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He reminded me to be careful.
Inside North Korea.
We couldn’t allow anyone to know what was going on.
One family risked their lives . . . .
He warned us of the price we would someday pay for our faith.
. . . . to hold onto a secret.
Do you think that your father is alive today?
No. They never make it out alive.
Welcome to this edition of The 700 Club. Man, I’ve got a shocking thing for you today,
or maybe you’re not shocked anymore. The IRS is targeting the Tea Party. We have evidence
of at least 15 investigations asking for information that they are not entitled to, and isn’t
that surprising that it happened during an election year? Do you suppose the White House
is behind it? I’m sure they would deny if asked. Terry.
Well, gathering information, conservatives say it’s going too far, and they’re upset
about it. Let’s take a look at the story.
The Tea Party has shaken up American politics with its relentless push for limited government
and financial accountability.
The government is imposing, overreaching. It’s like a power grab, and it’s got to
But they’ve also been criticized by political liberals.
As far as I’m concerned, the Tea Party can go straight to [beep].
Now Tea Party groups say they are they’re being targeted by the Internal Revenue Service,
and they’re enlisting the aid of the American Center for Law and Justice. The ACLJ is representing
about 20 Tea Party groups against the IRS in what they believe is an attempt to intimidate
and silence the Tea Party during an election year. The IRS is sending letters to Democratic
and Republican organizations, seeking nonprofit status, looking to see if funds are used properly
under tax law. Chief counsel of the ACLJ Jay Sekulow says many of the questions asked by
the IRS fall well outside its authority. The questionnaires want organizations to provide
all communications with legislative bodies, describe membership criteria and describe
the nature of the relationship with any candidate for public office. Sekulow says the ACLJ is
prepared to take the IRS to court. The ACLJ is also calling for congressional oversight
hearings. The 501(c)4 tax exempt organizations of Democrats have raised considerably less
money than Republican organizations in the same category. The New York Times reports
that Democrats have been pressing the IRS to investigate the tax issue. Mark Martin,
CBN News.
Well it’s shocking. You know, Nixon was criticized terribly for using the IRS to go
after his enemies. Could this be happening now? Jay Sekulow, General Counsel of the American
Center for Law and Justice is with us. Jay, what is the IRS doing with these Tea Party
Well, what they’re doing Pat, is violating the First Amendment. They’re asking for
the membership lists of a number of these groups. They’re asking for direct and indirect
communications to people that are state legislators or federal members of Congress. They’re
asking for information. They want a “curriculum vitae” for board of directors, not just
who they are. They want a “CV.” They want a resume of their board members. They want
a detailed listing of how you determine members and what organization those members might
be also be members of. Sounds like McCarthyism to me, and I tell you what it is. You know
this, Pat; I was a lawyer for the Chief Counsel’s office of the Internal Revenue Service. Look,
some of the questions asked are legitimate. Those we will answer on behalf of our clients.
Those that are not legitimate will be getting a response that says, “This information
is protected by the First Amendment,” and there will be a brief going along with it.
These cases that support our position, Pat, date back to the 1950s. It’s the NAACP line
of cases where the government tried the same thing. They wanted membership lists. They
wanted data. They wanted who did you communicate with. And the Supreme Court unanimously said,
“That is intimidation. That violates the First Amendment.”
You know, a 501(c)4, I mean these people don’t make any money, so the tax exemption is meaningless
for them. But a (c)4 is permitted. It is a lobbying organization. That is what the whole
thing is about, and they say tell us what legislators you’ve talked to? That’s outrageous.
You’re exactly right, Pat. Those are conversations you’re supposed to have. Here’s what you’ve
got, and you’ve got to look at the timing of this. These applications for exemption
were sent, some of them, as long as two years ago; and during that two-year period of time,
most of these groups heard nothing. Then all of a sudden, a week before Super Tuesday,
IRS letters like this start going out all over the country. By the way, we think there
are hundreds of these. This tells you that this is a coordinated effort certainly by
the IRS, and it’s an attempt at intimidation. What we are going to do is respond to appropriate
questions, and object to those that are not and demand that they get the recognition that
they are entitled to under the law.
Jay, have you got the fingerprints of the White House on any of this?
Well, you can’t tell it’s the White House. The timing of this thing is so, as you said
earlier, Pat, it’s just so bizarre. That’s why I want oversight hearings from Darrell
Issa’s committee and also Sen. Grassley in United States Senate. We’re asking for
oversight hearings in both legislative bodies. Because we want to know who came up with this?
Why did you have these applications sitting for years, and then all of a sudden you decide
right during an election, you’re going to send out these letters, which frankly for
these small Tea Party groups, pretty intimidating. Do you know I calculated, Pat; to comply with
one of these letters could take upwards of 7000 pieces of paper, 7000 pieces of paper!
