Heritage Video

Uploaded by SouthwesternSeminary on 20.11.2009

There is a place where God?s plans are a way of life. Where spiritual formation isn?t just
a class, it?s the heartbeat of everyone you meet. Where learning and service go hand-in-hand
and where faith can be touched and seen.
For nearly 100 years this has been a place, where the Bible is inerrant and the sufficiency
of Scripture is more than just a catch phrase. Where the priority of the pulpit is maintained,
music is sacred, and women?s ministry is valued. Where the local church is honored, and Baptist
distinctives are revered. Where our heritage and our heroes are one and the same.
These things have been at our core since 1908, when God worked through B.H. Carroll to start
a ?school of prophets;? a seminary in the southwest. Two years later, his vision found
a home on Seminary Hill in Fort Worth, TX. In the town where the west begins, God established
a place for equipping men and women to take the gospel of Jesus Christ to the ends of
the earth.
Welcome to Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, one of the largest and most dynamic
seminaries in the world!
Since 1908, more than 39,000 men and women have come here from every state and hundreds
of nations. They have graduated; ready to work in harvest fields across the globe. They
are local pastors, leaders in theological education, and missionaries to the ?ends of
the earth.?
As we celebrate our centennial, this imprint of our heritage defines us and drives us forward.
The future begins today:
Southwestern is a place where evangelism is more than a fashionable term, it?s a way of
life. Here is a place where equality in Christ is celebrated in our diversity. Here, following
in the footsteps of Jesus means washing the feet of ?the least of these.? Here, we ?do?
missions, we don?t just read about them.
Southwestern Seminary: The world comes to us, and we go out to the world.
Our history is filled with faithful servants. Our hallways are filled with thousands more.
Come, and find your place at Southwestern.