World at 8 Monday 5 November 2012

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Highlights of the news today Monday 5th November.
Labour Party spin doctor Samuel Gamlin found guilty
Is Labour's Harriet Harman trying to save the BBC?
The British National Party Conference - all systems go!
Strikes to mark presentation of austerity plan to Greek Parliament
Five years or more to overcome European debit crisis
U.S. Presidential Race decided tomorrow Iran establishes naval bases on disputed islands
Thought for the Day – Homage to Imnokuffar And finally – It is all flat caps, ferrets
and whippets int north?
The Labour Party spin doctor Samuel Gamlin who was reported in the last edition of the
World@8 has admitted downloading images of children being abused from the internet. Many
people have shown their disgust at the court that let him off with a supervision order
and just 5 years on the sex offenders register. Gamlin from The Glease Newcastle Upon Tyne
refused to give officers his passwords to two hard drives which it is believed would
incriminate him on a third charge. Gamlin, a photography student and communications officer
at the Newcastle call centre for the Labour Party was caught by computer experts as he
tried to communicate with notorious paedophile webmaster Dominic Shaw in America.
Evil Samuel Gamlin pleaded guilty to making 2 indecent images of boys aged just 12 and
13 years old.
The BBC is allowing Labour Party deputy leader Harriet Harman to have 'centre show' over
all other politicians on the BBC paedophile scandal.
Harman, who was involved in the National Council for Civil Liberties (NCCL), affiliated with
the now defunct pro-Paedophile group Paedophile Information Exchange or PIE.
The Paedophile Information Exchange backed the lowering of the age of consent and the
watering down of child pornography laws known as the 'Lolita’s charter putting British
Children at risk from predatory paedophiles. Now Harman has appeared on the BBC’s Andrew
Marr’s show crying out for a 'proper inquiry over the 'Jimmy Savile and BBC paedophile
scandal' ignoring her own parties Labour25 (now 41) horrific sex attacks and rapes on
children. A W@8 reporter commented. ''The BBC are using
a politician who is most 'sympathetic to what the BBC has allowed to happen. He added “The
objective of using Harriet Harman 'could be' to pass a law to lower the age of consent
so that when the BBC paedophiles are exposed, the victims will be 'over' the age of consent
to put in their claims of abuse.
The British National Party held their Conference this weekend over 2 days. It was a great success
and I am sure all the attendees felt a new sense of optimism and left feeling as invigorated
and ready for the fight as indeed we did. We had a short demonstration in Blackpool
on the Saturday for Charlene Downs, which her mother Karen attended – and well over
15,000 leaflets distributed. The residents in Blackpool were not left in any doubt as
to whose flag we were flying and for whom. As usual it was great meeting fellow Nationalists
and the Hog roast (not Halal) was gorgeous Saturday night. My only aside was that although
our Landlady and B&B was lovely, the bathroom was obviously fitted for the more seasoned
visitors to Blackpool and the wonderfully cheap booze in the North because you could
sit on the bog and have your head in the basin at the same time – great planning! Southern
B&B’s please note!
EUROPEAN NEWS The Greek government headed by Antonis Samaras
is to put forward its austerity plan today to the Greek Parliament. The plan being put
to Greek MP's sitting in will determine whether the money strapped country will receive its
European financial aid. A vote on the austerity plan near the end
of this week’s meetings will decide the outcome. There are strikes planned in Athens
for 2 days this week to mark the debate. Organisers of the strikes say they will be
peaceful. Fears have been expressed that hard line communist anarchists will try to hijack
the strikes and that violence will exceed that seen last year.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel has come out with a statement spelling certain doom for
Greece, Spain, Portugal and Italy and potentially many other countries in the 'Euro Fail'.
Merkel has said that ''it could take Five years or more to overcome the debt crisis”.
A W@8 reporter commented that, ''Germany has a debt of trillions. How on earth can a country
with so much debt possibly continue to bail out the euro zone crisis whilst trying to
bring in other Euro countries that have so little to give.
------------------------------------------------------ WORLD NEWS
Mitt Romney faces Barak Obama in a winner take all race as the President of The United
States is decided Tuesday. The Republican Romney is said to have a good
chance of winning the election against Barak Obama.
The last election saw the biggest turn out by black voters in American history and tomorrow
promises even an even greater turnout.
Iran has set up a naval base ostensibly to protect its people and country.
The new naval base near to international shipping lanes in the Strait of Hormuz has been set
up islands which are claimed by the United Arab Emirates.
General Ali Fadavi of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard has said that a missile base and units
of the elite Guard have been placed there to protect Iran from any invasion.
The US Navy and the Revolutionary guard of the Iranian Navy patrol the fairly small sea
route through the Strait of Hormuz where twenty percent of oil produced in the world passes
through. Iranian leaders had in the past threatened
to block the Strait of Hormuz due to deepening international tensions over its disputed nuclear
program which the West suspected was aimed at developing atomic weapons, a charge Iran
consistently denied.