So this is an intimidation technique. What we hope to find out through the House and
Senate oversight committees, is exactly who is behind this. If Treasury is doing this
on their own, it’s poor lawyering, lousy tax policy. If the White House is behind it,
it’s political intimidation pure and simple.
Well, it’s shocking and, as you say, a violation of the Constitution. I would hope that the
so-called “liberal media,” would get on this. This is a tremendously important story.
We’ll Jay, you say Issa is on it. Are there any other congressmen or congresswomen who
are on board?
Bill Flora. I’ll tell you who. Bill Flora is from Texas, whose district covers Waco.
Waco, Texas, Tea Party, got one of these letters, a very extensive one. He’s kind of leading
the charge on the House side of this. Pat, you said something about the media here. I
will say this, the New York Times ran with the story yesterday. AP did something on it
before we got involved in it. I think the hill is doing something today. But let me
take a step further. I haven’t heard a peep. You know, they keep saying, well, some liberal
groups have gotten letters too. Where are they? I mean, they’re not saying anything.
Are they going to just let the First Amendment rights go by? Or is it the fact that maybe
one did get one, but not 500, like the Tea Party. That’s what I’m going to find out
during these legislative hearings.
I want to ask you again. You said 500, 500 are being targeted? Is that the number?
Well, Pat, it could even be higher. Let me tell you what we do know. One agent told one
of our clients that she had 50 of these sitting on her desk. That’s one agent. So there’s
thousands of Tea Party groups. We understand 5 or 600 letters could have been sent. By
the way, people are contacting us every day at the ACLJ, Tea Party group for help, and
we’re glad to do it. It’s a very direct response once we get the information, and
that is certain questions are legitimate, and certain aren’t, and the ones that are
not, we’re going to fight them over. They’d have to get a summons enforcement in district
court to compel disclosure. I’m ready for that challenge. I’d enjoy that one.
How do you punish somebody who’s done something like this? It’s a violation of the Constitution.
It’s an overreach of their authority. How can you rein them in? Is there something you
can do in court to stop it?
Yeah, what will happen, Pat, is we’ll send our response in which will raise the First
Amendment issues. If in fact the government seeks a summons enforcement proceeding, that
is they actually issue a summons saying, “No, no, we want those membership lists. We want
to know who you talk to.” We would then go into federal court. They may go into federal
court seeking an enforcement. We will go into federal court fighting it. Those are the kind
of cases, by the way, that end up at the Supreme Court of United States. That’s how the NAACP
cases got there. There was a whole string of about six of those cases in the 1950s and
early 60s. This has got the hallmarks of exactly the same thing. So the way you get to them
is you take it, and you duke it out in federal court where they have to explain to a judge
why they need the membership lists of private organizations, which is nothing but a bullying
and intimidation technique; and that’s what we’ll be able to not only find out in the
hearings, in these oversight hearings that we hope to come, but also in federal court
if necessary.
Jay Sekulow, keep fighting, friend.
We’re ready for this one.
And, Ladies and gentlemen, back Jay up with your letters. Write, e-mail, call your Congressmen,
your Senator and say, “Would you investigate the treatment of the Tea Party groups around
the country by the IRS?” It is intimidation. It is wrong. It is unconstitutional, exceeds
their authority, and it harkens back to the days of Watergate, and we just can’t have
that. Here’s the number to call, by the way.
It’s 202-224-3121. That’s the United States Capitol. Call your congressmen and say, listen,
I’ve heard the IRS is targeting several hundred Tea Party organizations, and we want
you to investigate and, if need be, hold hearings to expose this to the American people. Let
me give you that number one more time. It’s United States Capitol, 202-224-3121. Get on
the phone or get an e-mail, but flood Congress with your outrage at this particular overextension,
overreach of a federal agency. Well, Lee Webb has the rest of our top stories from the CBN
Newsroom. Lee.
Pat, President Obama calls oil the “fuel of the past.” He says it’s time for the
US to move away from its dependence on oil and explore new energy possibilities.
We’ve got to develop every source of American energy, not just oil and gas, but wind power
and solar power, nuclear power, biofuels.
The president called on Congress to provide grant money to encourage the use of fuel-efficient
technologies. The administration’s goal is to make electric vehicles as affordable
and convenient as gas powered cars by 2020. But some critics question that goal. Poor
sales recently lead GM to suspend production of its electric car, the Chevy Volt, Pat.
You know, I wonder what planet the president inhabits. Wind power for heaven’s sake.
Can you imagine how many of those ungainly windmills you’d have to put up around the
country. You’d kill every bird in the air with those things flipping around, and it
wouldn’t give you enough power to light the light bulbs of a small town. It’s unbelievable.
