2011 Central Ohio and West Virginia CFC Video

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As a U.S. Military officer, I understand the value of
Combined Federal Campaign
and the unbelievable benefit it provides to our troops and their
families and our federal workforce as a whole.
The Combined Federal Campaign, or CFC as we call it,
provides a vehicle for each of us to show just how much we care
for those who are in need throughout our local communities
all over our nation, and indeed throughout our world.
My name is Brigadier General Darrell Williams,
the Commanding General of Defense Logistics Agency
Land and Maritime and Defense Supply Center Columbus
and Im proud to serve as Chair of the twenty-eleven
Central Ohio and West Virginia CFC campaign.
This year marks the 50th anniversary of CFC,
and since its inception in 1961 when President John F. Kennedy
signed the Executive Order to establish the campaign
great Americans just like you and others have contributed
over seven billion dollars to this effort.
Our theme this year, 50 Years of Caring, truly illustrates the
commitment of federal workers to public service.
Not only do they devote their livelihoods to their country,
but their generosity has made them one of the most powerful
humanitarian forces in the United States.
The Central Ohio and West Virginia campaign
of which you are a part, covers 33 counties, thirty in Ohio
and three in West Virginia.
Last year our combined efforts raised over 1.8 million dollars
and this year the need is just as great.
From autism to sickle cell research and transplant technology
to humanitarian efforts for animals. Every dollar you give makes a difference.
During this video, you will hear testimonies from federal
employees who donate to CFC, and receive help from CFC charities.
Please listen and try to put yourself in their situations
to get a better understanding of how you can change lives
by participating in CFC.
Hi, my name is Tina Pullen, I am a GI technician at the
Huntington VA Medical Center
and my story is about my son Brice, who is 13 years old
and has been diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome,
that is on the Autism spectrum.
We noticed at a young age when Brice was between one and two
everything was fine. He was, we felt, a normal functioning
toddler but by three years old we noticed that he had some speech problems
some communication problems. He had a little bit of what we considered OCD
in how he did certain things in a certain particular order.
By the time he was four years old, I had had him to a doctor
on more than one occasion due to his speech but was told
he would be fine. By the time he entered kindergarten
By the time he entered kindergarten, thats when we knew that we had other issues
other social issues
and I knew then that we needed to get a different type of medical help.
And for Brice, he was diagnosed with the Aspergers Syndrome.
The different things we had to learn were from books, the internet and to learn aobut
other agencies that were available to us in order to help us to help Brice.
to help him learn about his social interactions, his...
to get him his speech help and
so this is why these organizations for me are
very important because I'm not sure that I would know where to turn to because I had never
been around this or involved with this type of situation.
So this is something that's very dear to me in that
getting the word out there to other parents or others who are just wondering
is something wrong? It's not always as noticeable just like in my case with Brice
It wasnt as noticeable immediately to get him the help even at a younger age.
So I want to get the word out there that there is help.
I want other parents to be out there to be more proactive,
to be able to get a head start on what they need;
and that there are organizations out there.
And through CFC it can help fund these agencies who are out there
trying to do the scientific work; the background behind it.
And it does take time and a lot of effort is placed on trying to
find out why. Why is Autism so prevalent now?
By giving one or two dollars per pay period to the
Combined Federal Campaign
you could make a difference to famillies such as mine.
My name is Joel McKinney and I have been a federal employee for two years.
I currently work for the
Social Security Administration Office of Office of Disability Adjudication and Review.
When I started at the SSA in 2009, the Combined Federal Campaign had already started.
I quickly realized that the CFC is an awesome way for people to
help people improve their quality of life.
so in my first year of federal employment I dove in head first with the CFC.
I volunteered and participated in all the CFC special events in our office.
However, being straight out of straight out of college, I was hesitant to allocate funds
through my salary to a CFC charitable organization.
I gave in other ways such as time, preparation of materials,
and money for special collections.
But I was still not sure what to make of this fundraising campaign called the CFC.
After a short break, the CFC was back in our office for the 2010 fundraising year.
After a successful first year and really taking it all in for 2009
I was ready to be a coordinator be a coordinator for the 2010 CFC campaign.
It was one of the best decisions in my career.
Throughout the campaign, our office held seven special events to help raise money for thel
the special collection side of CFC
And I witnessed the camaraderie and cheer of the chili-cook-off contest judges.
Then I saw how delighted people were when my fellow coordinator and I walked around and offered
people a warm cup of coffee and a small, healthy bite to eat for a donation.
to our special collection fund.
The CFC offers a lot more than just philanthropy.
love for Humanity, for others but a gratefulness to help others when
experienced similar circumstances at one point or another in a lifetime.
This is Poppy and she is a pure bread, 12 week old English Mastiff
and shes my foster dog, one of my foster dogs, and when people find out
I foster animals for our local animal shelter, they're
surprised and they always say virtually the same thing, which is
Gosh, I could never do that, I think it would be too hard and I just love
Honestly, I used to feel exactly the same way.
For years, I avoided the shelter and while I would make donations and I believed in
doing, I just felt like it would be too hard. Up until ten years ago when I got
and it became a daily part of my life and it
and it's my passion, and it's something that I love to do.
And while there are times that it is hard, it's incredibly worthwhile.
If you're one of those people that thinks it's too hard to be in a shelter, or you're
just not able to maybe bring animals into your home as a foster or maybe you just
can't adopt another animal. I would encourage you to use the CFC as a means
can contribute on a regular basis to an incredible cause.
Whether it's your local shelter or a national organization that helps animals,
they all need our help. Just like, just like Rusty here needs our help to find a home.
Please consider donating, they deserve it.
There are many reasons to be a part of CFC,
First of all its the most efficient way to raise the maximum amount
at the lowest cost for charities. Secondly, it's accountable
with charitable organizations that have been reviewed and approved
and most importantly it provides innumberable donation options
to allow federal employees of all financial standings and backgrounds
or as little as you want to to the charity of your choice through payroll deduction.
Our goal this year is to raise 1.8 million dollars and as the twenty-eleven Chair,
I look forward to us achieving that success.
As CFC moves forward through its next fifty years, we will continue to provide new options
for federal workers to donate to the campaign.
This year, for example, we will launch CFC Nexus as an option for
Providing each of you the ability to more effectively control and manage your giving.
CFC is a voluntary program, and your level of participation is
purely a matter of personal choice.
There are literally hundreds of charities to choose from so if you have a desire or a passion
to help with health care services, civil rights, animal rights,
mental health, or the elderly and disabled, just to name a few
I encourage you to get involved and ask questions if you dont understand.
Ladies and gentlemen, the need today is great,
and the opportunity for each of us to give and help improve the quality of life for
quality of life for our fellow Americans is even greater.
Let's pull together and start building the next 50 years of caring.
And on behalf of the beneficiaries of CFC both past and future,
I want to thank you for your contributions.