Thought for the Day I am reading an article written by imnokuffar. This gentleman who
along with our popular UK writer has inputs into W@:8. He is currently in hospital having
been run over by a French lorry and has sustained various fractures. We all wish him and his
family well and this article is by him and for him.
Contemporary and Historic Lies about Islam One of the most touted lies about Islam is
that it was a preserver, savior and developer of civilisations. These untruths have been
touted by many western historians since the 19th century and in particular after the First
World War. These historians have implied that without Islamic civilization there would be
no western civilization as we know it. This is supposedly because Islam saved elements
of Greek and Roman civilisations – mainly documents and inventions, elaborated upon
them and created an Islamic civilization that was superior to both. This intellectual and
scientific “superiority” was then donated or taken by stealth from Muslim lands and
used supposedly with the assistance of Muslims to develop western civilization.
This article is a brief survey as to why there are many question marks over the assertions
made by various western apologists for Islam, whose ultimate aim is to undermine the huge
advances of western civilization and to promote the cause of Islam.
There are two different basic approaches to the question as to whether Islam is a promoter
or destroyer of civilisations. As mentioned before there is supposed to be
proof that Islam is and has been throughout history a savior and promoter of civilisations.
For centuries scholars made the assumption that the civilization of ancient Rome was
destroyed by barbarian invaders from Germany and central Asia. The migrations of the Goths,
Vandals and Huns were supposedly totally responsible for the destruction of Romanic induced and
supported civilisations and reduced Europe and all the other Roman influenced civilisations
throughout the Middle East, Africa and elsewhere to barbarity. This also set in motion what
has been called the “Dark Ages”. The fact of the matter is that Rome had been undergoing
shrinkage and a constant reduction in influence for 3 centuries since the start of the Christian
age. The final end of Western Roman Empire came in the year 476 when it was officially
dissolved. This according to some sources marked the beginning of the dark ages. However
fresh evidence suggests that in fact Roman influence and civilization continued until
near the end of the seventh century. It must be remembered that it was only the western
empire that was dissolved. The eastern Byzantine Empire continued to have massive influence
and virtually all of the leaders in Europe continued to have respect and obedience to
the Emperor in Constantinople. Many of the kings of these peoples (excluding the Britons)
were raised and educated in Constantinople. Civilisation and economy continued to flourish
including trade with the Eastern Mediterranean and there was a recognisably “classical”
civilisation in Italy, Spain, Gaul and North Africa. Britain was an exception due to its
loss to Roman culture in the fifth century and its subsequent conquest by the Germanic
invaders. However, even here there was evidence of a much more robust survival of Roman culture
than has been explained by the western Muslim apologists.
However the fact of that matter is that sometime between the mid-seventh and eighth centuries
the beginnings of the medieval age began in Europe and the classical civilisations
throughout the Middle East, Africa and Europe were extinguished.  If you accept that this
did not come about due to the supposed barbarian invasions of Europe than why did this happen
and why should it be of interest to Nationalists? It must be of interest to Nationalists because
the history of our ancestors is what made us what we are. An understanding of not just
our history, but of the history of the west is a crucial underpinning to our assorted
arguments and our intellectual credibility. This understanding also serves to undermine
the false arguments of our opponents. What did actually destroy these Roman influenced
civilisations? According to one source Henri Pirenne , a
Belgian, the source destruction occurred at roughly the same time as the outflowing of
Islam into the Mediterranean. It had become destroyed by the very people who were credited
with saving it. The book is called “Mohammed and Charlemagne (1938) and is much quoted
in a recent book by Emmett Scott “Mohammed and Charlemagne Revisited” (2012).
He points out various facts that are purposely overlooked or misinterpreted by Muslim apologists.
1.       From the mid seventh century products from the Levant and exports from
the west came to an abrupt halt. Items that were routinely mentioned and imported from
the eastern Mediterranean also came to an abrupt stop.
2.       Gold coinage disappeared as did trading settlements throughout Europe
and in particular the ports were severely affected.
3.       Papyrus imports were stopped and this had a massive effect as this was
necessary for the continuation of a literate and mercantile civilisation.
4.       There is much evidence of piracy, freebooting and the enslavement of populations
in coastal regions and anywhere that Arabs (Muslims) had proximity too. The appearance
of castles and hilltop forts throughout Europe is directly connected to this phenomenon.
These raids were often carried into the interior and this led to the abandonment of agriculture
and other trades throughout Europe. Large parts of the coastal regions of Spain, France,
Italy and Greece were abandoned and uninhabitable. Some estimates put the total number of those
enslaved in Europe, Ireland and the UK as being 1.5 million between 650 and 1100 AD.
Between 1600 and 1900 it is estimated that over 1 million Europeans were enslaved.