Biomass? Think of Solyndra, the waste of almost a half a billion dollars of government money
went into that field thing. The truth is we’ve got an abundance of natural gas. We have an
abundance. We have a surplus, and what needs to be done is to figure a way of using that
natural gas to power trucks, and then later cars. It can be used very efficiently. It’s
available to us. And, of course, the major resource we have is oil, crude oil. I know
it’s nice to talk about getting away from it, but you can’t do it for the next 20
or 30 years. So it’s time the government get real. I’m all for nuclear, but I’ll
tell you, people are so scared after what happened at that Fukushima plant in Japan
that they’re not too keen on having any more nuclear plants around. So the greens,
Mr. Obama’s other constituency, would fight like tigers to keep any more nuclear plants
from being built, and I might add, we haven’t had a new oil refinery in America since the
days of Jimmy Carter. The environmentalists have shut them down, shut them down, shut
them down. So what are we talking about? He’s just flapping his lips. He’s not talking
reality. Lee.
New satellite images show Iran may have tested triggers for nuclear weapons. That’s what
UN diplomats tell the Associated Press. The images show Iranian trucks and earthmovers
trying to clean up what appears to be radioactive waste. They say the only reason for that kind
of test is to develop nuclear arms. Iran just agreed to allow inspections of that site,
but Israel has warned it may resort to a preemptive strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities
to keep it from building a nuclear weapon.
Earth is taking a direct hit from the largest solar storm in five years. The storm is expected
to shake the Globe’s magnetic field. It could disrupt power grids, phone service,
and even airline flights. It all sounds ominous, but there’s no need to panic.
Able to tell you, that yes, this is coming towards us. Beware. Keep watching. Don’t
get hysterical.
Problems from the storm could last for the next 24 hours, but the solar flares will also
produce beautiful auroras more commonly known as the “northern lights.” I had a chance
to see that about 20 years ago, Pat, in Iceland; and it is spectacular, natural phenomena.
It’s gorgeous. I don’t know if this is going to keep us from getting satellite television.
It will also mean that airplanes may wander around in the sky without appropriate navigation.
That would be a little more serious than the television.
Well, the Mayan calendar says December 21 of this year, this is the year that there’s
going to be in alignment of the planets from the depth of our galaxy, and who knows what’s
going to happen then. Of course, people who have talked to some of the Mayans, and they
say we don’t know what you’re talking about. They just decided to stop counting
after that year.
Well, and interesting year all around, no doubt, with everything that’s going on.
This is a big deal, and it’s going to hit us, and we don’t know what it’s going
to do. But I hope we will keep on broadcasting on this particular channel. Terry.
Well, coming up, a father who snatched away by the North Korean police and then executed.
Hear his crime and a story never told before now, when we come back.
Sorry for the delay, folks.
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Friday . . . .
We are supposed to get married and stay together.
. . . . the number-one cause of marital stress . . . .
His credit wasn’t good, and mine was stellar.
. . . . was tearing this couple apart.
All of a sudden things would start tumbling down.
How they solved their money woes . . . .
“My record is stained as a result of your irresponsibility.”
. . . . and saved their marriage.
She was really thinking about leaving.
Friday, on The 700 Club.
Congressman King of New York called it a criminal enterprise crime family posing as a nation,
and I think that is what it amounts to. It’s a criminal enterprise. It is the most repressive
regime on earth. It is hideous what is happening, and very few people escape to tell about what’s
going on in North Korea. But now you’re about to see video that shows the execution
of Christians in that awful country. You’ll also meet a woman who was a lookout for an
underground church in North Korea. Fortunately, she made it out of that country. We’ve got
her harrowing story that has never been told until now on this program. Here’s George
Thomas reporting from South Korea.
Her name is Kim Eun Jin, age 31. She was born in Pyongyang, North Korea. Kim’s testimony
is rare considering the numbers in North Korea. The CIA estimates that some 24 million people
live in the communist country, and the best estimate is about two percent or 480,000 are
Christians. Just a handful of them have escaped from the brutal regime and lived to tell the
story. Kim Eun Jin, is one of them.
Growing up, I was told by the authorities that there was no God in this world, We were
ordered instead to worship Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il, the leaders of the country.
Freedom of religion is guaranteed under North Korea’s constitution, but it’s never encouraged.
(Interviewing): What was is like being a believer in North Korea?
We met every Saturday evening. My family gathered in the back room of our small apartment. We
had to be very quiet. We whispered when we prayed, sang songs or read the Bible. We often
covered our heads to muffle the noise.
Growing up, she heard stories of how her city Pyongyang was once known as the “Jerusalem
of the East.” In 1945, 13 percent of the population was Christian. The city was the
center of Christianity on the Korean Peninsula. Half a century later, Kim’s faith made her
a target.
My parents often asked me to stay outside the apartment on Saturdays to make sure no
one was coming while the family prayed inside. We couldn’t allow anyone to know what was
going on.
Over time, the meetings grew to include a few friends and extended family.
We had one Bible in the house. My grandmother, who was a believer from the Japanese Imperial
times, had a Chinese Bible. She translated the Bible by hand into the Korean language
on pieces of paper. That’s how we read the Bible. We found strength in those pages.
