Cart, horse, geen, and myself are k d's.
We are K D and company people. Who are you?
l am the new manager for K D and co from hyderabad.
You might have forgotten the address.
l swear on your horse, i had the appointment order also.
l am prasing for your courage.
Come, i'll carry you.
Tanga for managers?
lf you are lucky, this will be your ambulance and maruthi
Place your right leg and sit.
Wait, i'll bring the luggage.
The beginning is with blood, don't know where it will finish?
Why did you take my bag?
To open the zip we have to open the bag right.
To open the cover, we have to open the zip, right?
You have opened the zip too.
To cut the cover we have to open it, right?
That's the oppointment order for K D and company.
Where is it?
lt has gone there, it will come soon.
Pity, don't make him cry.
My sister has taken the cover for pooja so that good will be done to you.
O K. i thought everyone in the hanuman junction are like that fellow.
But i came to know that there will be good fellows like you.
You will know how good we are in future.
Hello, pooja is finished. Thanks.
l should thank you.
Give the cover to Krishna directly, your work will be finished.
For the help to this stranger, i am really great, greater and greatest.
What's your good name?
Ask my name.
Tell me.
My name is Shatruvu.
There should not be enemies for us.
lf so he should not be alive..
Sir, i am not that kind of Shatruvu.
My name is shatruvu sir.
l said to speak meticulously.
Who is he?
He has come newly to take beatings.
He has come to manager post.
Don't be scared.Both are same.
My name is Allikala Ajathasatruvu.
lt means friend to everyone.
People refused to call long and said Shatruvu.
That made ajatha in dark and shatruvu is caught in your hands.
This is my appointment order sir.
Firing from job is my work.
To take into work is krishna's job.
Go inside.
ls this the office? lt's so dark...powercut?
No bulb is lost. Tell to muncipality they will do it.
What is this beating?
lf he is drunk, he will beat like this.
lf not drunk..
Not drunk then double to it..
How is the second boss?
You agreed to touch dung. Why do you ask its details?
Speak in telugu.
Telugu, second boss...that boss..
Oh! second boss might be a comedian.
You are Trishna..?
Are you Mr. Krishna?
No, he is inside.
l'll go inside.
l'll kill him if he comes inside.
Come after delivering the goods.
Otherwise you will have delivery.
Keep the phone.
Hey! who is that?
l am not..
l came in to ask. May i come in?
Appointment order.
You are the one sending eight letters for week without stamps?
l done so that you will get it directly.
My last wish to work in K D and co.
No, it's my everlasting wish.
l have been listening about you and Dasu sir.
Oh! my dear Krishna.
l am nothing without my life.
lf you come like sunlight i'll walk without chappals, i'll wet if you come like rain.
Your's awaiting..love bird.
Where are you from sir?
Hyderabad sir.
C/O mental hospital?
What is this?
Oh! my dear krishna.
Sir! i didn't write this.
Whoelse? Your grandmother?
l have been waiting from years.
l'll cut you if you do it again.
Be careful.
We were close in childhood. l bought you orange sweet.
Because you liked it.
l don't like it. Because you bought it i liked it.
Cut it..i have said it then. have you forgot?
How dare you write love letter in K D and co appoinment order?
What? lf i come as rain you will wet without umberalla.
l'll fall as lightning, you will die.
Have you got it?
Love bird..
Please drop me in the junction.
l am scared to go alone.
Please stop here.
Venkayya, sweet..
ln the junction even wood choppers fall for cadbury.
You are the one who buys this orange sweet.
Give there.
Do you have change?
l don't have change. May i give the sweets?
Give it to your father.
He just smokes, he doesn't eat sweets.
l have come for this krishna.
This sweet is as sweet as your heart.
i swear...
So, i do things which irritate you.
l can listen to you even if you scold.
l can see you even if you beat me.
May i tell you a truth?
l am spoiling all the matches my father brings.
One day he will compell me to marry somebody.
That day the tree we spoke will be there.
This shop will be there.
This orange sweet also will be there.
You will also be there.
But i won't be there.
O K, i'll see you.
Please drop me at that place.
My car is there.
l'll go by walk.
O K, i'll see you.
Now, i'll leave you.
Dear brothers and sister.
ln our Hanuman junction K D and co for the first time without donations,
They are conductining Hanuman's birthday grandly.
So, we invite everyone cordially to make it successful.
Just keep rocking..
This is the first function done in my organization.
lt shouold be the best function.
What are you doing?
What am i doing?
l have laid the chairs, carpets and benches on stage.
l have put the microphone near.
Have you drunk before all that?
On the sound.
We didn't put the mic even.
Seriousness in work, later comedy.
Keep more.
Stop it.
What is this?
No need keep it like that.
This program will start in few minutes.
Raise the curtain.
Speed song orchestra in a few minutes.
From the nakka bokkala band.
Will he start before the boss comes?
Go and stop him.
This is janaganamana jagadish, program organiser.
Evening you all have it.
This program will start in few minutes.
Not minutes its hours.
There is more time for bosses to come.
You get down.
That's it..lt should be like that until my boss comes.