5. Syracuse, Sardinia and Spain were all conquered between 700 and 7011 AD. Italy and Sardinia
were under attack from 652 to 720; Constantinople was first attacked in 674-678 unsuccessfully
and was again attacked by 80,000 Muslims in 718.
6.       All areas if the middle east, Egypt, Morocco, Anatolia, Syria and North
Africa that were defined by their Christian, Jewish and other faiths were over-run quickly
and subjugated under the rule of the Muslims. Soon after this all these areas were in decline
in terms of their economic, cultural and trading regimes. The ruins of the cities formerly
inhabited by these people scatter the Middle East and all other regions where they once
lived and flourished. The point to be made here is that Islam was
responsible for the declines in various civilisations no matter where they treaded; however various
western scholars have purposely declined to comment on this. Instead we have a commentary
currently that gives Islam credit for helping to build western civilisation when in fact
they did more than anyone else to destroy it.
It is a fact that the new technologies and methods of understanding them did not flow
from Islam or the Arabs. Paper making and the compass originated from the Chinese for
instance. Optical science and Algebra from the Greeks as did various appreciations of
philosophy concerning democracy. The concept of zero was originally Hindu. The distillation
of alcohol, falsely claimed by the Muslims was in fact invented by the Babylonians. Arab
or Muslim scientists and philosophers wrote in Arabic however most of them were not Arabs
or Muslims at all (though some may have converted) but were Christians and Jews.
Finally, the invasion of Europe by the barbarians during and after the decline and fall of Rome
was not the cause of rise of the medieval regimes that were overseen by the Church-
a subject I have not touched on. The fall of civilisations and the beginnings of medievalism
were a direct result of the rise of Islam that at its core is only interested in war,
conquest, booty, slavery and making non-Muslims inferior to them. These principles of Islam
have not changed, nor can they as they are intrinsic parts of the Koran.
A question that is rarely asked is this “If Islam is such a progressive and educational
cult then why are virtually all Islamic nations technically, educationally and socially backward.
Why are Muslims who trumpet their religion as a “religion of peace” always at war
with unbelievers?” The answer is that Islam extols war, the imposition
of slavery, taxing, killing and the torturing of unbelievers as a sacred duty – however
our academics extol this cult as an ideology that is enlightened and tolerant. They save
all their criticism for Christianity that they regard as being intolerant, unenlightened
and barbaric. They constantly trot out the theory that the Crusades were acts of intolerance
and barbarity and ignore the fact that they were in fact a reaction to the barbarity,
intolerance and slaughter perpetrated by the Muslims for centuries before the Crusades
happened. Islam has no need for education or for technological
enhancement as it can take what it needs from the unbelievers and any coherent reading of
history will bear this out. It is an established fact that 80% of the worlds 1.5 billion Muslims
are totally illiterate and that most of them only understand the Koran as it is explained
to them by the Mullahs.  Always remember; Islam is not a religion in
the western sense of the meaning. It is a political, social and theocratic construct
that governs all aspects of life, not just for its believers but for its conquered subjects.
Nor is Islam a race it is a belief construct that anyone of any colour can ascribe too.
The western historians and philosophers who ignore this and treat it as just another religion
are dangerous fools who have misconstrued Islam in the light of Multiculturalism and
Political Correctness. We as Nationalists must always bear the lessons
of history in mind and actively oppose those who seek to impose falsehoods on our fellow
nationals. Islam represents the greatest threat to western
civilisation in our collective history and should it triumph the light of civilisation
will be extinguished. The only party that has the sense to see the
threat for what it is is the British National Party.
And finally – Who said the north was all clogs and whippets? There is a battle royal
over the traditional flat caps between two pubs in Chorley Lancashire. When new bar Pearsons
banned them, their rival Trader Jacks put up signs, stating: “We do not discriminate
against flat caps. Clogs and whippets also welcome.”
Gary Roberts, operations director at Amber Taverns, who own Pearsons, explained: “The
main background is when any gentleman used to go into anyone’s home they normally remove
their hat. “It’s just something we’ve always done.”
The boss of Trader Jacks, Danny Howell has stated ‘Some think they hide people’s
identity. We welcome them and we’ve had a lot of people moaning about it who come
in. “So my business partner Johnny wrote on the window and put a bit on Facebook and
everyone’s having a laugh about it. Someone told us to put clogs and whippets on too.
It’s mainly because lots of places don’t allow caps anymore.” Oh dear going the same
way as most of our English culture, flat caps and whippets rule as far as I concerned and
I am a southerner! They have however left out ferrets, you cannot leave out ferrets
with their little ferrety faces! You take your headgear off if in your home not a public
house – you can see a persons face if they wear a flat cap. Designer pubs are deadly.’
You have been listening to the W@8. I am Lynne Mozar and I wish you all a very good night.