But soon the authorities discovered that her father was a secret believer.
My father was a tailor in town, and the police suspected something was going on. We believe
they planted listening devices in his shop and on his clothes.
In 1994, the authorities discovered that Miss Kim’s father was operating an underground
church in North Korea. So they raided the home, arrested him along with an uncle. Both
men probably ended up in one of the six labor camps in North Korea. (Interviewing): Do you
remember that day?
The day my father was arrested, I was at school; but I’ll never forget that day. He hugged
me before I left for school and, like every other day, he reminded me to be careful. Every
morning at the breakfast table, he would tell us that one day the government will come and
arrest us for being Christians. He warned us of the price we would someday pay for our
faith. I remember him saying often that “Even if I face death, I will follow Jesus.”
Some 200,000 prisoners are being held in political prison camps in North Korea. An estimated
30,000 of them are Christians. The regime is routinely sited for human rights violations.
Won Jae-chun is a professor of law in South Korea.
Won Jae-chun (Handong International Law School): They are treated as criminals, especially
like terrorists, and they are prosecuted based on national security crimes of North Korea.
This video obtained by CBN News reportedly shows the execution of North Korean Christians.
I hereby declare that the accused is sentenced to death. The death penalty must be executed
at once. Ready! Fire! Fire!
Do you think that your father is alive today?
No. Everyone knows what happens when government agents arrest Christians in North Korea. They
never make it out alive. I know my father is in Heaven, and he’s praying for North
Korea and my family.
Kim’s mother, grandmother and siblings managed to escape that day to the mountains. In 2005,
with the help of a Chinese pastor, she crossed the Tumen River and defected to China. Her
family followed months later.
It was a difficult decision. I knew that if I got caught, I’d be arrested and sent to
a prison camp. But my family defected, because we were being persecuted in North Korea for
our faith.
Today she is married and has a baby boy.
I am very proud of what she did. Her family has gone through a lot over the years. She
is a hero in my eyes.
Kim is quick to brush aside those compliments, instead giving honor to the man who laid down
his life.
I grew up in a land where they said there was no God. But my father told me otherwise.
He loved Christ, and for that he died.
She has a dream to one day go back to Pyongyang and share about this love with the people
of North Korea. George Thomas, CBN News, Seoul, South Korea.
That’s the most hideously repressive regime, and the amazing thing is it happened under
our nose. The Russians came in, and they took a Lt. Col., a man who had been a Lt. Col.
and said okay, you’re now in charge. That was Kim Il Sung, the head man. They began
to venerate him as a god. Then his son, Kim Jong Il, took over. Now he’s sick and retiring,
and Kim, I forget the name, what is it, Sung?
I think that’s right.
Kim Sung, whatever, is the new man. He’s in his middle 20s, and the regime takes enormous
amounts of money to feed the army, feed the political class. Kim Jong Il used to like
western prostitutes. He liked cognac and fine French wine, and that kind of thing. He lived
a very luxuriously, and the people were starving. So the United States has agreed to supply
something in the neighborhood of 250,000 tons of grain to them in exchange for a promise
that they’re going to start suspending some of their nuclear activity. Well, that’s
a game they’ve been playing on and on and on and on. They make a promise. We give something,
and then they break their promise. So it will happen again, and we continue to support them.
What needs to happen is for the South Koreans to open their borders freely and let the North
Koreans come in, and if they did, that regime would collapse. But the South Koreans don’t
want to do it, because they’re afraid of either some military reprisal from the north,
or else they’re afraid that they can’t accommodate all the people from the North
who would want to come in. So instead of coming to the South where they should come, they
sneak across the river into China, and then they’re set upon there. The women are sometimes
made into sex slaves. They’re repatriated back to North Korea. It’s a hideous mess.
There’s a book called, The Aquariums of Pyongyang. It is so moving, because it was
written by somebody who went through it, and if you can get your hands on a copy of it,
it will stir your heart.
If you’ve ever seen pictures of the people who starve out in the rural areas, it defies
Emaciated, it’s terrible. But, I mean, that little dictator is going around in his tailored
suits, and women, cognac, fine wine, luxurious accommodations, everything he needs.
And they’re all starving. It’s awful.
It really is. But from one repressive regime to another, up next, a younger Iranian girl
commits a cardinal sin in the Islamic faith, questioning Allah.
I would be like spending hours and hours and hours, thinking about what would God look
like, where would he be?
Find out how a dream gave her these answers, when we come back.
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Fatima grew up in the shadows of a revolution. In Iran she lived to see the rising of the
ayatollah and the downfall of freedom. All her life she knew nothing but Islam until
one night she met a stranger in a dream.
Of the seven billion people living on our planet, two billion are Christian, and two
point one billion are Muslim, two different religions with two very different points of
view. Fatima Devanbeigi learned the truth about each of these religions in her search
for a genuine relationship with God.
