Loreto, Italia: Campaña Nacional de la Marca Perú 2012 (English /Italian captions available)

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Peru is full of wonders
One of them is the Amazon
And at the heart of the Peruvian Amazon, is Loreto
Every Loreto citizen, by the mere fact of being from Loreto
is entitled to enjoy how wonderful it is to be Peruvian
Loreto, Italy
Four palm trees
Three fierce wild animals
one of them not so fierce
Two caimans
Its hotel
Its city hall
And a navigable river
just for Gino's little paper boat
Loreto - Italy, has a problem
they are from Loreto, but they don’t know what that means
The bus can't go through! We'll go on foot from here on
Our mission? To be ambassadors of our country
And read them their rights as Loreto citizens
You are from Loreto! You have the right to take off your jackets
You have the right to move your hips!
You have the right to enjoy the heat... and the color!
You have the right to eat lots of fruit!
Your attention, please, brothers and sisters from Loreto
Charapas by the grace of God
Radio Ayahuasca invites you to the party of the year
Come to the Feast of San Juan, I mean... Saint Giovanni
Amazonian Cumbia!
Bells are ringing, time to eat!
From Peru to Italy!
From Loreto to Loreto!
[Music from the jungle]
Los Wemblers!
This is a starfruit
And this is camu-camu
The largest Peruvian freshwater fish
Paiche cebiche
It's raw
No, it's not raw, it's marinated in lime juice!
He likes spicy food...
Eh... yes
Chorizo sausage
No, chorizo sausage
Chorizo sausage
It's very good
Bono or mono (monkey)?
Bono is the singer of U2
Chonta palm
Peruvian fettuccini... for you: light
You eat this with cocona
It's fane, it's called fane!
You wrap it with rice, olives, eggs, all mixed up...
Strange, but I like it
I’m gonna take the seeds home
The anaconda is defending its buddy!
Look at what happens when someone wants to eat an Amazon dolphin... a pink dolphin!
That's right!
From Loreto to Loreto!
Want some suri worm?
Morning is the ideal time to go out and explore the brick and cement jungle.
Rafael Flores, Great Bora Chief
coming from the most generous region on the planet
has decided to avoid the isolation of his brothers
Even if this means putting his skills to the test...
...and sometimes even avoiding dangerous cascades.
The civilization noises announce that the harmony
between man and nature has been altered...
It's time to regain it
What reason is there for waiting six months...
or a year to have one's heart or liver examined?
Society is to blame
Come back tomorrow!
And then one must wait till the next day
And then, they make you come back again the following day!
On top of the aches and pains that age brings
are the never-ending waits
That's why Luis Culquiton, Great Shaman of Manacamiri
wishes to share his natural medicine
We have a living pharmacy in the world, and it's the Amazon
Cocona extract is good for the heart and high blood pressure
I’d like to present you with a gift
an ungurave seed for your garden…
Let's plant… let's plant…
Sure, we can plant this in our garden
Here you go for your arthritis
Knowing its effectiveness, you won't have to queue up for a pill anymore
And it will be easier to have a happy life
As part of its unwavering commitment to unite the souls and bodies of the people from Loreto
Radio Ayahuasca announces the beginning of the Loreto Fertility Day
Come to our maloca house! We'll be waiting for you!
Don't be a silly shameco! Come quick!
Can your husband 'perform' or not?
How is the machine working?
It isn't working as it should
Seven kinds of plants to help you procreate
I want to recommend this delicious drink
"I'll wait lying on the floor"
Three, three children
You're going to need it, yeah
I'm going to paint you so you'll be like me, strong!
Rafael... many thanks
Every Loreto citizen knows how to respond to the needs
of modern life using harmonious methods
I have a four-speed and a five-speed mixer
The Amazon mixer...
it's ecological, it saves energy, and you also get to work out
And for a perfect manicure, nothing better than paiche fish scales
Once your nails are nicely filed, you won't scratch your husband anymore
And as Loreto, Italy, lacks some tropical flare
Christian Bendayan has decided to offer his interpretation of the classics...
Good evening
No: they're oil paintings, not made of wax
Look: three gracious friends frisking in the renaissance spring
To the right, our friends have traveled into the Amazon night
in a process called "Sweat, Heat and Color"
I can see they have sat you in the Shushupe Azzurra
The best means of transport in Loreto, Peru: the motorcycle taxi
But as we are in Italy, the "Vespa-Taxi"
It's very easy to drive
You want to call your clients?
You want to make way?
You want to whistle at a girl?
And so on.
No te capisco ("I don't understand").
No, you can't drink pisco because you mustn't drink and drive...
In Peru, it's forbidden
Now, my friends
she seems to be whispering to his ear: "Let's flee to Loreto, disgraziato!"
To the right, her yearning for freedom has...
...finally been fulfilled
On a day like today, flags insist on being increasingly Peruvian
cheering on the local orchestra to join
in an embrace of cumbia music and tarantella
And here is the mix!
Los Wemblers!
And Lu Trainana!
And from Italy... Marco!
Among the citizens from Loreto, there's no room for selfishness.
Upon learning that our motelo turtle eggs needed warmth
Rita Andreoni offered us her Gioconda...
...and today, new Loreto citizens are brought into the world
Though of course, there's always someone who slips in uninvited
There's no Loreto without the Amazon river
one of the world's seven natural wonders…
That's why we have faith that the generous spirit of the Amazon river
will take over the small Musone river
Brothers and sisters from Loreto in Italy
get ready for the arrival of the Amazon river
Breathe in and fill your lungs...
for we are the world's oxygen supply
I will therefore make an invocation so this river grows like the Amazon
Coral Tree! To give shade to my fellow brothers and sisters from Loreto
Mahogany! For sustainable growth
Huasai. To feed and heal you
Ayahuasca. To see our inner being
Mr. Mayor: for the purity and conservation of our rivers and forests
For the end of their depredation and deforestation
Yes: we have faith
Or are we not in… Loreto?
Peru is a great brand
And we are all invited to be its ambassadors