Alejandro & Diego - 021 (English Subs)

Uploaded by AleRP01 on 23.02.2012

So you won't say I'm not watching out for you Gonzalito.
Last night you didn't even have a peso. And now you have enough to buy pee.
What? Did you get it from your dog, asshole?
It's baby pee. It's sold for ten dollars in south beach.
I was able to get that, but $200(€150) is very damn hard, 'kay?
But why do you need so much money?
Do you remember the famous "rolls" from the party? -Of course.
I found out everything. Those pills were an experiment. A test of something new or something like that.
I was able to go trough it. I'm like a street dog, I've got miles/kilometers. But Oswaldo and Rodrigo weren't able to.
You see, I told you I didn't have anything to do with that. They used us as an experiment. And I have to pay for that shit!
How are you going to it to get the money?
It's done, My mom. My mom is going to lend me some money. She already lent it to me.
ugh, my torment is here. See you later bro.
Hey, Nora, Nora. Norita.
We need to talk about the recording I gave you. -Don't be messed up. The first class is barely going to start, dude.
Nora, don't let yourself be manipulated. Máximo is a rat dressed as a prince.
On the other hand, Mr. Santiago is a nice person. Or are you going to leave him jobless?
Good day. How are you? I'm going to check you.
Excuse me, Iván Lima?
Thank you.
Hello. -I'll call you later.
I was told you're Iván Lima. I've read all of your articles. And I've come to give you some very important information.
Look, I'm very occupied right now but if you want, leave your- -A Cervantes Academy teacher was recorded mistreating two students.
I have the evidence here.
You tell me when to contact you.