On the inside I felt like there was a huge rock hanging in my heart. I could feel it.
I could even tell you what the size of it was, what it looked like. It was real, and
it was painful. It was like something that would draw me down and wouldn’t let me live.
There was no hope in it. There was no hope for the future.
Fatima was raised in Iran as a Muslim.
Being a Muslim is not by choice. It’s by heredity. So if your parents were Muslims,
and you were born in that family, you’re automatically a Muslim.
But Fatima resisted her parents’ Muslim faith.
At a very young age I started questioning his existence, questioning whether there was
a God or not. I would be spending hours and hours and hours thinking about what would
God look like. Where would he be? But traditionally in Islamic culture, you don’t ask these
questions. They’re tabooed. If you start asking questions like these, they will call
you “faithless.”
Growing up the God of the Qur’an was the only God that Fatima ever knew.
He is not a personal God. He is distant, and he is the creator. Nobody knows who he is.
Nobody knows his nature. Nobody knows his plans. You just know that he cares about morality,
and in order to go to Heaven, you must do good works. So it’s through your good works.
As a teenager, Fatima looked for answers in fortune telling and by reading coffee grounds.
I did that for a few years. Like I said, I was still searching for God. That practice
did not lead me to know God. But still I searched. I had no choice. Something in me would not
rest, and finally I came to the conclusion. I said, “God, you’re either so complicated
that I could never know you, or you’re just right in front of my eyes, and I can’t see
you.” And so I remember like every day I would cry, and cry and asked God to show me
Himself. I would look at the Sun. “Are you the sun? Is that how you reveal yourself?
Where am I supposed to look?”
Her cry was answered when Fatima says that Jesus appeared to her in a dream.
I dreamt that Jesus and I were walking in a Rose Garden. It’s going to make me cry.
We were walking, and in the dream I’m thinking, “He’s a prophet.” He’s walking, and
I’m just following, and He said, “Do you want to come with me?,” and I said, “Yes,”
and He said, “Then follow me.” I said, hmm. In my mind I’m thinking, “How would
you follow a person who’s not even, I mean, He’s a prophet a long time ago. How would
you follow a person and not his instructions?” That was kind of puzzling. Why would he ask
me that?
Night after night, Fatima had dreams about Jesus, God and churches.
Old churches, new churches, modern churches. And I dreamt that my mom and all of our family
are holding hands and going to the church.
Fatima moved to the United States when she was 20. She met a friend from work who told
her about Jesus.
It was after he accepted the Lord Jesus that he found joy and peace, and those words just
popped. And I said, “Wow. This is good.” And he said every time he receives it. Every
time they pray for him, he is filled with joy and peace. And I said, “Oh, I want that.
I want the joy and peace.”
So Fatima went to a Christian church, and a woman there ask her, “Do you believe Jesus
Christ is God?” And I said, “Did He say that? Did He say that, that He was God?”
And she said, “Yes, He says that.” I said, “Sure, I believe He’s God. Trust me, I’ll
find out if He’s not.” I wasn’t thinking of, you know, I’ll just find out if things
are true. But I’m willing to give Jesus a try. Definitely. And she said, “Do you
want to pray a salvation prayer?” “Absolutely,” because I think God had softened me up to
the point that I was soft toward God, and I wasn’t resisting.
That night after years of searching, Fatima prayed to become a Christian.
Things just started changing. That heavy, heavy heart, that stone. It was sharp even,
the feeling how sharp and painful it was, that was gone. It was completely gone. That
night the Lord just like He took His hand in my heart and took that rock out permanently.
The one significant thing that God did for me, that Christ did was that He put hope in
my heart, a permanent hope. As I got to know the Lord more, of course, the Lord gave me
many more dreams just to show that the Scriptures were true, and everything I was reading, God
was backing them up.
Today, Fatima’s mother, brother, and two sisters are all Christians. Fatima is a real
estate broker and studying to be a psychologist. She’s also married, and has two sons. Fatima
understands Muslims who are curious about Jesus. And those who really don’t understand
who Jesus is.
I would say don’t say no just because your parents were Muslims, parents before them,
great grand parents were Muslims, and this is what you were always taught. You need to
find God for yourself. He’s available. If Jesus says He is God, then He will prove it.
All you have to have is an open heart to allow Jesus to come in, and then you will know for
yourself if He’s God or He’s not God.
You know, God wants to have a one-on-one individual personal relationship with each and every
one of us. We’re not just down here in some gigantic mass of people created by someone
or some thing who just observes us. In the beginning of time, God created man and to
walk in the garden with Him to have fellowship with him every day. The separation between
us and God comes not because He separated himself, but because we’ve turned away from
Him to go our own way, to walk our own path. And sometimes, we don’t even know the story,
especially in our world today. There’s so many isms out there. So many theologies, and
one of the reasons they’re there is because people are grasping just like Fatima was to
know truth, to have joy, to have peace, to have hope. There’s a lot going on in the
world today that robs us of all of that until you know the one who brings it all, the one
who sits on the throne, the one who is the creator of all that is including you and me,
and the Bible says that we are created in His image and likeness. The Bible says that
when we search for Him with all of our hearts, just like Fatima did, we will find Him. God
desires to reveal Himself to us. And many other religions, many other faiths, people
offer all kinds of sacrifices to statues, and to the gods of their fathers and, as she
said, grandfathers and great grandfathers, trying to appease them so that no harm, no
deal will come to them. The God who created the universe, the one true God, the one who
created you and wants a relationship with you is not God who needs to be appeased. He
comes to us desiring to connect with us, desiring to have us know who He is, desiring to make
us whole and to give us the longing of our heart that comes only from knowing and loving
Him, and receiving His love for us, which is great. How do you tap into that? You do
it as simply as Fatima did. You just say a prayer of commitment. You say, “God, I want
you. Yes I’m saying yes to you.” Do you want to pray that with me right now? Start
it. I love what she said, “I’m going to give Jesus the same chance I’ve given everything
else.” Give Him a chance today. Give Him a chance. The Bible says He stands at the
door of the heart of men and women, and knocks, and those who hear Him and choose to open
the door and invite Him in, He will come in, take up residency and have fellowship with.
He will love you, lead you, restore you, heal you, give you hope. So pray with me right
now. Just bow your head where you are and pray. “God, I want to know you. Jesus, you’re
more than a name I’ve heard. I want to know you. So today I’m setting aside everything
and saying, yes to you. Yes I believe you are who say you said you are. I want to know
you as my Lord, my Savior, my God. Come into my heart. Forgive my sins. You know that I
am in need of you and your salvation. Forgive me, Lord, and then teach me your ways. Reveal
more of who you are to me. Fill me with the joy and the knowledge of who you are and who
I am, too. Love me Lord, and receive my love for you. Today, I just say yes to everything
you want to give me. And I give you everything that I am and all that I have. Teach me how
to live for you and, yes, I receive the gift of eternal life with you today. In Jesus’
name I pray, amen.” If you’ve prayed that prayer and begun the journey in your life,
let us send you this.
It’s totally free. It’s called “A New Day.” That put this together just for you.
It’s filled with wonderful verses from the Bible that talk about who God is, His great
love for you. What does He want from us?
How do we live with Him and for Him? If you’ll call the toll-free number on your screen,
it’s 1-800-759-0700. Just say I prayed that prayer and I’d like “A New Day.” We
will send this to you right away. Pat.
Yes ma’am! Ladies and gentlemen, we have a dramatic healing that’s going to take
place. We are going to tell you about it. A woman is healed of crippling back pain in
an instant, and we will be praying for your needs. So don’t go away.
I’ve always loved technology, gadgets, and videos, and computers; and I wanted to find
a way that I could take all of those and affect people for eternity, and I can do all that
here at CBN. In fact, it’s my job to make sure that all the video at CBN can be accessed
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video, and text. We update blogs, so we can make surfing easier for you. I really feel
like I’m a 21st century missionary, and I reach the world through the Internet. My
name is Jeremy West. I’m the Digital Systems manager, and I work at CBN.
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Welcome to Washington for this CBN Newsbreak.
A town in Vermont has suspended its traditional prayer before town meetings because of a lawsuit.
The town of Franklin is located near the Canadian border. It has opened its town meetings with
prayer for years. Vermont public radio reports a woman complained about the prayers, asking
officials to stop inviting a Christian pastor who offers them. The woman sued the town arguing
the prayer forced her to participate in organized religion. Town officials have suspended them
for a year while a judge has yet to rule on the case.
Schools in Utah likely will soon be required to teach abstinence-only sex education. Lawmakers
there past the bill earlier this week. It defined sex ed as “abstinence only.” It
would also ban schools from teaching about homosexuality, contraception, or premarital
sex. Schools will be able to opt out a teaching sex ed altogether. Supporters say sex education
should be taught at home. Critics, however, argue not all students have parents who will
do this. The bill now goes to the governor who’s expected to sign it into law. Well,
you can always get the latest from CBN News by going to our website at
Pat and Terry will be back with more of The 700 Club, right after this.
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Friday . . . .
We are supposed to get married and stay together.
. . . . the number-one cause of marital stress . . . .
His credit wasn’t good, and mine was stellar.
. . . . was tearing this couple apart.
All of a sudden things would start tumbling down.
How they solved their money woes . . . .
“My record is stained as a result of your irresponsibility.”
. . . . and saved their marriage.
She was really thinking about leaving.
Friday, on The 700 Club.
Well, Terry Malenfant has no clue how she hurt her back. I’ll have we got a miracle
for you. All she knows is that it was excruciating. It went on for weeks, and then suddenly she
was healed as fast as lightning. Here’s her amazing story.
A month before Easter, Terry Malenfant was already preparing for the holiday, but debilitating
back pain brought her plans to a halt.
I don’t know how it started. All I know is that it was there. From the tip of my head
all the way down the spine and even my sides, everything it would hurt.
Over the next few weeks, the pain increased.
It got worse almost every day for the entire month. The pain could get so excruciating,
it would hurt to walk. It would hurt to sit. It would hurt to stand.
Easter Sunday came, and Terry was still in pain. She couldn’t even hold her grandchildren.
I was really upset with myself. What I wanted to do something, my body wouldn’t cooperate,
and that was frustrating, very frustrating to me.
The next morning, Terry was watching The 700 Club. As a regular viewer, she always looked
forward to the prayer times. Pat and Terry were praying, and I was praying
Just put your hand on the small of your back, whatever you can reach. In the name of Jesus,
your back is straightening out. That’s spinal column is straightening.
I was ending my prayer at the same time that was ending his, and we both said at the same
In the name of Jesus.
And when I said Jesus’ name, before I even finished his name, the pain was totally gone.
I mean, it was faster than lightning. I went from excruciating pain to being totally healed.
Since her healing, Terri has returned to her active lifestyle and is enjoying every moment
with her family.
I have had absolutely no pain since then. There is absolutely nothing I can do. He is
who He says He is. He does what He’s supposed to do, and His love never fails. never fails.
His love never fails. Folks, that’s the way it is, instantly miraculous. Now, I didn’t
know Terry. I know one Terry who is here, but this Terry did not have a back problem.
Not that Terry, right.
Isn’t that remarkable?
It is remarkable. You know, here she is with all these young children, so you know she’s
bending and lifting and twisting. That was complete healing. That was awesome.
Instantly, like lightening. All right, we’ve got another one.
This is Marilyn. Marilyn lives in West Roxbury, Massachusetts. She developed breathing problems
and a terrible cough, had it for over two months. She actually ended up in the emergency
room three times in three days. Doctors diagnosed her with chronic bronchitis, prescribed medicine
to treat the symptoms, but the breathing problems just got worse. One day she was watching the
show, and she heard you say, Pat, “There’s a terrible breathing problem right now. Put
your hand on your chest in the name of Jesus, and take a deep breath. Just cough and breathe
deeply, and that breathing problem is taken care of.” Marilyn did exactly that, and
she said the same thing; immediately her breathing was better. She stopped taking the medicine.
She’s had no more breathing problem since, and her doctor has confirmed that she is healed.
Folks, if you just understood how powerful God is, how powerful He is. There is nothing
impossible with Him. Jesus said if you got faith as big as a mustard seed, you can say
to a plant be rooted up and cast into the sea, and it will obey you. Nothing will be
impossible. All right, this is Margaret. She lived in Galloway, New Jersey. She had pain
in her ear. It felt clogged, and she also had some hearing loss. The doctor prescribed
antibiotics, but the pain persisted. Then after coming home from work, she turned on
this program. Terry had a word of knowledge, “There’s someone. You had an ear condition.
You’ve lost a little hearing, and you can hear this crackling sound. God is healing
you.” Margaret started to cry, because she knew the word was for her. Immediately the
pain stopped. Her ear began to drain, the pain was gone, hearing returned. Now we’re
going to pray. Would you please join us? Would you please accept what God wants to do for
you? You don’t have to do anything. You don’t have to jump around or be some kind
of holy. Just take it. Just reach out and say, “Yes, I receive it.” And we’re
going to pray together, and we’re going to believe God. “Father, we thank you for
these answers to prayer. We thank you. Thank you, Lord.” Somebody has got a problem,
one lobe in your lung is diseased. It’s a fungus of some kind in God has just reached
in. You’ll feel a burning, and it’s completely healed. Terry.
Somebody else, you’ve been diagnosed with a very, very rare blood disease. I mean, so
rare that the doctors who were treating you haven’t actually seen it before. God’s
healing that condition for you. It’s just as it came unexpectedly, it will be gone unexpectedly.
Miraculous, you’ve got an inguinal hernia, and right now that hernia is going back to
where it’s supposed to, and God is providing something that is going to seal off that problem
as if it had been operated on. Right now, in Jesus’ name, a creative miracle is taking
place in your body.
Somebody else, you have a chronic, like a sinus condition. It’s not allergies. You
have it all the time, and it’s so much draining you actually have trouble speaking and swallowing.
God is drying that up, healing it for you. You’re not going to have that problem anymore.
There are 10 people in this audience who are praying right now as we’re speaking, about
your debts. You’re loaded with debt. God is going to set you free. He is going to supply
you the money you need to get debt free. Ten people. Say, “I’m one of those 10. I receive
it in Jesus’ name.” Amen. Wow. Okay, you let us hear what God has done for you, please.
And we’ll be glad to have people pray for you. We’ve got folks on the phones if you
need further prayer. 1-800-759-0700. Terry.
Well, still ahead, we’ve scoured our inbox for questions from our viewers. Here’s Amy
who says, “Pat, we’re a senior couple who are planning for retirement. We had invested
in gold, but you just said you got out of gold. What would you recommend?
Stay tuned, he’s going to tell us all, when we come back.
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You know, it seems so trivial to get a cup of water. Most of us just turn on the faucet.
But can you imagine what it must feel like to have to depend on your neighbors just to
get a drink?
Khanyeni lives alone in Kwa-zulu Natal, a remote part of South Africa. She lost her
husband years ago, and her children have all moved away.
It was very difficult for me. I did not even have water, and there was no one to help me.
Khanyeni had to wait for neighbors to bring water from a river a few miles away.
When I was a bit younger, I went myself. But now I cannot.
Then CBN heard about her problem and dug a well on her property. Khanyeni danced with
I feel very happy with this new well in my yard. I will be able to get water anytime
I want it. I can use the water to cook, do dishes and water the cattle.
And when neighbors need water, they use her well, too.
They used to fetch water for me, and now I am able to help them. Thank you very much,
CBN. God bless you.
Life is so incredibly hard in some parts of the world; it’s astonishing.
And yet so simple for you and I together to come into the middle of that need and make
a difference. Let’s do that all around the world. CBN is already out there making changes
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to join the 700 Club.” You will be joining thousands of other people who have made a
decision to make a difference in the lives of people in need all around the world as
well as here at home. So come along with the rest of us. When you do, we want to say thank
you by sending you, The Quest for God. GRAPHIC:
WHEN YOU JOIN THE 700 CLUB 1-800-759-0700
This is a teaching that Gordon’s done that I think you’ll find fascinating. It explores
many of the religions of the world today and then shows us why what we believe is so incredibly
different, so incredibly true, so incredibly significant. We’d like you to have this,
so call now. Join the 700 club. We will get this out to you right away.
All right.
Want to answer some questions?
Let’s do it. Okay.
This is Amy who says, “Pat, we are a senior couple who are planning for retirement. We
invested in gold, but you said yesterday that you sold your gold. What would you recommend?
Well, I have a treasury account for CBN. We had gold and silver. I had a lot of profit
in it. It was pretty close to two million dollars in gain in the account. And so I thought
it was time to close it out. The market is getting a little soft, and I thought it was
time. But, as far as long-range, I see nothing wrong with holding on to gold. It’s much
better than the fading dollars if you’ve invested in gold. But you have to look at
things. There’s nothing besides the Gospel that lasts forever. You move into various
asset classes, and then you move out. I thought the US dollar was going to be bad, and lo
and behold the dollar has strengthened against other currencies. But for me, I’m dealing
with a large investment account for a company as opposed to private. My own personal thing,
I left it alone. I’ve still got gold and silver in my IRA.
Good. So rest.
Rest. Be at peace.
This is Thomas who says, “Recently they found a 1500-year-old Bible in Turkey. This
Bible contains many of the books of the New Testament, but it also contains something
called the “Gospel of Barnabas.” Where Jesus supposedly predicts and condemns Mohammed.
That seems quite important. Why is that book left out of the Bible said today?”
Well, there’s no such thing as a Gospel of Barnabas, and he couldn’t have condemned
Mohammed, because Mohammed came about 500 years after Jesus. So if there’s such a
book in Turkey, that’s just a fraud. It would have to be a fraud.
And that’s not the only fraud that’s been out there.
Oh, there have been many of them. The Apocrypha is not a fraud, but it’s not canonical.
We don’t consider it part of the canon, and so there has been a pseudo-this, and a
pseudo-the other, and somehow the simplest, shortest books are the true ones, and they
ring back in your heart and to those who are studying. The Greek, the Hebrew that’s involved
is so much more simple. I did some textual criticism when I was in seminary, and it’s
so simple to see the good stuff versus the bad stuff.
And there’s a truth that rings through all of that good stuff.
Oh yeah. But the bad stuff has always got some addition. They have to make it more flowery,
and have to split stuff out. Well, that’s all the time we’ve got. Thank you so much.
So, what is a wiki church? I hope that’s not wikileaks.
No, but I think wiki in Hawaiian means “quick.”
Oh, wiki! Wiki-wiki!
Tomorrow we’re going to talk about wiki church, what does that look like?
Oh, Hawaii!
We’re not going to Hawaii but we are . . . .
You can hear the waves crashing on the shores. All right, today we leave you with these words
from the Psalms . . . .
. . . . “For my soul trust in you; and in the shadow of your wings, I will take my refuge.”
We’ll see you tomorrow. God bless all of you. Bye, bye.
While Mary feeds her two young daughters, she also helps feed needy families around
the world. While Bob hands a drink out to a co-worker, he helps give water to villages
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